Eren and Mikasa relationship in attack on Titan manga | Eren x Mikasa

Who is the most cutest anime girl?
Who is the most cutest anime girl?

How was Eren and Mikasa relationship? Eren x Misaka

They were extremely close and possibly the nearest pair of people in their lives. Mikasa is exceptionally attracted to Eren and is highly protective of Eren. It is to the point that she is prepared to kill or attack anyone who would harm him, including her colleagues and friends.

Attack on Titan chapter 139, the last chapter in the series, reveals everything about what transpired in the tale and the relationship between Eren and Mikasa. We are aware of the fact that Eren and Mikasa had a relationship since their early years. Both their parents knew one another as well. Due to a tragic incident, Mikasa lived with the Yeager family. There are many details to discover about the relationship that existed between Eren Mikasa and Eren Mikasa. Find out more here! What do they mean?

 Eren Saved Mikasa

Mikasa is an ancestor of the Ackerman family and is an Asian. Being the only Asian, Mikasa and her mother were targets in the human trafficking industry. The deaths of her parents were due to bandits that wanted to kidnap them and sell Mikasa. Eren was on the scene and killed two bandits. Mikasa activated her Ackerman ability and killed the third bandit, seeking revenge for her parents’ deaths. Grisha later adopted Mikasa. Eren and Mikasa were raised as siblings.

Mikasa Likes Eren But Didn’t Realize Her Feeling

Following the bloody incident at Mikasa’s home, she begins to develop a fascination for Eren. Unfortunately, the girl believed it was family love and not romantic feelings. Eren once was asked by Mikasa about her feelings. Mikasa replied that she loved Eren as a family. Eren was unhappy. It is evident on the occasions where it was apparent. For instance, the time Mikasa was jealous of Eren Historia and Eren Historia together. Mikasa also resented Levi because Levi, the Captain of the Survey Corps, kicked and punched Eren. Mikasa was also known to thank Eren for his kindness when Eren was the captain of the Survey Corps was surrounded by titans.

They are family members. But, I do not mean that they’re siblings, which is not the scenario. They’re not blood relatives. They don’t behave as siblings. If you’re looking for examples of individuals who act like siblings and see one another as siblings even though they’re not, examine Sasha as well as Connie. Do they look similar to Eren or Mikasa? I don’t believe so.

They’re not buddies either. Eren, as well as Armin, are the best friends. Mikasa, along with Armin, are the best of friends. Levi, as well as Erwin. Uri And Kenny. There are a lot of instances of friendships in the series, but none of them resembles Eren’s relationship with Mikasa. One of the closest things to Eren and Mikasa concerning resemblance to a relationship could be Falco Gabi and Falco. Gabi. We know how that resulted.

The relationship between Eren and Mikasa is a perfect example of all the characteristics, but it’s even more. The only term that can define their connection is family since they employ it in such a broad way that it could encompass all other phrases. I’m sure I’ve stated that I believe they’re in love. However, they aren’t couples. Therefore only the term “family” can be used to describe their relationship.

Then, about their feelings. Mikasa doesn’t confess to herself, but she’s written clearly to be in love with Eren. 

Eren stated that he was mad at Mikasa. However, Isayama has gone to great lengths to clarify his point that Eren lies. Based on the way the film is shot, it doesn’t appear to me that Eren could have said these things to someone he does not take a great interest in. The reason for this hasn’t been made clear at this point, but what Eren feels about Mikasa is quite strong. Since this strong emotion isn’t hatred, the only other feeling comparable to hate is love.

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Many would argue that Eren is indeed in love with Mikasa, however, not romantically. However, I would like to disagree. The truth is that Isayama has written nearly every interaction post time skip with romantic undertones. Remarkably, they are a scene in chapter 123 where the character asks, “What am I to you.” In the context of the manga, do you think anyone asking this question to someone they don’t consider romantically? Because I can’t. More than that, can you imagine a situation where Mikasa admits/confesses her feelings to Eren, and Eren replies along the lines of “I see you as a friend/sister/mother”? That would be a denial that is of EPIC dimensions. It will cause Mikasa to appear deluded, mainly after she offers Eren an alternative answer. The situation could have been different. It renders the entire focus on the incident irrelevant. They’re not married; however, their feelings for one another are romantic.

Ackerman Clan’s Identity and Nature

The Ackerman clan results from an experiment that combines subjects from Ymir with Titan’s knowledge. The result is a human more potent than the average human. That is the reason why Eldian royals made them royal guards. Because of Ackerman’s devotion towards his family Eldian royalty, they are regarded as the heart of the kingdom, who did not have the freedom of emotion.

