Does Katsuki Bakugou hate Deco?

Does Katsuki Bakugou hate Deco?

Who is Katsuki Bakugou?

Katsuki Bakugo (Bakugou Katsuki), also known as Kacchan (katsuchiyan Katchan) by his childhood friends, and his hero name Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight* Daibakusasshin Dainamaito? He is currently enrolled in U.A. Class 1-A. High School. He is training to be a Pro Hero. He is the deuteragonist in the series.

Does Bakugou still hate Deku?

Although Bakugou truly hated Deku everywhere the majority of their childhoods together, we started to see a shift following their fight after the Provisional Hero License Exam. He confesses that because he ignored his weakness, it turned into a frustration he pointed at Deku.


Katsuki, a young man with average height and fair skin, is of average build. His hair is a short, straight, sandy blonde with choppy bangs. His eyes are bright and sharp

What does he wear? .

He wears the U.A. standard uniform to school. He wears the standard U.A. uniform, but not the red tie. He wears a white collared shirt underneath his blazer with only a few buttons unbuttoned. He wears a belt, but his pants are loosely fitted.

The hero costume consists of a black tank top with An orange “X” is placed in the middle. Thatis creates a v neck. Two dots are located along his collar’s left side, which indicates the support company that made his costume. The costume has a metallic neck brace with three holes per side. His sleeves extend from his large, grenade-like gauntlets to his arms. His belt also carries grenades and holds his baggy pants up with knee guards. Below, he wears black combat boots with orange soles. His mask is black and jagged. A large flare-shaped, orange-rimmed flare protrudes from each end.He wears a thick jacket with a high collar in winter. However, it has the same orange “X,” so he can still sweat enough.

Katsuki Bakugou facts | Height, Age, abilities

Characterists In English In Japanese
Name Katsuki Bakugou Katsuki Bakugou
Alias Kacchan Kacchan
Race Human Human
Gender Male Male
Age 16 years old 16 years old
Hair Spiky ash blonde Spiky ash blonde
Eyes Red Red
Height 5’8 3/4″ 172 cm
Blood Type A Type A
Status Student, Class 1A, UA Student, Class 1A, UA
Quote I’ll be number one! I’ll be number one!
Voice Clifford Chapin Nobuhiko Okamoto
Debut Episode 1 Episode 1
Anime My Hero Academia My Hero Academia

While interning for Best Jeans, the Fiber Hero tried to teach Katsuki how important it is to keep a positive outlook. He made some minor changes to Katsuki’s appearance to make him less intimidating. His wild, spiky hair was cut into a neat side part during this tenure. Best Jeans also changed Katsuki. He got rid of Katsuki’s mask and grenade gauntlets and made him wear smart blue jeans instead.

Katsuki is an aggressive, crude, arrogant, quick-tempered, and rude person at the start of the series. Katsuki can come across as unheroic and even criminal to those who are not familiar with him. His problematic behavior dates back to his childhood when he bullied a Quirkless young Izuku Midoriya. Because he is Quirkless, he shows hostility to Izuku.

After being accepted into U.A. After suffering several personal defeats (one even from Izuku), Katsuki gradually became less antagonistic, though still possessing many of his negative traits. Although Katsuki is often depicted negatively, his fierce character and competitive drive have given him an inspirational mood-maker in Class 1-A.

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Katsuki is determined and thirsty to win. Katsuki is extremely focused on his authentic victories and has learned not to underestimate his opponents. Katsuki is not just a skilled fighter but also intelligent, perceptive, and capable of strategic planning as well as improvisation. Katsuki has excellent grades and was able to read by age 4. That is a sign that he takes studying seriously. Katsuki is also gifted in music and cooking, even though he does not show any particular interest. Katsuki is a natural-born genius who has the potential to become one of the most admired Pro Heroes.

Katsuki, a volatile hero in training, is capable of recognizing his enemies and allies. Although he isn’t very friendly or open to people on his side or any other, he will be less hostile and sometimes even more kind to those who earn his respect. Katsuki’s U.A. is not a good fit because of his vulgar language and attitude. Although his classmates react negatively to him, they have grown to love his skills and become more comfortable with his personality. Katsuki develops slowly over his time at U.A. He makes friends with some classmates and engages in social interaction. Still, he remains aloof and isolated for most of the time.


