Clicking Noise In Car Dashboard When Ac Is On

Clicking Noise In Car Dashboard When Ac Is On

Clicking Noise In Car Dashboard When Ac Is On

If you can hear clicking on your car’s dashboard when the AC is on, it’s most likely due to the AC system.

Does this sound cause you to feel anxious? Can you ignore it and continue along with your trip? The clicking sounds could be a source of anxiety that needs professional care.

Below, we will provide detailed information on this issue. But, first, put your seatbelt on to determine the reason for the noise that clicks in your car when the car’s AC is turned on. Then, you can find the solution.

Why Do You Hear The Click Noise In the Dashboard When AC Is On?

There are a variety of factors that could cause a knocking noise from your dashboard when the engine is not running. Some reasons will require a skilled mechanic. The root of the issue isn’t an easy job. However, asking the mechanic to identify the root reason is possible. Let’s take a look at the following reasons:

A Bad Actuator Of The Blend Door

Blend actuator for doors: what exactly is it? The vehicle should have a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning HVAC system controlled by a manual. A typical actuator or blender is a motor that moves in one direction for defrosting and another way to cool. It is easy to understand how a door actuator is an electric motor that controls the temperature control in your car.

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A clicking noise on your car dashboard may result from a malfunctioning blend actuator, even if your vehicle has been shut off. The sound could be high or low, depending on the repeated frequency. The clicker sounds always originate from the area with your HVAC control on the dashboard. The noise can get more pronounced when you alter the temperature or switch the AC inside your vehicle.

The door will not turn automatically when the actuator fails. Instead, you’ll hear the noise of knocking or clicking off the dashboard when it is. The inside design of this transmission’s structure is made of plastic gears. This is why you can hear the gears clicking together until the entire process is completed.

The HVAC Controller Was Unable To Set Its Settings.

HVAC (heating HVAC, ventilation, as well as AC) is an instrument that regulates the humidity, temperature, and air quality within the car space. The purpose of this HVAC device is to maintain an acceptable level of temperature and air quality in the vehicle. The clunking or odd sound coming on your dashboard can be attributed to an HVAC system that is not calibrated. However, the reason could be an unfit or damaged mechanical component, causing high-pitched noises emanating from your dashboard and decreasing the efficiency that the HVAC unit can provide.

An HVAC device is a complex system. The help of sensors, actuators, and motors can aid in helping HVAC manage the flow of air in the right direction. However, the system won’t be able to take the correct action if sensors provide false information. If the engine’s location is hot and not correctly calculated, the engine can make an erupting sound in the dashboard when the vehicle is in motion.

A Malfunctioning Relay

Many vehicles differ, but the majority of times, you’ll discover that relays are found inside the fuse box beneath the hood. It is essential to understand the function of these relays inside your car. The primary function of relay switches is to regulate the current flowing through the circuit. Without a relay, the switches could easily cause burns and damage. If the relay is working, the electrical components of your vehicle will function normally, including the headlights, air conditioner, and taillights…

The magnet of the power supply will be transferred into the motor from mains power, causing the dashboard to emit sound. Also, the accumulation of dirt at the junctions may result in the display emitting clicking sounds, especially when it is always connecting and disconnecting at a high rate while connecting to the mains several times.

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Troubleshooting Stepper Motor

A malfunctioning stepper motor can frequently be seen in the modern automobile. The main function of this motor is to control idle speed. A stepper motor regulates air flow into your vehicle engine based on an updated parameter continuously. It is susceptible to damage which can cause loud sounds on the panel control. Numerous mover motors could be the principal cause of cars that produce noise whenever they break down. When you come across an issue, fixing the engine quickly is crucial.

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How To Fix The Clicking Noise In the Dashboard When Car Is Off?

Just like any other problem, before we can solve the issue, we need to identify the issue. For most noises, it is essential to hear the sound. If we don’t hear the sound, we may be trying to solve the wrong issue. On the other hand, if we can identify and duplicate the issue, we can begin to fix the issue.