Eren once stated that Mikasa’s desire to sacrifice herself to Eren is not due to her feelings. However, it is due to her character being an Ackerman. As a child, Mikasa saw Eren as the host she needed to safeguard.

The incident stunned Mikasa. The fact was shocking, not forgetting that it happened when Eren was in his evil phase.

The background to the connection of Eren x Mikasa

Eren x Mikasa
Eren x Mikasa

Eren’s parents adopted Mikasa during the year before the Titan’s attack. In an episode of flashbacks, Grisha (Eren’s father) described Mikasa as her “daughter” in one of the most recent manga chapters. It is also true that Eren’s parents believed in Mikasa as a girl-like character, and she regarded them as a parent figure. Eren and Mikasa have shared a semblance of a bond from the beginning.

Eren defended her by her life. In only a few minutes, Mikasa began to feel that she owed Eren her life and gave her a reason to live in peace, comfort, and renewed strength. Maybe she didn’t realize the significance he had to her.

She was unable to live without him. She would not hesitate to risk her life to help him. To say that she loves him is an understatement. However, when someone refers to Eren as “her “boyfriend or love,” Eren is instantly shocked.

 And he says, “he is a family member “because it’s the person he was supposed to be.

For Eren, there is an undefined relationship as well. Even though he’s aware, Armin is his best friend. What is Mikasa? She’s just always guarding him. He isn’t able to comprehend it, and he snaps at her, “I am not your little brother or child”! He is angry with her. Or looks at her with a confused look when she’s being affectionate toward him (holding his hand and telling him to thank you for being there)

However, it is easy to say that they define their relationship as family or friends since they haven’t worked on the issue.

In one of the most recent Chapters, Eren asked Mikasa, “Why do you value me so deeply? What am I really doing for you?” and Mikasa went red like an apple and could only respond with “family” as she has always done.

Mikasa Kills Eren

in Attack on Titan chapter 138 where the battle between Eren against Mikasa, Armin, and Levi was at its peak. Colossal Titan Armin held and blocked Titan Eren, and Mikasa and Levi made space for the killing of Eren. Eren was not lying on the nape but in the mouth. Mikasa walked into the mouth, washed, and then kissed Eren. That proves that Mikasa has a love affair with Eren. But her love tragically ends because she must take her lover’s life to save humanity from extinction.

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The relationships between Mikasa and Eren are incredibly complex. The story is based on the events that were happening in the manga.

The current relationship is just the same as before chapter 50, except this time, the stakes are more significant, and the greater the stakes, the more sacrifices.

The author envisioned their relationship to begin packed with tension, miscommunications, and misplaced anger that was resolved mainly by chapter 50. However, the stakes grew higher, and it was apparent that they had regressed.

Their relationship has not been one in which only one person pushes the issue while the other is passive. They both worked to improve their post-50 to bring their relationship into an equilibrium.

I believe the issue of misperception is being discussed again. The pre 50 episode was a childish miscommunication, and it’s been intensified. Isayama is using this problem to delay the making of the film’s canon due to plot motives. I would think that the time they can resolve this issue is the moment when they become canon.

The story is currently unfolding if Eren has followed through with the plan Eren has stated. There’s no miscommunication issue since Jean had already said the following. Eren is doing this because he is forced to is acting for his family. However, she isn’t happy in the least with the justification. The incident that caused her to smile and feel a little emotional makes her irritated and angry while reliving it in a dim view.

I don’t believe Eren could offer any new information that would alter her opinion about this. 

Are you letting your feelings be known? Eren responding to her emotions verbally isn’t her primary concern. She doesn’t need Eren to. The feeling of being loved and taken care of is often enough for her. Eren keeps his morality in check, which is at odds with the rumors he’s proposing.

In the end, Eren, in chapter 112 to damages their self-worth and deter them from abstaining from him. I believe Eren pulled it to shake off their faith in him and make them see him the same way others see him as a devil.

In this instance, the mistake on Eren’s part is that a casual conversation can turn his 10-year-old friends’ quit on Eren. That is shounen, but it’s a more sophisticated Shounen trope that is compatible with Eren’s character, who is adamant about carrying everything on his own.

In the Mikasa situation, the mistake could be based on being a victim of Eren’s words too seriously and relying on them in combination with 112 (then) and Eren’s declaration(now). Eren was never an exact match with her, and vice versa, and Eren’s methods of protecting herself are different from the usual norms.

She was trying to prevent her from joining the military or the SC. It is a great idea to remember these events.

