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Horizon Walker 5e

Horizon Walker ranger 5e build.

Horizon walker in 5e shields the world against threats That arise from different planes or that try to ravage the mortal realm with otherworldly magic. They seek out planar portals and watch over them, venturing into the Inner Planes and the Outer Planes as they wanted to pursue their foes. These rangers are also friends to any powers in the multiverse. Especially benevolent dragons, fey, and elementals — that work to preserve the planes’ order.

The 5e Horizon Walker has awkward utility Abilities that may not come into play often. It overcomes that well with its excellent collection of known charms, great utility and offensive skills, and a fantastic defensive one. Your Bonus Actions are a little bit obstructed, but you can make do with beginning a struggle with Hunter’s Mark and then slamming them with Force damage. If you are searching to create any Ranger, the Horizon Walker is well worth looking. If your campaign will go out of the Material Plane, then this class is a must-have. Resource: Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

Melee Ranger build Xanathar guide
Melee Ranger build Xanathar guide

Horizon Walker 5e Magic

Beginning at Level 3, you receive an added spell when you reach certain levels in that class, as shown in the 5e Horizon Walker Spells table. The spell adds as a ranger 5e spell for you, but it does not count upon the number known ranger spells.

Ranger Level Spells
3rd Protection from Evil and Good
5th Misty Step
9th Haste
13th Banishment
17th Teleportation Circle

Detect Portal

At 3rd level, you gain the ability to sense the As an activity. You discover the distance and direction to the closest planar portal within 1 mile of you. Once you use this attribute, you can not use it until you complete a short or long break.

Planar Warrior

At 3rd level, you Learn How to draw the energy of the multiverse to augment your attacks. As a bonus action, select one creature you can see inside 30 Ft of you. Next time you hit that creature with this turn with a weapon assault. All damage dealt by the attack becomes force damage, and the creature takes an extra 1d8 force damage from the attack. When you get to 11th level in this course, the additional damage increases to 2d8.

Ethereal Step

As a bonus activity on your turn, you can throw the Etherealness spell with this feature without expending a charm slot. Still, the charm ends after the current turn. Once you use this attribute, you can not use it until you complete a short or long break.

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Distant Strike

At 11th level, you gain the ability to pass between the Planes in a blink of an eye. When you use the Attack action, you can teleport up to ten feet before each attack to space you’ll be able to see. Suppose you strike at least two different creatures with the Action. You can make one additional attack with it against a third creature.

Spectral Defense

You to slide through the planar boundaries to lower the harm done to you through conflict. When you take damage from an attack, you may use your reaction to provide yourself an immunity to all of that attack’s damage with this turn.

Is Two-Weapon Struggling the only way for a 5e Horizon Walker Ranger to use the Distant Strike attribute to assault two different creatures?

Planes are in a blink of an eye. When you utilize the Attack action, you can teleport around 10 feet before each assault to an unoccupied space you can see.

If you strike at least two different creatures with the Action, you can make one extra attack with it from a third creature.

Distant Strike is for Speed and Damage

The character has Extra Attack, permitting two strikes per Attack activity. A character can move involving attacks, and nothing is requiring all your attacks to be directing at one target:

Moving between attacks

Take an action that includes more than one weapon Attack. You can break your movement up even further by moving between these attacks. (Player’s Handbook, p. 190)

Horizon Walker 5e dnd

Focusing attacks is often considered a good idea in Action market conditions (dead enemies get fewer turns, which hurt ones). Distant Strike provides a reason to divide them up a bit – extra freedom from these 10′ planar jumps. It also allows the character to deal more harm when doing it. In effect, Distant Strike grants the same damage output a Fighter 11 has (via their better variant of Extra Attack). The Horizon Walker 5e is to spread it.

Two-Weapon Fighting Can Not Help

Unfortunately, Two-Weapon Fighting is not a part of the Attack Activity and doesn’t trigger Distant Strike. If you hit three targets, you do the same harm as you want without using your bonus action for a swing.

Moreover, with a bonus action for Two-Weapon Fighting, Prevents using it to get Planar Warrior. At L11, Planar Warrior adds 2d8 pressure harm and makes the entirety of one attack deal induce harm.

Most fantastic races for 5e Horizon Walker Rangers

The Horizon Walker 5e concentrates on Dexterity, but you can make a Strength build work. The constitution is essential if you plan on doing a melee battle. At the same time, Ranged characters can utilize Intelligence to produce their DCs higher. Banish whoever doesn’t belong, with almost guaranteed benefits!