  • If the issue is the blend door, we’ll usually require exposing the door used for blend or, at most, the motor. Sometimes, this involves the disassembly of the dash. However, other doors are accessible using just a few panels.
  • If the issue is the compressor’s cycle, we must determine why. In the event of an issue, we can put dye in the refrigerant system to pinpoint the source of the leak. This is because refrigerant is gas and doesn’t leave traces in the area where it’s leaking.
  • Once the cause of the issue is identified, we will notify you, the customer, know. After your approval, we will then order and install the parts.
  • Like any other issue, the final step is to ensure that the issue is fixed, whether activating the air conditioner, taking it for a ride, or something else!

Are There Any Preventative Maintenance Steps Drivers Can Do To Prevent Their Car’s AC From Clicking?

Drivers can adopt many preventative maintenance measures to prevent their vehicle’s AC from turning on. Here are a few of the essential ones:

Keep The AC System Clean

The most crucial way to stop your car’s air cooling system from making clicking noises is to keep it clear. Dirt or other contaminants may build up within the AC system in time, which could cause the system’s to malfunction and produce clicking sounds.

To keep your system’s dirt-free, ensure you are periodically clean and replace your air filters. This will ensure that the air entering the system is free of harmful substances. It is also possible to employ compressed air to eliminate any particles built up within the system.

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Check And Replace The AC Compressor Clutch

The AC compressor’s clutch is accountable for engaging and de-engaging the compressor to maintain the desired temperature inside the vehicle. In time, the clutch may be damaged or worn out, causing it to make clicking sounds.

To stop this from being a problem, examine for any signs of damage, and check the AC compressor clutch regularly to look for signs of damage or wear. If you spot any issues, such as damaged or worn clutch plates, changing the gear as quickly as possible is recommended.

Use The AC System Regularly

Another crucial preventative maintenance method is to utilize the AC system frequently. This might seem counterintuitive however making use of the AC system regularly will aid in keeping it in top working order.

If you don’t use the AC device is not in use for long periods, the seals and the hoses inside the system could dry out and break, which can lead to leaks and other issues. Utilizing the AC system regularly helps maintain the seals and hoses in good working order that can stop clicking sounds and other problems from arising.

Keep The AC System Charged

It is also important to ensure that the AC system is running with refrigerant. If the system’s refrigerant level is low, this can make the compressor more active than it needs to be and cause clicking noises, as well as other issues.

To ensure that the AC system is fully charged, be sure that a licensed mechanic periodically checks it. They can test the refrigerant level and refill it when needed to ensure the system functions effectively.


When the air conditioner is turned on, why does the dashboard make a clicking sound?

A faulty AC blend door actuator is typically to blame for the clicking sound heard on the dashboard when the air conditioner is turned on. The actuator controls the temperature and airflow in the car’s cabin by opening and closing the blend door.

When the air conditioner is running, is the clicking sound on the dashboard dangerous?

The clicking sound is not dangerous, but it can be distracting and could affect the temperature control in the car’s interior.

If there is a clicking sound in the dashboard, can I still use the air conditioner in my car?

Indeed, you can in any case involve the air conditioner in your vehicle regardless of whether there is a clicking clamor in the dashboard. However, it is suggested that the problem be fixed to ensure that the air conditioner functions effectively.

How can I stop the car’s dashboard from clicking when the air conditioner is on?

The solution to the clicking sound on the dashboard of your car will depend on what is causing the problem. The actuator may need to be replaced if it is the result of a defective AC blend door actuator. The cost of labor and replacement parts can vary by vehicle model.

Could I at any point fix the clicking commotion in the vehicle dashboard when the air conditioner is on myself?

It is feasible to fix the clicking commotion in the vehicle dashboard when the air conditioner is on yourself in the event that you have the essential mechanical abilities and devices. But if you don’t know much about the HVAC system or don’t have the right tools, you should hire a professional mechanic to find and fix the problem.

How much does it cost to fix the clicking sound that occurs when the AC is turned on in the car dashboard?

The problem’s root cause and the cost of new parts will determine how much it will cost to fix the clicking sound in the car dashboard. By and large, the expense can go from $200 to $500 for parts and work.