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Genasi (Water & Fire)

What is Genasi, and what are water and fire genasi? Individuals who think of different planes consider them distant, distant lands. However, you can feel planar influence across the world. It occasionally manifests in beings who take planes’ ability in their bloodstream through an accident of birth.

 The Elemental Planes are usually buoyant to natives of the Material Plane: devastating earth, burning fires, infinite heavens, and endless seas create seeing these areas dangerous for a brief while. The powerful genies but don’t confront such problems when venturing to the deadly world. Some genies can embrace mortal guise and travel incognito.

Introduction to Genasi

Through these visits, a deadly might capture a genie’s eye. Friendship forms, love blooms, and at times kids result. Some genasi are from toxic –genie unions. Many others have just two genasi as parents, along with a rare few having a genie up their family tree. It demonstrates an ancestral heritage that is lain dormant for generations.

Sometimes, genasi leads to exposure to a surge of elemental power through happenings like an eruption in the Inner Planes or even a planar convergence. Essential energy saturates any critters in the region. It might change their character that their offspring, along with different mortals, created as genasi.

Genasis inherit something out of either side of their dual nature. They resemble humans but possess unusual skin color (red, blue, green, or grey ), and there’s something peculiar about them.

Water Genasi

Appearance & History

Found in shape, genasis can generally pass for a human. Genasi of water or earth descent are inclined to be thicker, whereas fire or air usually are lighter. A presented genasi may possess some characteristics reminiscent of this deadly parent (pointed ears by an elf, a stockier framework and thick hair by a dwarf, little feet and hands by a halfling, exceedingly huge eyes by a gnome, etc.) Genasis nearly never have contact with their humorous parents. Genies rarely have a curiosity about their offspring that are mortal, seeing them as injuries.

Many believe nothing for their genasi kids in any way. Many genasis live as outcasts, pushed into exile due to their unsettling look and strangely magical. Or assuming the direction of savage humanoids and bizarre cults in untamed lands. Others gain positions of tremendous influence, particularly where aliens get respect. A couple of genasi depart the Material Plane to find refuge in the families of the genie parents.


Genasi seldom lacks assurance, seeing themselves as equivalent to any obstacle in their path. This certainty could manifest as graceful self-assurance in a single genasi as well as in a different. Such self-assurance can occasionally blind genasi to danger, and their excellent plans frequently get them and others into trouble.

An excessive amount of failure may chip away at a genasi’s feeling of self. Therefore, genasis always push themselves to enhance, bolstering their abilities, and perfecting their craft.

As uncommon beings, genasi may go their whole lives without falling another among their kind. There aren’t any fantastic genasi cities or empires. Genasis rarely have communities of the own and typically embraces the societies and cultures they’re born. The more peculiar their overall look, the stricter time they’ve. Most genasi shed themselves in teeming towns. Their distinctiveness barely raises an eyebrow in areas accustomed to many different men and women.

Fire Genasi


Any planet which includes a couple of elemental planes can contain genasi. On Athas, the entire world of the Dark Sun campaign setting, fundamental forces have more significant influence than they do on different planets. As people touched with elemental power, genasi are seen as seers, prophets, and preferred ones. The arrival of a genasi, servant, noble, or even a part of a desert tribe, is an auspicious occasion.

People residing on the frontier, however, have a lot tougher time. People there tend to be accepting of differences. Occasionally a cold shoulder along with a suspicious glare would be the very best genasi can expect. In more backward areas, they face ostracism and even violence from those who confuse them for fiends.

Challenges of Water and fire genasi

Facing a challenging lifetime, these genasi seek isolation from the wilds, which makes their homes in mountains or woods, nearby lakes, or underground. When those rituals got overthrown, their plane touched kids usually scatter.

Though far from ordinary, fire and air genasi are more inclined to be located in the western areas of Faerûn, across the shore from Calimshan north to the Sword Coast, and in the Western Heartlands into the east. By comparison, earth and water genasi don’t have any frequent history. Folks have trouble tracing their particular lineage, and bloodlines sometimes skip a generation or 2.

Many earth genasi originated from the North and distributed from there. Water genasi come in coastal locations, the most significant concentration of these hailing from the areas surrounding the Sea of Fallen Stars. The remote land of Zakhara is famous only in legends to the majority of people of Faerûn. There, genies and spellcasters enter bargains, and genasi could result from these pacts. Those genasi are sources of great weal and woe at the background of the property.

