Destructive Wrath 5e Channel Divinity for Tempest Domain in DnD

Destructive Wrath 5e Channel Divinity for Tempest Domain in DnD

Destructive Wrath 5e Channel Divinity

Destructive Wrath 5e was a channel divinity power given to clerics of the tempest domain. Starting at level 2, you can handle your Channel Divinity to control the power of the storm with unchecked brutality.

Suppose you roll lightning or thunder damage. In that case, you can utilize your Channel Divinity to deal maximum hurt instead of moving. Source: Player’s Handbook. No components implied imperative to summon this power.

When a cleric practiced the power of lightning upon an adversary, destructive wrath 5e power could be invoked to significantly improve the efficacy and reliability of the effect, making it consistently the strongest possible.

Suppose you reach a higher level. You will be meleeing less and less. Destructive Wrath 5e will only get more immeasurable as you level and your spells mount up. You may run with a 16 in your attack stat until level 8 or above. And when you are there, your spells will likely take over.

Hexblade dnd 5e is not worth it unless you believe you’re a Melee first. Destructive Wrath maximizes the damage of Thunderwave for all the targets.

Deity list

  1. Aerdrie Faenya
  2. Akadi
  3. Auril
  4. Deep Sashelas
  5. Gruumsh
  6. Malyk
  7. Istishia
  8. Rellavar Danuvien 
  9. Sarula Iliene
  10. Sheela Peryroyl
  11. Talos
  12. Tarsellis Meunniduin
  13. Umberlee
  14. Valkur

Does the Tempest domain’s 5e Destructive Wrath maximize continuous damage from a twinned Witch Bolt?

You may do this, but you require to expend multiple uses of Channel Divinity.

Channel Divinity: Destructive Wrath 5e (PHB, P. 62; emphases mine)

Suppose you roll lightning or thunder damage. You may use your Channel Divinity to dispense maximum damage instead of rolling.

That use of Channel Divinity is applicable for a damage roll, however, not for a spell. It might be for any effect that can cause thunder damage or lightning.

Suppose you expend a sorcery point to Twin Spell a 5e Witch Bolt. You may have two spell attacks that have damage potential. All is a separate damage roll, so each would need independent use of Channel Divinity to maximize. The continuing damage each round from Witch Bolt is another different roll and would need Channel Divinity. Given that clerics have a culmination of three benefits of Channel Divinity within rests (and that at level 18th), that is probably not that effective. Sorcerer twinned spells choose another target to make another damage roll, so a twinned witch bolt spell would also be an excellent use of this characteristic.

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