How Much Would You fix Budget to Go to the World Cup in 2022?

How Much Would You Have to fix Budget to Go to the World Cup in 2022?
How Much Would You Have to fix Budget to Go to the World Cup in 2022?

How Much Would You fix Budget to Go to the World Cup in 2022? Financial Planning and saving from today to attend World Cup in Qatar

2022 is a year when football’s most significant competition on earth, the FIFA World Cup, kicks off for the first time in a middle eastern country. Thirty-two teams, more than a million fans, and eight venues to put it all together, Qatar will host the month-long exhibition at the first winter World Cup. Let us fix our budget to visit World Cup football in Qatar 2022.

But here’s a thing: the excitement amongst the fans is telling as the competition edges ever closer. So, with preparations underway and FIFA having already released the match schedule, perhaps it is time for every football fan to plan a trip to Qatar.

So, if you’re planning on going on a trip to Qatar for FIFA 2022 and not sure how to proceed, we will provide you a detailed guide to help you plan your tour from start to end.

A detailed financial guide to planning your trip to Qatar

Here is our detailed take on the steps you can take when planning your FIFA 2022 trip to Qatar.

Plan Your Budget for FIFA 2022 trip to Qatar

Suppose you are one of those thousands who want to take the trip to Qatar to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2022. You might be pondering what it would take to get yourself over there for a twosome week.

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There are many ways of accomplishing such a trip. The first is to go with a travel package and manage everything to serve you to the best. This will provide you at least a baseline for comparison with a do-it-yourself option.

I’m going to assume a 13-night stay, with all games and stays in Doha, given the size of the country. Qatar is still cataloged to host the World Cup alone. I am guessing that the schedule won’t change from a November-December World Cup. Since the plans don’t come out until December 2021, these assumptions may not be realistic, but they should give us enough information to develop a reasonable budget.

I will also assume a significant increase in currently published hotel prices (see below) since there will be a visitor’s markup. We saw it in South Africa; I find no reason not to expect the same in Qatar.

Ticket prices have not been released. I will assume a $153.73 price. Two thousand eighteen prices were approximately $105 for a Group 3 group stage game, and taking ten percent annual price inflation (FIFA doesn’t run the same economics as the rest of the world, you know), that’s how I calculated the prices.

If you wind up saving too much, then you can always fund the difference!

The 2014 package included an air ticket to Brazil, but it did not have lunch or dinner. It did include:

  •  Travel
  •  Daily Breakfast
  •  Hotel
  •  Airport Transfers
  •  Chartered Air between Host Cities
  •  On-site & Brazilian Support Staff
  •  Ground Match Transfers
  •  Pre-Game Parties (woohoo!)

Given that twice a day meals are excluded. Imagine you eating one meal in a less expensive restaurant and one meal in a central restaurant.

I also thought there would be no charter flight available to Doha. Qatar will probably have a charter flight, but they are much safer than regrets.

World Cup Football 2022 Financial budget and savings

Therefore, from DFW to Doha, per package should cost about $ 9,600. Because there are 52 months until the big event, you will have to set aside about $ 185 a month between now and November 2022 to pay for World Cup entertainment.

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Number Current Cost per Total (After Inflation)
Round trip flight from DFW – DOH 1 $1,020.00 $1,493.38
Travel package 1 $5,400.00 $7,906.14
Lunch in Doha 13 $21.97 $418.16
Dinner in Doha 13 $43.94 $836.32
Souvenir spending 1 $300.00 $439.23
Total $9,599.85
Per month to save $184.61

What if you made the tour without any package?

Would it cost you more or lesser?

According to my estimates and calculations  I made, a do-it-yourself trip would cost almost $6,943, meaning you would need to save nearly $134 per month.

Number Current Cost per Total (After Inflation)
Round trip flight from DFW – DOH 1 $1,020.00 $1,493.38
World Cup tickets 3 $109.00 $478.76
Breakfast in Doha 13 $21.97 $418.16
Lunch in Doha 13 $21.97 $418.16
Dinner in Doha 13 $43.94 $836.32
Hotel in Doha 13 $135.00 $2,569.50
Taxis, airport transport 18 $10.99 $289.63
Souvenir spending 1 $300.00 $439.23
Total $6,943.14
Savings per month $133.52


One note: while Kayak claims that the Ramada Inn was almost $ 45 overnight (June 2018, stay November-December 2018), I would be surprised if the prices of a Doha hotel during the World Cup were low. So, I estimated $ 135 per night.

Although I did not include it in the budget, I highly recommend getting travel insurance for this trip. We use World Nomads whenever we travel internationally when we need to get out, or something terrible happens to our journey. We have never used it, but we would hate to need it and not have it.

Why is it so cheaper to go to the World Cup in Qatar than I made it clear that you need to budget for the 2018 World Cup in Russia or the 2014 World Cup in Brazil?

One word: travel. I think I was following the team in different places in Russia and Brazil, which was not the way we did in the 2010 World Cup. I thought about the 2022 World Cup in Qatar; you will stay in Doha and not go somewhere else. No need to make international travel saves budget!

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Naturally, your results may vary, and it is wise to budget an extra thousand for this trip as long as you want to improve the games or get out of town or take a sightseeing tour. However, based on my travel experience, this seems like a reasonable individual cost. Of course, if you are traveling with someone else and in DIY mode, you can always divide the room, reducing that cost (my estimate is estimated at $ 1,284.75 per person). So when are you planning to fix your budget and start savings to attend World Cup Football 2022?