ESO Classes List – Elder Scrolls Online Classes

ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

ESO Classes List – Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Elder Scroll Online enables you to explore the continent of Tamriel while taking part in random events and completing quests for rewards. As the name suggests, it is an online game that doesn’t offer a single-player version. Although the game is online, the storyline is still connected with previous Elder Scroll titles.

Build your character with weapons and armor of your choice to deal with monsters. Experiment with various available options before finalizing your character build. Already defeat monsters? Don’t worry, as you have the player-vs-player battle option where you can put your skills to the test. 

Choosing a class in an MMORPG is never easy, so here is a list of all classes with detailed information about them.    

ESO Classes List

Elder Scroll Online comes up with six different character classes, and players have to choose from these six options when creating their characters. Each class has a unique set of skills, and players choose the classes based on their gameplay. No matter whether you take the role of a healer, tank, DPS, stamina, or Mage. Below are the six available classes in ESO. 

  • Sorcerer 
  • Nightblade 
  • Templar 
  • Dragonknight 
  • Warden (DLC) 
  • Necromancer (DLC)


ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Become Sorcerer in Elder Scroll Online to summon Daedric combat followers from Oblivion or stun and snare enemies using dark magic. It comes with destruction and conjuration spells to enable you to shoot lighting bolts on monsters. Everything from lightning to Oblivion is under your command. 

The power of this class is unlimited, making it the first choice of most players, especially those who want to lead attacks from the front and deal insane damage while supporting teammates. Below are the three Skill-lines of Sorcerer to help you understand its true strength. Pair Sorcerer with a high-class set of weapons and buy eso gold to upgrade it to gold. 

  • Daedric Summoning: Terrors attack your enemies while protecting you with armor and shields
  • Dark Magic: Magic effects to stun enemies and kill enemies
  • Storm Calling: Cause shock damage with lighting strikes from a distance
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ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Emerge from the dark to attack enemies stealthily and empty their health bar before vanishing into thin air. This class relies solely on attack speed and sharp blades to get the job done. Every monster in Tamriel fears the deadly strike of Nightblade as it can deal damage from any range. 

All the classes in Elder Scroll Online feature three skill lines, and below are the skill lines of the Nightblade class. Based on these skills, Nightblade is a good healing, support, and offensive class to play with. 

  • Assassination: Deal insane damage to enemies with abilities and land the final blow to finish them off
  • Shadow: Land a strike without exposing your location to the enemy or get out of a tricky situation 
  • Siphoning: Heal your teammates and drain the health of your enemies at the same time with lethal abilities 


ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Restore Stamina, Magicka, and the health of your teammates while dealing damage to monsters with the light and power of the burning sun. Use your lighting powers to bring justice to Tamriel and light your way. It is regarded as support, offense, and the healing class. 

It comes up with giving different synergies, including blessed shards, holy shards, purify gravity crush and supernova. Boost up abilities with additional stats using synergies. Get a better idea about what it offers from the below skill lines. 

  • Aedric Spear: Use hard light weapons to stun enemies and deal magic damage to them
  • Dawn’s Wrath: Unleash flames on the sun on enemies and increase the damage of your attacks 
  • Restoring Light: Protect your teammates from attacks with spells  

Dragon Knight 

ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Become an ancient Akaviri martial artist based on the traditional battle spirit. It is a fiery class with abilities to face any assault from monsters using the Dragon Knight . You can burn enemies into ashes with a cleansing flame. Overpower any enemy by drawing energy from beasts of myth and the earth itself. 

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The Dragon Knight  is a jack of all classes in terms of roles, as choosing the right skill line will make you a damage dealer, healer, defense, and supporting class. Out of all the available skill lines of Dragon Knight , the draconic power skill is the best. 

  • Ardent Flame: Increase the intensity of your attacks with time and deal insane damage 
  • Draconic Power: Use advanced defenses, including protective scales, to get out of a difficult situation and bounce back with more power. 
  • Earthen Heart: Encase in molten lava to stun enemies and increase the power of your teammates using the earth 

Warden (DLC) 

ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

Warden is a versatile class through which you can summon beasts from the depths of hell. It creates an impenetrable protective frost that will protect you from all types of attacks, no matter how powerful it is. Not only you, but it also takes your teammates into a green protective layer to heal them. 

All the beasts and wilds in Elder Scroll Online are under your command, and you can make them do anything you want. 

  • Animal Companions: Call bears, swarms of stinging fetcherflies, and shrieking cliff racers to kill enemies
  • Green Balance: Use nature to heal teammates and summons an enchanted forest for added effect 
  • Winter’s Embrace skill-lines: Creates a cold storm around your enemies

Necromancer (DLC)

ESO Classes List - Elder Scrolls Online Classes

The Necromancer class uses dead bodies as soldiers and deals damage to enemies with special spells. You can summon dead bodies in Elder Scroll Online, all thanks to the gameplay of Necromancer. It provides you with damage, defense, and healing abilities. Below are the three skill lines of the Necromancer. MMOPixel features gold at cheap prices for all the available platforms and servers with fast delivery of your order. 

  • Grave Lord: Increase the power of the undead army with fire, lighting, and frost to increase your chances
  • Bone Tyrant: Increase your life span using the remains of your army of the dead and create barriers with a spare to take full control of the battlefield
  • Living Death skill-lines: Rise fallen troops again, using the power of death and life to keep your numbers high
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