Egypt Tours Portal Providing A Golden Gateway to the Glorious GEM

Egypt Tours Portal Providing A Golden Gateway to the Glorious GEM

Egypt Tours Portal Providing A Golden Gateway to the Glorious GEM

Egypt is leading the world in offering limited access to the Grand Egyptian Museum and the chance to witness a collection of the most significant archaeological treasures ever made in existence. The GEM is a museum for the world where everyone can witness the evolution of this glorious, timeless civilization located in the divine embrace of the colossal pyramid of Giza. The GEM is on the verge of becoming one of the icons of this magnificent and timeless civilization which will be one of the most notable attractions to explore in the city of minarets and wonders Cairo. Egypt Tours Portal is the first company to include visits to the grand Egyptian Museum which has given access to several magnificent archaeological wonders. The GEM is home to epic tales of kings, queens, and gods where everyone can have a thrilling and surreal travel experience and learn intriguing facts. So, if anyone finds himself in Cairo and wishes to discover this prestigious wonder, then Egypt Tours Portal is here for you with open arms.

Explain the GEM History, Prices, Tours

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is a new miraculous museum in Giza, just minutes from Cairo. The museum will be one of the most significant archaeological museums in the world. The construction of it finished in 2022, and the grand Opening is set for late 2023. The GEM has over 100,000 artifacts and exhibits spanning the entirety of Egypt’s history, from prehistoric times to the present day. Some of these artifacts have never been seen and put on display before.

The idea for the Grand Egyptian Museum was first proposed in the early 1990s. Construction began in 2002, and a cost to finish was a billion dollars collected by securing a 300 million dollar loan from the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. The Egyptian government delivered $147 million; the rest was collected from international organizations and donations.

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The project has faced numerous delays and setbacks over the years but is complete and offers limited access to some exhibits. The museum is being built near the Giza pyramids and designed by Heneghan Peng Architects, Arup, and Buro Happold Engineering, and the Irish architects Heneghan Peng to have a modernized design of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and temples. It has an area of 480,000 square meters (around 5.2 million square feet) and includes many exhibits and centers. The museum’s design features a modern, glass-walled building that is shaped like a chamfered triangle, with a central atrium that will house some of the museum’s most impressive artifacts, such as:

  • Conservation Centre.
  • The Royal Regalia.
  • The Victory Column of King Mercnptah.
  • Solar Boat of King Khufu.
  • Hanging Obelisk.
  • 10 Statues of King Senusert.
  • King Ramses Il Statue.
  • Statues of Ptolemaic King and Queen.
  • Grand staircase.
  • Grand Atrium & Gift shop.

The Grand Egyptian Museum will showcase the history of ancient Egypt through its vast collection of artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun, the world’s most famous pharaoh. The museum will also feature interactive exhibits and multimedia displays that will give visitors a deeper understanding of ancient Egyptian culture and society, which will be accessible after the grand opening.

The museum includes high-tech features like interactive exhibits, a training center, a children’s museum, a conference center, workshops with ancient Pharaonic style, digital projections, and up to 122 immersive displays containing some of the most incredible materials.

One of the museum’s main attractions will be the Grand Gallery. This 7,000-square-meter exhibition space will display some of the museum’s most important artifacts, including the complete collection of Tutankhamun’s treasures. Other highlights of the museum’s collection include the Narmer Palette, Ramses, the great mega statue, the statue of Khafre, the Solar Boat of Khufu, and more. The Grand Egyptian Museum is expected to become one of the world’s most important cultural institutions, drawing visitors from around the globe to experience Egyptian civilization’s rich history and heritage.

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Egypt Tours Portal have already included the grand Egyptian museum in their tours and itineraries. The GEM can be accessed any day of the week for a two-hour session at:

10 am — 12 pm — 2 pm — 4 pm

And the prices include the following:

  • Egyptian Adult   150 LE
  • Egyptian Child/ Student 75 LE
  • Foreign Adult     1000 LE
  • Foreign Child/Student    500 LE

Light show:

  • For the young: 2500 LE
  • For Adults: 4500 LE

There are also VIP tickets for 2000 USD all week long except for Friday and Saturday.

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt, a visit to the Grand Egyptian Museum should be on your itinerary to make the most of your visit. We recommend booking one of the Grand Egyptian Museum tours; not only will you gain a deeper understanding of the history and significance of the artifacts on display, but your guide can also provide insight into ancient Egypt’s cultural and social context.

Company History

Egypt Tours Portal Providing A Golden Gateway to the Glorious GEM

Egypt Tour is a licensed tourism organization in Egypt that dates to 1987; where it provides travelers from all over the world with their dream vacation across the timeless miracles of Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Sinia, Hurghada, and all Egypt destinations. ETP has created a glorious history filled with many awards and achievements, plus the satisfaction of millions of travelers the company has served.

Introduce the Company Goals and Achievements

Egypt Tours Portal has operated for more than 35 years, where it has achieved absolute greatness and earned the title of one of the finest travel agencies in Egypt.  The company was able to win Tripadvisor Traveler’s Choice in 2022 for ten consecutive years due to the level of excellence in delivering all the services and maintaining the best quality standards. Plus is a member of the ASTA, which stands for American Society of travel advisors, and IATA, which stands for International Air Transport Association. ETP has always had a goal to provide everyone with a completely magical travel experience that holds the most satisfying services.

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Company Services

Egypt Tours Portal specializes in providing everyone with the most incredible Egypt tours, vacation packages, Egypt day tours, Egypt Nile cruises, excursions, and Egypt shore excursions plus offer the option to customize their ideal travel adventure which delivering to everyone with the most perfect services across the accommodations, hotels, Nile cruises, transportation, and more with the help of our very professional team of tour guides, drivers, tour operators, & customer service who have years of experience in their field, at very affordable prices in the most secure  Security Procedures and ideal quality standards.

Company Positive Impact

Egypt Tours portal is making a positive impact by promoting sustainable tourism practices, supporting local communities, preserving natural and cultural resources, and creating the ideal condition to make a cultural impact on the minds & hearts of travelers from all over the world and offer a new perspective on one of the world’s oldest civilizations. It has contributed to the local economy by creating jobs, supporting local businesses, and generating revenue for the local government through taxes and fees. It promotes environmentally sustainable tourism practices by supporting eco-friendly activities. It promotes cultural preservation by offering experiences and activities that respect and celebrates local traditions and customs plus providing the access to explore the rich history of this grand civilization.

Company Contact

Everyone can contact the Egypt Tours portal at any time to customize and book their dream vacation across the golden and immortal treasures of Egypt through the following:


Phone Telephone: +20 100-405-1515

Whatsapp: +20 100-405-1515