10 things you did not know before about Green Glass Doors Game

Green Glass Doors Game

Green Glass doors: A blockbuster game for fun lover smart minds.

 Fortunately, my dear, you have come to the perfect place. Get to know a fun-filled game, “The Green Glass Door Game,” and learn the steps, tricks, and tactics to make it enjoyable here.

What is the Green Glass Door Game?

The Green Glass Door game has a very vague and misleading name, especially if you want to throw off the players from the actual rule.

The game revolves around only one sentence:

“I can bring a ____ through the green glass door.”

What word can be mentioned in the blank to make the object or person pass it?

That’s the essential tip and trick. But, unfortunately, it’s usually where the gamers get stumped and make the game continue for an approximate time, trying to find out what word to place in the blank.

So, Let’s go to figure out what can go through the green glass door?


What is it? It is a talking, thinking game for anyone from two to a bunch of energetic and lively players. Unfortunately, this is also one of those games, specially designed for intelligent minds, where you need someone who knows the “SECRET” and other clueless players.

It is best for a couple of players or however many more you want to enjoy with.

What do you need? Actually Nothing! Well, just smart players to play, at least one who knows the “secret” and at least one who doesn’t.

How to play it: The game’s main objective is for intelligent players to explore what can be taken through a complicated hypothetical set of green glass doors. The leading players who know the secret provide other players hints (or they may further confuse them) by uttering, “I’m going through the green glass doors and I’m bringing ___, but not ___,” filling in the blanks with an object that can go via the green glass doors and a thing that can’t, respectively.

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So the leading players who know the secret might say things like this:

1 . I am going through the green glass doors, and I am bringing a poodle, but not a dog.


2 . I am going through the green glass doors, and I’m bringing the moon, but not the sun.


3 . I am going through the green glass doors, and I am bringing a puddle, but not water.


4 . I am going through the green glass doors, and I am bringing boots, but not sandals.


5 . I am going through the green glass doors, and I am inviting Harry Potter, but not Ron Weasley.

Have you comprehended it out yet?

Players who don’t know the secret of the game can try their sentences, perhaps like, “I go in through the green glass doors, and I bring a light, but not a bright light?” Unidentified players will respond by saying, “Nope, you can’t get in through the green glass doors” while shaking their heads in sympathy. The game can continue indefinitely and stop for a while and restart as needed until all players know the secret. Ready to fill long hours during a car trip.

Do you know the secret yet? Do you know what can be taken with green glass doors? (I’ll give you one tip: the fact that you read this post and don’t play this game out loud should be of great help to you.) Oooh, I know! What if, if you do not know the secret, leave a comment in the form of “I enter through the green glass doors, and I take ___ but not ___,” and answer yes or no! Also, once you know the secret, you can post confusing and misguiding sentences for all ignorant people! It will be like a great online, continuous version of green glass doors! It’s scary!

Or because maybe you’re reading this blog to find out how to play, and if you want to know and not have the energy to be totally determined, any desire to find that rare “a-ha” moment when you see the secret yourself.

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Variations: My mother and sister play the same game but call it Fanny Dooley, where Fanny Dooley is a built-in lady, and the phrases become “Fanny Dooley has ___ but not ___.” I’ve also heard of a game called “deep but not deep” (which I think is clever, funny, and scary).

The SECRET to green glass doors

So, you wish to know the unique secret to green glass doors?

 Are you sure you want to know?

 Because you deceive yourself without fun when you do it.

Are you still here?

All right. Here’s what: any word can go through the green glass doors, but any dish can be duplicated by a double letter (get the game title now?).

So, some of the things that can come in with green glass doors:

1 Grass, but not flowers

2 A happy person, but not a sad person

3 Mushrooms, but not fungi

4 Feet, but not toes

5 Overalls, but not blue jeans

6 Apples, but not bananas

Got an idea? It usually takes a long duration for people to find out because they focus on the relationship of word-for-word rather than spelling, which is why it’s fun for players who know the secret to say phrases like the one below, about things related to each other in different ways:

1 Rabbit, but not rabbit (two things in common)

2 Moon, but not the sun (two opposites)

3 Glass, but not a window (something that is part of something else)

4 Hammer, but not a nail (two related items)

5 Pepper, but not salt (two ingredients that make up a pear)

6 Pineapple, but not orange (two items from the same category)

7 Poodle, but not dog (but poodle HAPPY!)

“Tricks” like these will But, unfortunately, a lot and increase the game’s enthusiasm. So now that you know the personal use it wisely in your favor, plus against other players, have fun!