Do You Know the Difference Between Plunge Pools and Lap Pools?

Do You Know the Difference Between Plunge Pools and Lap Pools?

Do You Know the Difference Between Plunge Pools and Lap Pools?

These days there are many options available when it comes to swimming pools. Among them, two very prominent ones are lap pools and plunge pools. People are more interested to lead a convenient lifestyle, and hence small houses are getting more and more popular.

The traditional pools can be pretty large in size for such a living style and that is the basic reason why you must be more ready to go mini pools for your backyard. This is making small swimming pools a very attractive option. These pools take up much lesser space as well as need lesser maintenance. Also, their cost is also significantly lower than regular pools.

Now, what are the differences between these two? Let us try to explore these differences in this post.

What is a plunge pool?

Plunge pools are a compact version of a regular pool so that they can be accommodated in smaller spaces. Although, you cannot swim in them like a regular swimming pool, however, you can enjoy various aerobics, and enjoy your drink while sitting. You can install them on the ground as well as above the ground.


  • Suitable for any modern-day backyard, smaller blocks, and courtyards.
  • Extra generous space for bench seating.
  • Compatible with swim or spa jets.
  • Lower water or chemical consumption.
  • Heat efficiently.
  • Fast to clean.
  • Perfect design for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purpose
  • Can increase the resale value of the property.
  • Safe for children to gain confidence in water.
  • Costs less than traditional pools to install.
  • Lots of styles available.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Less consumption of electricity.
  • Many designs available.


  • Usually not enough rooms are available to entertain large groups.
  • Not long enough to perform laps.
  • The cost may not be much lesser than any regular-sized pool.

What is a lap pool?

Lap pools are mostly meant for exercise, aquatic games, hydrotherapy, and military training. They can also offer a small pool convenience and both sharply designed and luxurious. Lap pools may differ from the above plunge or regular pools due to their dimension and size. Usually, lap pools are pretty long and narrow and will be rectangular in shape.

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Primarily they are meant for swimming laps. A few of them may also be available with a certain bench sitting area for relaxing and leisure.


  • For narrow backyards lap pools can be a great choice.
  • Several options to select from.
  • Can increase your home’s resale value.
  • For fitness-related swimming can be the best option.
  • You can use lap pools for many activities like laps, games, and entertainment.
  • Compatible with swim jets and spa.
  • Since lap pools generally are narrow and long hence they can free up space in the backyard.
  • Lower use of water and chemicals.
  • Perfect for children to learn swimming.


  • The cost may not be too different from any larger pool.
  • Only a single person is able to do laps.
  • Generally will not accommodate within a courtyard or any small box-shaped backyard.

Having known the differences between the two, now you can decide your option based on the space available on your property.