Katsuki is not opposed to the idea that Quirks should not be used in public. He will activate his Quirk to intimidate, punctuate a point or show off. Katsuki seems to not care about others’ opinions of him and cannot contain his violent behavior (although he does avoid other delinquent behaviors like smoking underage). Katsuki is a strong believer in honesty and will never lie. Some view his blunt candor as rude and insensitive. Katsuki is not afraid to speak his mind and can tell when others are lying to him. Katsuki’s anti-social behavior aside shows that he is a good judge of character, and it is difficult to deceive him.


Does he value fair play?


Katsuki’s powerful Quirk and constant praises have given him a superiority complex. He wants to be the best at everything and the first to do it all. Many people have pointed out that Katsuki is a winner. He can’t stand losing and loses his temper. Katsuki is fiercely competitive and will not settle for anything less than the number one spot. Katsuki values fair play and hard work, so he won’t acknowledge a win if it wasn’t earned by merit. He also hates being criticized or looked down upon by others. Katsuki will show contempt for those who don’t take him seriously while acknowledging the efforts of those who do, such as Ochaco Uraraka or Eijiro Kirishima.


Overall Abilities. Katsuki is a strong student in Class 1-A. She placed third in the Quirk Apprehension test and first in the U.A. Entrance Exam: Katsuki has the most villain points and the U.A. Sports Festival. Katsuki is known for his aggressive fighting style. He uses Quirk’s propulsion abilities to reduce the distance between himself and his opponents. Then he launches a torrent of close-range attacks that usually start with a strong right hook. Katsuki can use his Explosion to propel him through mid-air and blind opponents. He can also release long-range blasts. Katsuki can use Explosion to move around, and it is a useful Quirk in battle situations.


The U.S.J. In the Incident, Katsuki was capable of single-handedly defeating and immobilizing Kurogiri (a highly-skilled villain). The U.A. At the U.A. Sports Festival, he was able to defeat Fumikage Takoyami and Shoto Torodoki. They were at that time considered to be the strongest students in Class 1A. Shota Aizawa, All Might, and All Might have praised Katsuki for his prowess and noted his immense potential. The League of Villains noticed Katsuki’s strength and tried to kidnap her to convert him to their cause. That even meant that they had to sacrifice members of the Vanguard Action Squad because his potential membership would have been far greater than the risk.

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Who can Katsuki Bakugo beat in a fight?

Katsuki can fight with Izuku and even defeat him when he uses 5% of One For All. Katsuki demonstrated that despite winter’s cold conditions weakening his Quirk, he could still fight effectively during the Joint Training Arc. Katsuki is now less submissive when paired up with others and has developed a sense of camaraderie as he uses his ability to repel enemies that outpower him.

Katsuki refuses to allow Izuku to get ahead of him. He never takes his goal of surpassing All Might lightly. Katsuki is constantly building his power, improving his technique, and looking forward to finding out what he’s not able to do right now, intending to become a better player in the future. Katsuki’s inexhaustible drive to win is his greatest strength. All of his classmates, including Izuku, have faith in his ability.

How Old is Katsuki Bakugou?

He is 16 years old. When the manga’s first episode came out in 2014, Deku was 14 years old. Then ten months later, he is 15. Then a year later, he was 16. Bakugo should be the same. If they were 16, the later chapter dates for when they turned that age came out in 2016. When they were 15, the chapters came out in 2015. So if it were not magma, he would have been in his middle 20s, somewhere around 23 to 24 years old.

I know there is no specific year or date they’re in, but it adds up when you notice their age changes when the chapters get released a few years after

They are currently still 16, but if we go by actual time and when the dates were released and when they got older,

Bakugou should already be 23. In the manga their still 16, and the current manga mentions they’re in April, so bakugou should soon be 17, and the same for Deku.  he is as old as Deku and the rest of class 1-A. Starting in UA High, he was as old as a kid starting high school in Japan at age 15. He was 15 when the series started the ten-month training Deku did. His birthday is April 20. (according to manga). Since the current story is in December in the manga, he is still 16. (soon to be 17).

How tall is Katsuki Bakugou?

Katsuki Bakugou is 172 cm tall, or 5 feet, 8 and 3/4 inches tall. He is only 2 centimeters taller than Kirishima! They’re nearly the same height!

Skills & proficiencies

 Katsuki’s abilities and proficiency have increased significantly since the Paranormal Liberation Raid. He can even match Izuku’s speed using One For All at 30%.


