Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

We all love online shopping, but when it comes to buying jewelry online, we have seen a number of people reluctant to buy jewelry as they fear the risk of fraud and degraded quality. Nowadays, purchasing engagement rings online has become a real trend. Online shopping for engagement rings opens up a whole new word.

Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

Get a stunning engagement ring for that special someone.

Why Choose To Buy A Customized Engagement Ring Online?

In recent years, online customization for engagement rings  has been on the rise. There are plenty of reasons that make online custom ring purchases worth trying. So let’s discuss a few of them.

1. The Advantages Of Buying Engagement Rings Online

You can avail some excellent benefits while getting a customized diamond ring online. 

  • Save Time 

Online shopping helps you save time, rather than going to the market to find the perfect pair of Wedding ring sets. You can order it to be delivered at your doorstep. This will save you the time of each visit to the jewelry store.

  • Save Money

According to different surveys, we found that online engagement rings are 30 to 40 percent cheaper than those of physical stores. 

  • More Options

Online shopping enables you to discover the many available options around the world rather than visiting every store in the city. You can make it with a few clicks while sitting comfortably at home. 

2. Customize A Diamond Engagement Ring Online: Make Her Dream A Reality

A customized diamond ring for your loved ones is unique and valuable for life. It offers below mentioned value-added features: 

  • You can add special, sentimental touches

A customized ring enables you to feel unique and to put your own personal touch for your special day. From the type of gemstones chosen, to the color, to the cut, to the size and ring jewelry setting. Customization comes in many forms, down to where the gemstone originates or the way it is created. 

  • Custom-made doesn’t mean expensive
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Many people associate custom-made with “expensive”. However, this is not the case at all. You can get your custom-made ring within a relatively affordable budget. If you choose to get a diamond engagement ring for example, you may choose between a natural earth-mined diamond or the trendy laboratory grown diamonds which usually cost 30% less than its counterpart. 

  • Shows more commitment with an exceptional engagement ring

You can add special, sentimental touches to the ring by providing your own designs to your selected jeweler. A  custom-made ring provides a unique and intimate touch when your soulmate wears it throughout the day. Custom-made rings aren’t meant to be expensive but rather represent something of value to your loved one.

Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

Sometimes the biggest present comes in the smallest box.

3. Preparation Before Getting Started

Before buying an engagement ring, you need to consider the following aspects in order to get the perfect tailor-made ring for your other half. 

  • Get The Right Ring Size

Make sure to get the right size to customize your ring, as a small mistake may ruin your perfect present and the surprise. The ring sizes vary from size 9 to 20 if considered numeric, or you can also get an adjustable free-size ring. 

But it is always best to go buy your engagement ring with the specific and right size in mind to make your future bride or groom feel special. If you decide to go engagement ring shopping together, you may simply try on rings and get the right measurement at the jewelry shop. If the engagement ring must remain a surprise to your partner, the best idea is to sneak out one of  your partner’s rings and use it to get the perfect size to buy your diamond engagement ring. 

  • Do The Research 

Not everyone buys a wedding or engagement ring everyday. It’s not as simple as buying a gift or another regular piece of jewelry. Purchasing an engagement ring is as unique as proposing to the love of your life. So don’t move in blind without knowing the market trends and important information first.

While choosing the ultimate ring, make sure to look for the right jeweler and the current market pricing rates going on in the market, the latest trends, and designs that will suit your budget and preferences. Ask your jeweler for transparency and to provide you with all the information necessary. 

  • Learn To Recognize Quality
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If you have no knowledge about diamond quality grading, you may get ripped off easily. So make sure to learn some basic guidelines before making any purchase.

A diamond is not just a clear crystal that you consider in only one shape and different sizes.

There is a large variety of diamonds present in the market, each offering a unique cut and color, from earth-mined diamonds to lab-made diamonds, with designs and features you may have never heard of before. Be knowledgeable enough to make sure of the quality you are getting without the fear of being ripped off by the jeweler. 

  • Plan Enough Time For Customization

Customizing and personalizing a product takes time, no matter what it is. So be sure to order your custom-made ring at least between 3 to 6 months before the engagement so that you can be delivered with the perfect product for a memorable day. If you are getting a lab-grown diamond, be aware that creating a diamond in the laboratory takes between 3 to 9 months, all logistics included. 

Three Ways To Create A One-Of-A-kind Engagement Ring

While one may think that designing a piece of jewelry may require a graduate degree in fine arts or jewelry designing, well it is not entirely true. True love is the only thing you may need to create a one-of-a-kind engagement ring for your other half.

  1. Start With A Specific Ring Style 

Make sure to keep in mind the ring style preferences of your significant other. The features they might like and would love to see in the design. Create a rough sketch in your mind and let a professional refine it.  The first thing is to have a specific style in mind. There are different ring styles available: from classic, modern, vintage, art deco, solitaire, halo, three-stone, etc. You may browse online for more inspiration.

  • Why Not Start With A Diamond ?

The engagement ring can be made with fancy colored diamonds, including blue, green, pink, yellow, red, besides the traditional colorless diamond. Some popular diamond cuts include cushion cut, brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, among many others.

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You can now choose your diamond origin between earth-mined natural diamonds for your design or a lab-grown diamond. A lab-grown diamond enables you to mix the carbon of your hair with your loved one’s to create a one-of-a-kind diamond together. The diamond represents the unbreakable bond and a forever love between you and your partner. US brands like Sunny Eden™ provide customized engagement rings made from carbon hair.

  • Design Your Own Engagement Ring with A Professional 

When you have your dream engagement ring in mind, a jewelry designer can help you make it come true. Bring your idea to life with designing, model build-up, and cast material.

Tips To Make Your Customized Diamond Engagement Ring Stands Out

Every person wants to get a ring for their bride to be or groom to be to stand out from the rest.

  1. An Unique Center Diamond: Diamond Made From Your Loved One’s Carbon Hair

Hearing this may sound crazy, but in recent years scientists have made it possible with advanced technology and scientific knowledge. The unique diamond you can present to your future spouse can be made from her or his carbon hair. 

Lab-grown diamonds made from hair are entirely customizable, ensuring high quality with fancy unique colors and cuts as per your desire. Moreover, these lab-grown diamonds are GIA certified with the same characteristics and properties as earth-mined natural diamonds at a relatively more affordable price.

2. Integrating Special Messages In Your Engagement Ring

A unique message can be engraved onto the girdle of the diamond with a laser inscription, or on the ring band. Here are some popular ideas: 

  • It can be the date you first met
  • The day you are going to propose
  • Initials of your name and your bride or groom’s name

3. Create With Matching Wedding Band

Once you have prepared your unique, one-of-a-kind engagement ring, you can work on creating a matching wedding band to go with it. Customize your bridal set instead of wasting time, money, and effort finding a matching wedding band set. Create a perfect setting for both of you, pairing just like how you pair with your loved ones.

Complete Guide To Buying A Customized Engagement Ring Online

It’s not just an engagement but an agreement to live for each other and grow old together.

Here you have the complete guide to buying a customized engagement ring online with additional tips if you prefer to purchase in a traditional jewelry shop. We hope this article helps you get the ultimate diamond engagement ring for your loved one and to prepare for your big day.