Cost of diamond on tooth explained | But How long do Tooth Gems last?

Cost of diamond on tooth explained | But How long do Tooth Gems last?

Cost of diamond on tooth explained | But How long do Tooth Gems last?

A diamond on tooth generally costs between $50 and $100, making it the reasonable accessory for any budget. A temporary tooth piercing may last up to six weeks. However, a semi-permanent one will surely stay on anywhere from six months to a year or until you finally decide to have it removed professionally by a dentist. Both are reversible and (when done correctly) won’t cause harm to your enamel.

Dental offices may offer tooth gems near you. They usually have about six months but can sometimes last longer. People typically prefer to use them on their visible teeth to enhance the cosmetic effect of their smiles. They are a fashion trend that an experienced dentist near you can quickly provide. The quality of the adhesive plays an essential role in determining how long a tooth gem lasts. However, you should never expect more than a year. 

Can You Use Tooth Gems Without Harming Your Teeth?

Many people use tooth gems to beautify their teeth. They use them to make their smile more attractive, and some use them to cover up the spaces where they have lost teeth. But are you willing to risk the consequences of inappropriate use?

You must know what will and won’t harm your teeth before use. Obtaining knowledge will help you avoid teeth problems in the future.

This post will cover some of the effects and precautions of using tooth gems. It’ll also cover common questions on tooth gems’ impact on your oral health.

What are Tooth Gems?

Tooth gems are jewelry for teeth that originated to stay in the mouth. As its name suggests, it’s often intended for use on teeth. Sometimes, they cover up spaces where teeth have been lost due to injury or tooth decay. Tooth gems may be glued onto the surface of the teeth, placed inside the tooth, or between the teeth. The choice depends on personal preference. A tooth gem kit provides many different shapes and sizes, and people can use them in a way that suits their situation best.

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Most Dental Offices Say No. The use of tooth gems is not every day in dental offices. We don’t do tooth gems in our office, and here’s why. No studies are proving their safety and effectiveness for long-term use.

Many dentists agree that using these jewels can lead to problems with oral health. Most dental offices do not use tooth gems. That is due to the inability of the materials to be sterilized, like metals or acrylics.

Teeth are susceptible to changes in temperature, pressure, and use. These factors can cause problems with the teeth, like cavities or mouth sores.

Other issues mount, like when a patient changes their style and wants the tooth gems removed. The removal often leaves a permanent discoloration on the tooth.

It’s essential for people who use tooth gems to take care of their oral health. Brushing twice a day and flossing regularly are the minor steps required with tooth gems.

Do Tooth Gems Harm Teeth?

In the short term, using tooth gems can cause a temporary change in dental health and hygiene. That is because food particles or plaque will get stuck in the gaps between each gem on your teeth. It’s also common to feel like you have something caught in your mouth when eating or drinking fluids.

As long as tooth gems are limited to short, these side effects will go away. The story changes when considering long-term care.

Using tooth gems for a prolonged period may cause permanent damage to your teeth, and these gemstones can chip or leave scratches on the enamel.

Also, their small size makes it hard to clean around them, making the tooth more susceptible to cavities and gum disease.

Diamond on tooth cost

A dermal piercing typically costs between $70 to $100 approximately. Some shops charge separately for the jewelry, too, and that may add another $10 to $20 to the overall cost. You’ll also need to factor in a tip for your piercer, and you have to pay for the diamond separately. It would be best not to confuse yourself with the cost of the diamond you use on your ring. The price of a Diamond on the tooth is reasonably economical compared to a Diamond ring. One of the primary reasons is the quantity of diamonds required.

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A diamond carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Given that gram is worth 1000 milligrams, 1 carat equals 0.2 of a gram, and a gram equals 5 carats. Namely, asking how much 1-gram of a diamond is worth is the same as asking what the price of a 5-carat diamond is!

 5-carat diamonds are scarce. To the point that not many people in the diamond industry have ever seen one! To paint you an image, let us tell you that +90% of diamonds you’ve seen in your life are less than 1.5 carats! The same goes for any diamond expert!

A diamond tooth gem generally costs between $50 and $100, making it the perfect accessory for any budget.