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Every genasi subrace ( whether fire or water ) has its character, creating a few wallpapers more appropriate than others. They are sometimes dazzling, and so are eager to have an audience. They seldom stay in 1 area for long, continually trying to find a new sky to breathe and see. Air genasi who do not reside in towns prefer open lands like plains, deserts, and large hills.

Earth Genasi

Earth genasis are more withdrawn, and their relation to the ground keeps them out of being comfortable in many cities. Their size and strength make them natural soldiers. However, and using their stoic demeanor, they could encourage others and become fantastic leaders. Many earth genasi reside underground, in which they could maintain their favorite element. If they emerge from their caves, they may roam the hills and hills or lay claim to older ruins.

Good backgrounds for earth genasis consist of the hermit, outlander, and soldier.

Fire genasi frequently get themselves into trouble with their fiery tempers. Much like their air genasi cousins, they occasionally showcase their perceived superiority over ordinary folk. However, they also need other people to discuss their high view of themselves, so that they always attempt to boost their reputations.

Water genasi almost have some expertise aboard or round sea boats. However, like earth genasis, water genasi prefer solitude and quiet; the broad shores are their natural homes. Superior wallpapers for water genasi consist of hermit and sailor.

Genasi stinks.

They may later assume distinguishing names to catch their legacy, for example, Flame, Ember, Wave, or Onyx. Subraces Pick among those subraces. Your genasi personality has specific traits in common with the other genasi.

Languages: You’re able to talk, read, and compose Frequent and Primordial. Primordial is a guttural language, full of harsh syllables and difficult consonants. Ability score Boost: Your Constitution score rises by two. Age: Genasis gets older about precisely the same speed as people and reaches maturity in their late teens. They live marginally longer than individuals doup to 120 decades.

Size: Genasis are as diverse as their deadly parents but are generally built like people, standing anywhere from 5 ft to more than 6 ft tall.

Rate: Your foundation walking rate is 30 feet. For example, an air genasi, you’re descended in the djinn. As changeable as the weather, your moods change from calm to crazy and violent with minimal caution, but these storms seldom last long.

Earth Genasi

Air Genasi

Air genasis generally have mild blue epidermis, hair, and eyes. A faint but constant wind accompanies the tousling of the hair and stirring the clothes. Some air genasi talk with breathy voices, marked with a faint echo. A couple of display strange patterns within their flesh or develop crystals out of their scalps.

Ability score Boost: Pick an ability score to raise by 1, rather than the formerly granted dexterity score growth. Should you gain more than one increase, you can not apply those gains to the same skill score, and also, you can not boost a score over 20. It is possible to hold your breath forever as you are not incapacitated.

It’s possible to throw the levitate spell after with this attribute, necessitating no material parts, and you recover the capacity to throw this way when you complete a very long break. The constitution is the spellcasting ability for this particular spell. You’ve inherited some degree of control over the planet, reveling in exceptional strength and muscular power. You are inclined to prevent rash conclusions, pausing long enough to think about your options before doing this.

Elemental earth

Elemental earth manifests differently from 1 person to another. Some earth genasis always have dust pieces falling out of their bodies and sand clinging to their garments. It never becomes clear, regardless of how frequently they bathe.

Others are as polished and glistening as diamonds, with skin tones of heavy black or brown, eyes sparkling like agates. Earth genasi may also have smooth metallic flesh, dull iron skin seen with rust. They can also have a pebbled and demanding hide, or possibly a coating of tiny crystals that are embedded. The arresting have fissures within their flesh, where dimmed light shines.

Ability score Boost: Your Power score increases

Ability score Boost: Pick a skill score to raise by 1, rather than the formerly granted strength score growth. Should you gain more than one increase, you can not apply those gains to the same skill score, and also, you can not boost a score over 20.

You’re able to move across rough terrain made from earth or rock without expending excess motion. Blend with Stone: It’s possible to throw the pass without hint charm once with this attribute. It necessitates no material parts. You recover the capacity to throw this way when you complete a very long break. The constitution is the spellcasting ability for this particular spell.

