Fast food restaurant with pizza, kebab or…. chicken? Check what is worth serving in a fast food eatery

Fast food restaurant with pizza, kebab or.... chicken? Check what is worth serving in a fast food eatery
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Fast food restaurant with pizza, kebab or…. chicken? Check what is worth serving in a fast food eatery

Want to open a fast food restaurant and wondering what to serve in it? Toasties, burgers, or pizza? Maybe sushi? Or kebab? There are many possibilities and the competition is tough.

However, if you analyze the market and answer the following questions:
What do most customers who visit fast food restaurants like to eat? What type of restaurant is missing in your area? What dish can be the basis to create a varied and attractive menu? – it may turn out that an excellent idea for you is to open a restaurant with crispy chicken. Check why selling nuggets in the crunchy coating is so profitable!

Kebab, pizza, and hamburgers equal competition

Many of us like pizza or hamburgers and often indeed choose these dishes when deciding to eat something city. Let’s think why. Perhaps it is dictated by the large number of places serving these types of dishes?

There are places where you can find a kebab stall or a burger joint on every street. The competition is huge. Serving even the most appetizing pizza, toasties, or hamburgers, it will be difficult to attract crowds to the place with a menu that differs little from that offered by your ‘rivals’.

Crispy breaded chicken pieces – all year round trend

Your chance to stand out and get lots of customers is to offer something different – something new and delicious. Something that will appeal to Street Food and fast food lovers. A chicken restaurant is an idea that has a great chance of success – because of the above-mentioned reasons.

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Everyone seems to like crispy coated chicken – you can serve golden nuggets to both adults and children. This dish is in vogue all year round, regardless of the season. Besides, crispy chicken pieces are easy to prepare – all you need is good meat, the right chicken breading mix, and basic kitchen equipment. In addition, breaded chicken is a great base for composing a varied and appetizing menu.

Breading mix for fried chicken – the key to culinary success

The crispy breaded chicken not only tastes fantastic but looks fantastic too – the very sight of it whets your appetite and encourages you to try it. Is it complicated to prepare chicken like the one served at KFC restaurants? Don’t be misguided! With chicken breading mix and freshly marinated poultry meat, you can easily prepare perfect American-style breaded chicken.

Ready-made breading mix for fried chicken guarantees a crunchy, frayed texture and golden color. All you need to do is marinate the chicken pieces, coat them according to the chicken coating manufacturer’s instructions and fry. In a deep fryer of course! Isn’t it simple and convenient? And in addition relatively inexpensive!

A restaurant with breaded chicken and low capital costs

The investment costs of opening a fast food joint serving nuggets are relatively low. What equipment should you invest in? At the beginning of this catering journey, you will need only a few appliances: a deep fryer, a contact grill, a toaster, and a few basic kitchen utensils. With their help, you can easily prepare not only pieces of meat in a crispy coating, but also a whole list of attractive and appetizing dishes based on breaded chicken.

Crispy chicken means more than just nuggets

Are you afraid that crispy pieces of chicken served in a bucket may seem dull? Nothing could be further from the truth! This is just the base to create a range of dishes that will attract fans of nuggets, as well as lovers of burgers, tortillas, and salads to your restaurant.

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You can use the crispy breaded chicken pieces to prepare delicious burgers, wraps, and nutritious salads. Breaded chicken is the basis of sandwiches, perfect for both hot and cold. It goes well with French fries, sauces, and all vegetables, so you can easily compose a really rich and varied menu based on it. The chicken breading mix will be just perfect for it.

What to serve the juicy chicken with?

Would you like to surprise your customers and offer something completely new? Breaded chicken goes well with many different types of bread, your favorite sauce, and even with some fruits, such as pineapple!

By using a ready-made breading mix for fried chicken, you don’t have to spend time searching for the right coating recipe. Use your culinary creativity in combining the perfect breaded chicken with new toppings and flavors. Well… it’s time to admit it. Chicken in pancake batter or cornflakes is out of fashion. Just go for the best American-style chicken.

Perfect for a traditional and quick dinner

A place that serves chicken like in KFC restaurants will be popular. Crispy chicken is the perfect choice for a family dinner out, a dinner with friends, or a quick snack when you feel like eating something warm and nutritious.

By using ready-to-use solutions, such as chicken breading mix instead of breadcrumbs and cornflakes, you can achieve a result that will be the envy of your competitors: a delicious and appetizing dish that will have people lining up to buy it.