What is the Cost & Weight of Driftglobe 5e magic item dnd?


How much does Driftglobe 5e weigh and cost in d&d?

Driftglobe 5e or Globe flottant in dnd you will find a rare magic item and a wondrous item. Driftglobe 5e costs 800 GP, weighs 1 pound (453 grams), and is priced at 800 GP. Dungeon Master’s Guide (BR) is the reference.

The small sphere made of thick glass weighs one pound. You can reach it within 60 feet and speak the command word to cause it to emit Light. The daylight effect is permanent once it has been used. It can only be helpful again at the next dawn.

You can use another command word to make the globe rise to the sky and float at least 5 feet above the ground. The globe will hover in this manner until you or another creature grab it. It will follow you up to 60 feet if you move further than 60 feet away from the hovering globe. It will take the fastest route. If it is prevented from moving, it sinks gently to the ground, becomes inactive, and blinks out.

What’s the difference between Driftglobe and 5e Darkness Spell?

The Driftglobe lets you cast Light (a cantrip) or Daylight (once per day, 3rd-level magic). The Darkness is a warning. If this spell’s areas overlap with the area of Light created using a spell of 2nd or lower level, the spell responsible for the Light will be dispelled. If the Darkness can overlap with the Light (cantrip), cast by the Driftglobe, then the Darkness will dispel the Light spell. The 3rd-level Daylight, on the other hand, beats the 2nd level Darkness.

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It is not possible to dispel the Darkness, but it can be illuminated. Darkness indicates that any nonmagical light cannot illuminate it. Magic light can be helpful to light the Darkness, provided it is sufficiently high not to be dispelled by the Darkness. It’s the wording and abilities of the most critical item. They say that you can use the command word to cause it to emit light or daylight spells. Although the wording suggests that the item casts a spell, they claim that it creates an effect similar to those spells. When an item grants the ability to cast a dnd spell, it follows the spell’s rules as if it were cast. Although the words aren’t clear, I believe that the item can cast Light at any time and Daylight once a day. They function as if cast in another way by any creature.

Is it a bonus action to light a 5e DriftGlobe?

Lighting a Drift Globe can be a free speech act. The DMG for Activating an Item states:

To activate Magic Items, a user must do something special. For example, hold the item and say a command word. Each item’s description will detail how it activates.

An item that requires an action to activate is not a function or the Use an Object action. A feature like the rogue’s Fast Hands cannot be helpful to start it.

That explains that activating an item will require action. That would also apply to bonus actions. It is now out of the scope of actions and can perform either object interactions or other free actions. Speech is generally a free action, so it is not unreasonable to assume that this action would be any different than free speech.

According to the DMG, you can do the following things without the need for action:

Communication can be done in whatever way you feel comfortable, using short utterances or gestures as you go.

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Because the driftglobe does not specify whether speaking the command word is an action or bonus, it would appear that it falls under this category and be considered a free action.

What would be the HP of the driftglobe?

The DMG, pg 141, suggests that magic items are immune to all damage. Likewise, pg 246 lists AC and HP for objects. That means that AC might be 14ish for thick glass (could have been higher because it is so tiny), and perhaps 5-10 HP.

Keep in mind that the Light from the driftglobe is not like sunlight. The Light does not affect the driders or drow. 

What is cracked Driftglobe 5e?

Cracked Driftglobe 5e is a rare Wondrous item that weighs 1 lb. The small sphere made of thick glass weighs one pound. You can reach it within 60 feet and speak to it. It will emit the light spell. Source: CM page 110

Is it possible to break magical items such as a Cracked Driftglobe?

It is the decision of the DM. There are no rules (RAW, RAI).

There are no rules or guidelines that say that magic items lose their magical properties if broken. Artifacts and similar restrictions apply, but magic items are not covered. It is a DM decision. The DM can decide if a magic sword has been cracked in any way.

Chris Perkins, the story designer for D&D, suggested that magic items cease to function when broken. What happens if the Eversmoking bottle is broken? Is the smoke cloud able to expand forever? A magic item that breaks will cease to work. The eversmoking glass would stop producing smoke. While it is understandable that magic items cease to function when broken, that does not necessarily mean that they lose their magical nature. Chris is not an official RAW or RAI source, so this advice is best left to an experienced DM.

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There are no rules. Broken magic items like a cracked driftglobe in 5e d&d are up to the DM to decide.