Air Genasi

Fire Genasi

For a fire genasi, you’ve inherited the volatile disposition and enthusiastic mind of this efreet. As opposed to concealing your distinctive look, you delight in it. Virtually all fire genasi are feverishly attractive like burning indoors, a feeling bolstered by bright red, coal-black, black, or ash-gray skin tones. The further human-looking have fiery red hair which writhes under intense emotion. At the same time, more exotic specimens game real flames dancing in their minds. Fire genasi listeners might seem like crackling flames, along with their eyes flare when excruciating. The faint odor of brimstone accompanies some.

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Ability score Boost

Pick a skill score to raise by 1, rather than the formerly granted intelligence score growth.

Should you gain more than one increase, you can not apply those gains to the same skill score, and also, you can not boost a score over 20.

Darkvision: It’s possible to view in the dim light in 60 ft of you like it had been glowing light, and in darkness as though it were dim light. Your ties into the Elemental Plane of Fire create your darkvision odd: what you see in the dark is a crimson color.

Fire Competition: You’ve got immunity to fire damage. Reach into the Blaze. You understand the create flame cantrip. When you reach 3rd degree, you can throw the burning hands spell once with this attribute as a 1st-level spell. You also recover the capacity to toss this way when you complete a very long break. The constitution is the spellcasting capability for those spells. You drift freely and enjoy your liberty, though others may believe you covetous.

Water Genasi

Many water genasi seem as though they just finished bathing, with beads of moisture accumulating in their hair and skin. They smell of rain and wash water. Green or blue skin is ordinary, and many have slightly overlarge eyes, blue-black. A water genasi’s hair may float swaying and waving as though submerged.

Ability score Boost: Your karma rating increases. Pick a skill score to raise by 1, rather than the formerly granted wisdom score growth. Should you gain more than one increase, you can not apply those gains to the same skill score, and also, you can not boost a score over 20. You’ve got immunity to acid damage.

Amphibious: It’s possible to breathe water and air. Swim: You own a swimming rate of 30 ft. Call to the Wave: You know that the form of water cantrip. When you get to 3rd degree, you can throw the produce or ruin water spell as a 2nd-level spell once with this attribute. And you recover the capacity to throw this way when you complete a very long break. The constitution is the spellcasting capability for those spells.


Following the Spellplague, once the separate elemental planes coalesced to the Elemental Chaos. Every genasi gained the capability to manifest some of those components’ ability, although only one at one time. Following the Second Sundering, after the revival of elemental planes. And the genasis has four main subraces of air, fire, earth, and water genasi.


Both genasis were alike in look. Some may pass as ordinary people, bearing the marks of ethnicity. Others, their elemental character was impossible to conceal. Many genasis didn’t have hair whatsoever; such genasis, the material which seemed to cover their minds, was an unnatural expression of the ancestral character.

 Even following the Spellplague, zero genasi could assert a neutral, “non-elemental” condition. Their bodily appearance changed depending upon the elemental soul they were now manifesting. Those genasi demonstrating an”earth soul” had brownish skin and gold eyes.

“Stormsoul” genasi had purple skin with luminous, crystal clear spikes of silver instead of hair. Genasi, with all the”water soul” symptoms, had skin the color of seafoam and bald.

Genasis were roughly precisely the same size and prestige as ordinary people. Their bodies exhibited higher physical strength and other subtle signs of the heritage.

Fairy tale


Genasi of the age between the Spellplague and the Second Sundering bore a distinctive physical characteristic not reported in previous generations. The earth’s soul symptom had golden-colored energy traces. The fire soul symptom had fiery orange trails; the storm soul symptom had silvery slivers; the water soul had glowing blue lines, and the wind soul mild blue.

These traces appeared in a routine passed along family lines, occasionally extending into little towns. The patterns might be comparable between relatives in a general sense. The particular configurations were particular to every person and functioned much like fingerprints did among people; those lines’ routine remained unchanged even if a genasi shifted their manifestation. Many genasis, particularly adventurers, exhibited these traces with pride, frequently wearing clothes that left a reasonable quantity of skin exposed.

Szuldar usually stays unchanged during a genasi’s lifetime. It is possible to change them. Some genasi did so intentionally for cosmetic reasons or to conceal themselves. Many genasi disapproved of their clinic and watched it as a reduction of self-awareness. They valued the routines created like a marker of individuality.


All of the genasis had inherent magic powers and resistances linked to their element.