Enhanced Strength 

Katsuki has a high caliber of physical strength. That is evident because he can use his Grenade Bracers with no sustaining effects from recoil. Izuku almost dislocated his arm trying this. He can also casually pick up Izuku-sized people and throw them a considerable distance using one arm. He can even draw blood from Izuku at just 5% of One For All with a kick.

Katsuki has enhanced reflexes. Perhaps Katsuki is best known for his quick reaction times and incredible reflexes. On several occasions, he has shown his ability score to overwhelm his foes or completely avoid their attacks. He also struck back in battles against Ochaco and Cider House (though the latter was only 5% of One for All). With his amazing reflexes, he can even evade a jet containing carbonated water powerful enough to cut through a streetlamp in half. Jets of water can cut through metal travel at 760m/s (1700mph), which is twice the speed of sound. With the help of other heroes, he was able to withstand multiple stab wounds temporarily.

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Katsuki’s enhanced durability is above average. He can withstand the blast back of his explosions with minimal pain.


Keen Intellect

Katsuki is extremely strategic and intelligent. Although he can’t always anticipate his opponent’s moves like many people, he can analyze their weaknesses and bring out their strengths. Sports Festival can see the worst-case scenarios and anticipate them. Katsuki quickly identified the most dangerous villains in the Unforeseen Simulator Joint battle and found a way of hindering Kurogiri, one of the leaders of the invasion. To prevent Kurogiri’s escape, he also realized that Kurogiri was weak and tied his body. He effectively trapped the League of Villains at the U.S.J. until Nomu attacked. Katsuma Shimano warned him of a monster attack. Still, he quickly deduced that it was an illusion by Mahoro Shimano as it didn’t have a shadow.

 Katsuki’s intelligence is unmatched, even outside of combat. He could deduce the truth about One For All simply by analyzing comments and interactions around Izuku, All Might, and even All For One. Katsuki can read into people’s behavior and expressions to detect lies.

Katsuki’s temper can sometimes get the better of him, leading him to miss important details and make mistakes.

 Leadership skills

Katsuki is often criticized for not being cooperative. That is usually due to his ego-driven nature that makes it difficult to follow the lead of others. Katsuki’s determination, perfectionism, and intelligence make him a strong leader if others follow his example. Katsuki, though he might not know it, is a key motivator in Class 1-A alongside Izuku because of his determination and power.


Setsuna Tokage, during round four of the Joint Training Session, admitted that even though her team attacked him at once, there was no way they could win. They failed to capture any Class 1-A member despite their exceptional teamwork and Tokage’s strategic planning. It was largely due to Katsuki’s adaptability and superior skills.

Musical talent

 Katsuki has been through many classes to learn how to play the drums.

Katsuki’s Quirk

Katsuki’s Quirk lets him secrete nitroglycerin-like sweat from his palms and ignite it at will. It allows him to make strong explosions. [14] Katsuki’s explosions are stronger the more he sweats. Katsuki’s forearms may ache if he uses this power too often.

Katsuki is a strong master of Quirk’s applications, which Best Jeans recognized. Katsuki can use the explosions to attack, but he can also use them for propelling himself through the air at high speed. That allows him to fly at his enemies without waiting for them to react and evade any incoming attacks. You can use the shockwave of an explosion to protect yourself.

Katsuki can keep up his explosions for long enough to break Eijiro’s hardening Quirk and negate Shoto’s “Heaven piercing Ice Wall” for a while before being overwhelmed.

As part of his training, Katsuki immersed his hands in boiling water to expand the sweat glands. Then he created chain explosions towards the sky to increase his attack power.


Who is Bakugou in love with?

Bakugo and Hanta often tease one another, but maybe this is a case of romantic feelings more than harsh ones. Bakugo and Hanta have a wonderful relationship. Perhaps in the future, it will be deeper.

Why is Bakugou so mad?

Bakugou’s constant anger and adrenaline are his body’s way of dealing with his quirks and keeping him alive. He would pass out if he weren’t constantly stressed because nitroglycerin can dramatically lower the heart rate.

Why is Bakugou known as Kacchan?

It’s a nickname. “-chan” is a Japanese honorific that refers to someone you are close to. He’s shortened Katsuki’s name to “Ka” and added, “-chan.” Ka-chan.