Were Eren and Mikasa in true love?

Many fans believe that Eren wasn’t in love with Mikasa. However, her feelings towards Mikasa are exposed during Attack on Titan chapter 139. Armin asked, “How do you feel about putting your hand on the table and turning on Mikasa’s feelings for you?

 Do you think you could get through telling Mikasa “forget me” to Mikasa?” Eren answered, “I don’t want to do that. I do not want her to be an alternative partner. It is my wish that she feels affection only for me. Even after my death, I would like her to keep me close to her heart for many years!” We now know through the exchange that Eren is in love with Mikasa.

Attack on Titan’s final chapter: Eren x Mikasa| True Feelings and Love

Attack on Titan has likely been pleasantly amazed in Chapter 139. “Toward the Tree on That Hill” isn’t a bloody battle but instead a loving goodbye to the beloved Hajime Isayama cast. It will also settle the rift between the leading trio of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin their relationship, which appeared fragile after the famous restaurant scene. Furious, Armin attacked Eren and was brutally attacked in the face of the triple Titan threat.

After Eren has gone to complete his evil plan, Armin and Mikasa are left to wonder whether there was any substance behind his cruel remarks. And, more even, struggle with the unavoidable notion that killing Eren could be the only option to keep him from devastating all of humanity by unleashing the Rumbling. The Attack on Titan manga provides peace to the trio’s issues that prove that Eren did not have any animosity toward Mikasa or Armin. The reverse is true in the real sense, with regard towards the latter.

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Eren is the first to make his emotions clear at the beginning of the chapter. He takes us back to a not-seen conversation between him and Armin through the Path (while Armin was headed toward Eren’s Wall Titan army on the Azumabito ship.) They appear as young children beginning and gradually aging to the present as their conversation comes to an end. Armin says to Eren that he has now understood the reason Eren chose to do what she did. It was to create the Titan-free world that the Attack Titan’s future vision showed him at the time of the medal ceremony was essential, regardless of the price. It’s nearly. “Did you really have to beat me to a pulp?” Armin asks a bit irritably. In reply, Eren sheepishly confirms what people have suspected for a long time that he had purposely driven his acquaintances away. But, he doesn’t exactly know the reason he had to do this: “Even I found myself wondering what I was doing… I just let the moment take over… really.”

Eren’s True Feelings About Mikasa are revealed.

Readers might be unhappy that Eren and Mikasa do not have a full meeting. Eren finally makes his feelings for his adopted sister explicit in Armin in the last chapter. Mikasa hasn’t kept a secret about her love for Eren. He saved her and has continued to repay him with a sincere heart ever since. Eren has been a closed book about the issue, permitting Mikasa to remain with him, keeping her emotionally away from him. Despite Armin disproving his assertion, Mikasa became despondent after Eren denied her feelings towards Eren as nothing more than Ackerman programming during the fallout between the three of them. Mikasa even temporarily stopped wearing her signature scarf, which Eren draped over her head after becoming a family. Still, she did find satisfaction in the end and imagine the perfect future she’d hoped they’d have in their lives before he ended his kiss at the end of the last chapter.

In Chapter #139, Armin insists on Eren discussing the issue. He finally breaks down, revealing that He does not want Mikasa to leave and meet someone else after Mikasa is gone. “I don’t wanna die, I want to be with Mikasa. With everyone.” Although he wants Eren to be content, she desires to stay at the top of her mind even after his departure. Armin is a bit irritated at his exasperation. It’s reminiscent of her younger, more witty self. In an attempt to make amends, Eren begs Armin not to do anything similar to Mikasa to ensure her happiness.

Although it’s not as shockingly cheesy as it may sound, the concept of love that never ends is the central theme in the final scene of Attack on Titan. In the end, the truth that draws Eren and Armin to the topic of Mikasa is that Ymir’s passion for King Karl Fritz. It was not her anger that kept her from being enslaved by him until the point of death. Her eternal love for him is why she has maintained the Titan curse that she instilled in her demise for two thousand years.

When Mikasa removed Eren’s head, the Founding Titan, Ymir merely watched with a smile. Her smugness seemed strange. However, according to Eren, she was not alone. Even the act eventually liberated Ymir. It was Mikasa throughout the time who was supposed to be doing this and not him. So his actions were to ensure that she would decide for his death, thereby ending Ymir’s existence, resulting in the eradication of Titans. What’s the reason? The only one who knows Ymir knows. We could think about the possibility that this mother of Titans likely saw a similarity in a woman whose love carried her across the earth and returned.