Throughout the era following the Spellplague, a rare few genasi could restrain two different indications simultaneously. These strong entities were called elemental tempests.

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Other planes touched due to the potency of the elemental heritage. These several spells significantly influenced humanoids had no impact on genasi. On the flip side, some charms that influenced outsiders were successful against them, for example, banishment.


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Unlike most planes touched races, genasi naturally took pride in their odd capabilities. That wasn’t so much an issue of bias as it had been a simple reality. A simple mortal couldn’t possibly understand the thoughts of a person with elemental heritage. In return, the genasi were perhaps the most distrusted of these plane touched races because of being the very alien.

The character of the normal genasi reflected their heart component. By way of instance, a fire genasi may have a”hot temper,” and a ground genasi may take life slowly and attentively involving the Spellplague and the Second Sundering. Due to the origins in their Elemental Chaos forces, genasis were by nature contradictory and changeable. Nonetheless, the psychology of a genasi depended heavily on what component was manifested by the person in question.

Therefore, genasis who might attest in more than one manner thought of these as owning numerous characters. Such genasi may even use one when dealing with a single group of friends when utilizing another to socialize with a different set. Others were picky and picked friends who might deal with their changing character.


Lots of genasi philosophers considered their race existed since a compromise between the turmoil of their primordials along with the divinely crafted universe of their gods. A couple of genasis took this to heart. They attempted to remove one or another component of the character, possibly becoming representatives of insanity or disciples of sequence.

Still, these folks were considered the exception rather than the rule. Many genasi were thankful for the inherent link to the elemental powers which formed the world they shared.

Genasi had a powerful ability to accommodate, possibly only superseded by people in this respect, and adopted change as an inevitability or something to be relished. Even legal genasis embraced this shift. The genasi of all types valued future possibilities, such as new allies or new chances. In many ways, genasis are the most elastic of races, less tenacious, and more prepared to take new ideas for better or worse.


Among those traits found commonly among all genasis have been a powerful sense of ambition. All genasis needed a need to better themselves and advance their standing, either during the pursuit of electricity, the purchase of friends, or alternative ways. Virtually all genasi had dreams and ambitions and could pursue those goals during their lifetime. Though few genasis were genuinely patient, so powerful were their passions because of these goals. They would frequently accompany along long after folks of different races could have given up and moved on. Simply put, they believed they needed a fate and a calling to render a name for themselves. 

Genasis adored most diversion forms, especially competitive ones who further boost their reputation amongst other races. Many genasi preferred recreational pursuits were physical and active, allowing them to discharge their instincts and wilder urges.

Due to their spontaneous and perverted character, genasi weren’t predisposed towards group sports and favored sports that preferred the person. Genasis proved especially fond of gladiatorial sports, which enabled them to bask in the others’ interest while simultaneously releasing pent up passions. 



Genasis proved exceptionally uncommon among the planes. They’re standard on Toril, though, on account of many portals to other planes located in that world. Even so, before now following the Spellplague, genasi were fortunate if they met the other one of the sort. In Faerûnthey could be discovered in remote wildlands or at other cities, for example, Waterdeep, in which their odd traits wouldn’t provoke substantial suspicion. In Thay, the wizards there intentionally swallowed their slaves with numerous outsiders, causing a more significant population of genasi along with other planes to touch there. 

Abeir was an exception to this principle because it had a significant number of genasi that were indigenous to this world. Genasis of Faerûn generally lived in isolation before the Spellplague. 

Post Spellplague

When genasi assembled in any extraordinary amounts, like in Calimshan or even Akanûl at the time following the Spellplague, their societal arrangements were nearly sure to become chaotic and unstable. Post-Spellplague, many genasi households were big. and also, the genasi as a whole appeared upon a different genasi as a possible relative to the purpose of speaking to people they fulfilled as”brother,” “sister,” or”cousin.”

To most genasis, household bonds were the dependable ones. It was much more unusual for genasi to become alienated or estranged from members of the loved ones. That isn’t to mention that internal feuds and disputes didn’t occur. Still, the considerable bulk led to temporary divides, and household members spread across the entire world would finally come searching for a reunion. Genasi parents moved out of the way to make sure their kids had an opportunity to socialize with genasi of different manifestations.

It was thereby boosting their admiration for your race as a whole. That was especially true for households made of many indications rather than one or 2.