Dragon Ball Z Characters – The Bird of Hermes is My Name

Dragon Ball Z Characters - The Bird of Hermes is My Name

Dragon Ball Z Characters – The Bird of Hermes is My Name

The Greek god Hermes was known as the “messenger of the gods” for his quick movements between worlds. The famous Bird of Hermes line from the Ripley Scroll can be seen on Alucard’s coffin.

If you have seen the Hellsing or read the Ripley scroll, you will be familiar with the “bird of Hermes” quote. Keep on reading the article below to know more about it.

The Bird of Hermes is My Name

A significant phrase from the series, “Hellsing,” is never directly referenced or explained. “The bird of Hermes is my name, eating my wings to make me tame”  is a quote from the Ripley Scroll, an ancient book referring to the Philosopher’s stone.

Alucard is intended to be represented by the Hermès bird. By being devoted to Integra and letting her set his boundaries, he “eats his wings.” This shows not only his own will but also his anti-destructive will, providing a contrast to his terrible nature. Except for Seras, Alucard is the only vampire in the series to exhibit this level of complexity in his actions. 

Additionally, he saves and raises Seras Victoria; however, more on her will follow. Also, Hermes was known to deceive the other Gods to advance humanity, which suits Alucard’s function as a monster that battles monsters. It should be noted that this bird belongs to Hermes.

Dragon Ball Z characters

We believe this is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Dragon Ball Z and its most famous heroes and antagonists, even though the series is still expanding due to Dragon Ball Super and the planned sequel film Dragon Ball Super Hero. Let’s look at some of the most excellent characters from the series’ long history, from Vegeta to Goku.

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Vegeta has the most significant and most well-defined plotline throughout Dragon Ball Z. When we first meet him, this prince of the extinct Saiyan Empire is a bully out to destroy planets and conquer Earth. Vegeta, however, changes throughout the series from an enemy to a hesitant ally of the Z Fighters. He even starts a family and settles down with Bulma. Even after Vegeta changes his ways, he frequently prioritizes his rivalry with Goku over the welfare of the Earth.

Vegeta is the most engaging character in the series, making him the best. He is bound to be second best continually. Vegeta cannot outlast Goku for very long, no matter how much high-gravity training or death-defying tactics he uses. But despite that, he keeps trying, which is why we adore him.


As the hero of the Dragon Ball franchise, Goku should naturally place highly on this list of the most recognizable anime characters. Goku repeatedly demonstrates his ability to be the hero his adopted world of Goten needs. 

He never gives up and always discovers a new source of power or a new level of Super Saiyan-hood to defeat the most powerful foes the universe has to offer. The supreme Saiyan warrior cannot be thoroughly defeated by anyone, not even Frieza, Broly, or Buu.


By the end of the series, he may not be the most powerful villain, but Frieza’s ability for evil is unmatched. A vast space empire is ruled by Frieza and the rest of his family, and it is evident that they want to do so with an iron grip. Even before we first meet Goku, we find out that Frieza had obliterated many worlds, murdered millions of people, and was behind the devastation of Planet Vegeta, the Saiyan homeworld. 

When we eventually meet him in the series, he demonstrates his wicked tendencies by torturing and killing the residents of Namek to steal their Dragon Balls. To murder Goku, he kills Krillin and then destroys the planet Namek as his final act.

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Gohan, the elder son of Goku, has the potential to be the series’ best fighter. Sadly, his potential is never wholly fulfilled because he prefers to lead a peaceful lifestyle and only engage in combat when necessary. 

Despite having that mindset, Gohan has been a part of some of the most significant and iconic moments in the whole saga. His inner potential is said to be higher than anyone else’s throughout the series, which is demonstrated when he turns into the first Super Saiyan 2 to fight Cell.


Throughout DBZ, Piccolo completely changed his character. It’s simple to overlook that he had a vital role as the primary antagonist in the last Dragon Ball plot arc. Throughout the series, Piccolo slowly changes from being Goku’s deadliest enemy to a reluctant ally to an unabashed friend.

Whatever differences the two fighters may have originally had, Piccolo is saved when he shows a genuine interest in Gohan the child and helps develop his enormous secret strength. The fact that Piccolo is the only non-Saiyan character who can keep up with Goku and Vegeta is also noteworthy. This is large because of his desire to fuse with other Namekians like Nail and his doppelgänger Kami.


During the series, Trunks takes on two entirely new forms, making him one of the only Dragon ball z fighters to do so. Trunks make his first appearance in the Cell Saga. He is shown as a youthful warrior with a scary message. Trunks make a solid first impression, easily defeating Mecha-Frieza and King Cold with a few lightning-fast sword slashes. He continues to develop for that plot and the companion film, The History of Trunks.

Later, viewers see Trunks when he is younger and is no longer troubled by having to grow up in a terrible environment with anger all around the environment. Trunks and his best friend Goten provide non-stop laughs throughout the Buu Saga. Whichever version you favor, he is a valuable addition to the cast of the series.

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“The Bird of Hermes is my name, Eating my wings to make me tame.” This saying can be explained as meaning that sometimes to obtain peace, and we must accept limitations and restrictions on our talents. Like the bird of Hermes, who trims his feathers to make himself more steady by eating his wings (tame).

Alucard is the Hermes bird in Hellsing who, to maintain self-control, swallows his wings (accepts limitations on his seemingly infinite power).

DBZ is one of the most well-known anime series ever made, even decades after its first debut. People loved watching colorful, hulking heroes who fought with the enemies to save the world.