Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Comprehensive Travel Insurance

Most of us purchase insurance for our health, houses, cars, and even pets. But only a few people remember to buy travel insurance. However, since traveling always has some uncertainty, it’s better to protect yourself with travel insurance.Having this cover gives you the confidence to step out. With this insurance, you can be reimbursed for various things. Therefore, it’s crucial to buy it, especially if you’re going on an expensive trip.

Today, we talk about comprehensive travel insurance to help you decide whether it is right for you.

What Is Comprehensive Travel Insurance?

Comprehensive travel insurance is the highest and most beneficial plan you can buy. It provides coverage for medical emergencies if you fall sick or get injured overseas, trip cancellations, luggage cover, among other things. Purchasing the most comprehensive travel insurance in Singapore is way better than buying other insurance plans that offer basic coverage. Some plans even offer coverage to other things like rental car damage or financial default.

What Does Comprehensive Travel Insurance Cover?

  •     24/7 Medical Assistance

In the event that you are sick or injured while you are on your trip, this insurance plan will cover your medical expenses. So worry not as it offers protection to things like hospital stays, surgeries, drugs, and doctor visits, among others.

  •     Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellations are not rare occurrences. They can and do happen due to unforeseen circumstances like accidents, illness, extreme weather conditions, etc. In that case, your comprehensive insurance cover caters to the cost of trip cancellation and rearrangement.

  •     Lost or Damaged Luggage

Losing your stuff, especially to thieves, can be frustrating. But, these disasters are common and sometimes unavoidable. Thankfully, having comprehensive travel insurance will cater to the replacement of your items if they’re damaged or stolen.

  •     Travel Delays

Your comprehensive travel insurance plan can cover the transport costs, meals, and accommodation if your flight is delayed due to any unforeseen reason. 

  •     Family Emergency

If your family member or the person you’re traveling with becomes seriously sick or injured, or the worst, die, you can claim your travel expenses with this insurance. However, most plans have age, medical conditions, and the location of residency restrictions. Also, note that some plans may offer coverage to personal liability in case you cause an accident or damage to another person or their property while on your trip. Comprehensive travel insurance doesn’t cover pre-existing illnesses, recklessness, and high-risk activities. But, talk to your insurer for more information on what they do and don’t cover as plans differ, depending on the insurance company.

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Should You Purchase Comprehensive Cover?

People travel a lot, whether for business or holiday. And this is usually a great time to explore new places. But, traveling without insurance is not the best thing to do. Although insurance is something we buy and hope never to use, having one is extremely crucial in case of unforeseen events. Here are reasons to buy a comprehensive travel plan:Peace of Mind- the last thing you need is to worry while on your trip. With comprehensive travel insurance, your health, items and the entire trip will be protected. Therefore, you can relax and have a good time.

Disasters Do Happen- trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and personal liability are not uncommon. But in case they happen, you’ll be covered for these unforeseen events. Protect Your Health and Stuff- medical expenses are expensive when traveling. Hospitals bills are much higher than you expect. Plus, you can also lose your valuable items. So having comprehensive travel insurance can be the best thing for you in these cases.