Guest Blogging Strategy Guide In 8 Steps

    Guest Blogging Strategy Guide In 8 Steps

    Guest Blogging Strategy Guide In 8 Steps

    Did you know that guest blogging is one of the best ways to boost your SEO and expand your blog’s reach? Many people want to promote their websites, yet it’s not always clear how to do so. So, they use various strategies, including reaching out to a blogger outreach agency or sharing their content on social media. 

    But guest blogging is much simpler and, of course, much better. It can help you bring traffic to your website and reach your target audience, gaining customers this way. How do you guest blog, though? This post will walk you through 8 steps to guest blogging. 

    Find Your Target Audience

    Each successful blog or website has a particular target audience. For instance, beauty blogs attract people who love makeup, perfumes, and other beauty products. Health blogs attract individuals who want to learn more about their health conditions and how to care for themselves. 

    Regardless of the niche, you need to know your target audience before you proceed with guest blogging. Think about what you want to achieve from this method. Do you want to improve your SEO to gain more traffic or more sales and leads? It will help you figure out what should be done moving forward.

    When you find your target audience, you’ll be able to choose the right blogs to guest blog for. 

    Compile a List of Potential Guest Blogging Websites

    Once you know what you want, you can begin hunting for websites and blogs to guest post for. After all, websites that will publish your content are the essence of guest blogging. 

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    Finding the right types of websites shouldn’t be that difficult, especially if you are already aware of what you want. What you offer for sale or what you do should determine the ideal website. 

    For instance, if you are someone who creates makeup palettes, beauty websites and blogs are the best option. That being said, you can look for blogs that focus on beauty and women’s interests. 

    Guest posting for websites or blogs in the same category as the products or services you offer will bring you the desired type of people to your website.

    Make Sure You Find Websites that Accept Guest Posts

    Even if you find promising guest blogging website options fast, it doesn’t instantly mean it accepts guest posts. Some blogs and websites clearly state whether people can send guest blogs, so your research is not over once you make your list. 

    Luckily, it’s straightforward to find out which sites accept guest posts. You must go to Google and search “Your subject [write for us].” Therefore, if your website or services focus on healthcare, you can search for Healthcare [write for us]. You can also do something similar but search for different terminologies, like “[guest post guidelines]” or “[guest posts].” 

    Think About Content Ideas

    After finding good websites for guest blogging, it’s time to brainstorm some quality content ideas. 

    Now, when it comes to guest posting, you should ensure you write content that matches your website and the blog it would go on. It must be a topic that the blog would usually talk about. 

    Analyzing the websites you want to guest blog for is the best way to find out what type of content they usually post, and it can even help you get some inspiration. Make sure you write unique content and make guest posts that have not been added to the website yet. 

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    Add Links to Similar Posts

    One of the best ways to implement SEO into your guest posts is by adding good internal and external links. Doing so will help the link-building strategy and make your posts rank high on Google, which benefits the website you’re writing for and brings more traffic to your website. 

    Add significant links to the site you’re writing for and some other relevant external resources. Just make sure you do not include restricted links. 

    Contact the Owner of the Website

    It’s time to contact the site owner or editor, but don’t go for a cold pitch. Before you reach out, you must establish a relationship with the owners. After all, would you rather trust someone you know, or someone you’ve never met in your life? 

    You must begin by becoming familiar with the website and what content is published there in general. Share the content on social media and subscribe to the newsletter. Take your time understanding this blog and its audience. You can even interact with posts by liking and commenting. 

    Then, you are ready to reach out to the owners. Make a good guest posting pitch with the title of the pitch, the site owners’ names, and information on how your content can be helpful for their audience. 

    Reach Out Again if They Don’t Reply

    Sometimes, popular websites or blogs may get overwhelmed by the amount of people that contact them for guest posting. Your email may get lost among hundreds if not thousands of other emails. 

    Wait for a response, and if you do not hear from them within 7 days or within their stated response time, send a polite reminder. 

    If the reminder still doesn’t bring a response from the site owners, you should move on to a different website. 

    Promote the Guest Post

    If you want the website you guest blog for to get more visitors and also get more traffic for your own website in return, you should promote your guest post. This can be done through social media or email marketing. 

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    You can share your guest blogs on your social media accounts and invite subscribers to read and interact with the content, but also share it. Similarly, you can mention the guest post in email marketing newsletters.

    Final Thoughts

    If you do guest blogging right, it can make you very successful. Follow these tips if you want your guest posting strategy to pay off.