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These rat individuals from the aptly Named Tortle Package would be the perfect Strength rangers. You get some organic weapons that deal d4 harm, free Survival, and can hold your breath. But, above all, you gain Natural Armor. The Tortle’s natural compound is at 17 by default. You’re still able to modify it with shields or Bracers of Defense. And, with Shell Defense, you can improve your ridiculous AC even higher… at the expense of your ability to take actions.


The Aarakocra from the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion has a high fly rate by default. Besides, they have +2 Dexterity, +1 Wisdom; designed to be a bow-wielding ranger! The claws are unimportant, but they let you kick the hell out of someone that’s trying to grapple you, so that is fine? These are most likely the ideal bow-wielding rangers in the sport.


So brutal was the path of a horizon walker 5e. It is who choose it had a considerable level of expertise about the local geography of their world. It is in addition to a capacity for punishment. Although horizon walkers drew initially from physical capability and personal instruction, adherents into the road often gained supernatural abilities because of their constant exposure to harsh environments. In its most superficial level, this allowed horizon walkers an increased level of coordination early on, enabling them to behave with more astonishing swiftness. For instance, horizon walkers in 5e who’d traveled the Shadowfell gained the ability to watch in the dark, if they didn’t own it already, and were more aware of their environment.

Similarly, horizon walkers, 5e, became extremely hardy due to the journeys along the transitive Astral Sea. It will be recovering from wounds more quickly and getting overall more difficult due to their enemies to complete. Some horizon walkers also gained a particular resilience against the substance that made up a plane, making them more likely to survive hazards made up of this material.

Ranger 5e
Ranger 5e

Therefore, it often wasn’t very long before 5e Horizon walkers eschewed the springs. It was used by their predecessors and instead chose to utilize spells billed using arcane power drawn from the planes. Most of these spells had a uniquely planar taste, for example, fey strider, which allowed a barbell to teleport from 1 location to another. Likewise, elemental chaos smites permitted a barbell to charge their weapon using vital energy of any sort.

Ranger 5e

Here add to present class attributes, not replace them.

Starting Language: Starting at 3rd level, you Learn Planar cant, a dialect of ordinary full of slang from Sigil. And your accent is good enough that you are not confused for a “clueless prime.”

Favored Enemy Choice: Favored Factions: If Choosing a new Favored Enemy in levels 6 and 14, you have the option instead to pick two Planar Factions. All members of favored factions count as preferred enemies. If you invest one minute observing an individual, you recognize if they belong to one of your selected sections. If you choose the Xaositects, you might instead decide to find out Xaos. It is the ability to fluently and continuously speak in chaotic strings of garbled words.

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Bonus Favored Terrain Option

 Suppose you are choosing new Favored Terrain types at levels 6 and 10. You have the choice instead to select one Plane of Existence other than the Material Plane. You gain all advantages of the course feature as long as you are on that airplane.

As an act, the Horizon Walker may expend a Spell Slot to protect all allies within 30 feet. It is at the time of casting from the overall damaging environmental effects of one favorite plane of existence. Such products include fever, poisonous gas, absence of air, grief, and other generalized effects unique to that plane. This ability does not offer protection from the impact of traps, magic, physical sources of harm.  Even from particular, localized consequences such as an earthquake, tornado, or lava pool. Expending higher level spells slots increases the length of protection supplied: 1st level = 1 hour; 2nd level = 4 hours; 3rd level = 8 hours; 4th level = 24 hours.

Adept at exploiting loopholes in the Planes’ cosmetics by focusing your energy of belief. It will be granting you the capability to temporarily liberate yourself from the physical influence of your present plane of existence. When you’re outside the Prime Material Plane, you might expend your “Ethereal Step Ability” to use Planar Jaunt instead. Planar Jaunt is functionally equivalent to Etherealness. However, it functions on the Outer Planes.

New Spell: Planar Lariat: The New Horizon Walker in 5e

Outer Planes is famous as a planeswalker with her accent, not branded a “clueless prime” by those who see everywhere outside of Sigil is a small town. Her Ethereal Measure capacity will continue to function. It just renamed and flavored as Planar Jaunt (below the standard rules). The skill would not work if on the Outer Planes since they do not connect into the Ethereal Plane, a condition for projecting Etherealness).

Monitoring abilities on environments and residents of the Outer Planes. But that would need to forgo different options rather than receiving these abilities at no cost. And she’ll have a situational ability to stop foes from teleporting away.  And it is a common ability from the Outer Planes at the expense of a security spell better suited to some cleric.

These changes do not significantly change the Combat abilities of this course, which are well balanced already. You may tackle this by frequently granting the ranger advantage. That is dealing with preferred or Terrain enemies or by enabling him to forgo dice rolls entirely. These changes achieve to give Horizon Walker 5e PCs a couple more minutes in the spotlight. It is when the party travels to the Outer Planes.