How Do I Change Someone’s Name On Discord?

How do I change someone's name on Discord?

How Do I Change Someone’s Name On Discord?

Click on a user’s name to right-click it in the list of server members. There will be an option to change their nickname. – Click “Change Nickname.” In the Nickname field, type in an alternative name for the person.

It is important to note that changing someone’s username on Discord does not affect how their name is displayed on that particular server. If you wish to change the username on all servers, they’ll be required to change it within your Discord settings.

Understanding Discord names

Discord is a renowned messaging platform that lets users communicate with one another via text, voice, or video chat. One of the main advantages of using Discord is the ability to create and modify your own username, or Discord name. We will explore the various features associated with Discord names and ways to use them to improve your Discord experience.

Choosing a Good Discord Name

Selecting a suitable Discord name is essential because it will make you stand out on an overcrowded server and allow users to find your identity. When choosing a name, take into consideration the following:

  • Simple is best: Select a simple name to recall and pronounce. Avoid using numbers and special characters that might be difficult to type or recall.
  • Be distinctive: Select a distinctive name that has not been used by anyone else on Discord. Online tools are available to determine if a name is available.
  • Be imaginative: Be bold and play around with your name. You can use puns, references to your passions, or anything that shows your style.
  • Consider your potential target audience: If you’re part of a particular community or server, pick a name that aligns with the community’s theme or culture.
  • Make sure you use appropriate language: Be careful not to use inappropriate or offensive language in your username, as it could result in you being removed by the servers.

Changing Your Discord Name

You can alter your Discord name by going to your account settings and clicking “Edit Profile.” There, you can alter your username and include a nickname that can be used on specific servers. But remember that certain servers might have guidelines or restrictions regarding changing your username, so consult the server’s moderators or owner first.

Using Discord name colors

Discord can also allow users to alter the colors of their Discord username. It is done by adding a particular code to your username, like “/colour #FF0000”. You can select any color you wish by entering the appropriate code.

A colored name can make you stand out in an online community and also make it easier for users to find you among the long user list. Be aware that certain servers might have restrictions or rules on using colors in names, so make certain to inquire with the moderators or owner of the server first.

Adding Emojis to Your Discord Name

Another option to personalize the appearance of your Discord name is to add emojis. It is possible to do this with the help of an emoji selector within the chat window and by selecting the emoji you would like to use. Simply cut and paste the selected emoji into the Discord name. Discord name.

Emojis can be used to give personality and style to the appearance of your Discord name. Be aware that some servers may impose limitations on certain emojis or prohibit excessive usage of emojis. So be sure to consult the moderators or owners of the server first.

Display Names As Opposed To Usernames

Discord allows users to choose a display name that differs from their username. The server modifies names for display names and is only visible to that server’s members. This is useful when having different names across various communities or for privacy purposes.

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Be aware that certain servers might be restricted from using display names. Also, some servers may require users to use their real usernames. Always consult with the server’s moderators or owners before using an account name for display.

Steps to Change Someone’s Name on DiscordSteps to Change Someone's Name on Discord

It is not advised to change the name of someone within Discord without their consent since it could be viewed as a sign of disrespect and could cause conflict. However, there are situations when changing someone’s name is needed, like when the person’s name is offensive or does not conform to the server’s rules. In the article below, we’ll explain the steps needed to change a name on Discord and some of the best practices and considerations.

Step 1: Identify the Reason for Changing the Name

Before you change someone’s name in Discord, it’s crucial to determine the motive behind making the change. If the name of the person you are changing is offensive or does not conform to the server’s rules, it might be necessary to alter it to ensure a safe and respectful environment for everyone on the server. Suppose the reason to change the name is purely personal preference, displeasure, or dislike. In that case, discussing the issue directly with the person in question might be better than changing their name without permission.

Step 2: Contact the moderator or owner of the server

To change someone’s name in Discord, you must talk with the server’s administrator or moderator. They may have rules or guidelines for changing names and might need to approve any changes before they are made. In addition, they could understand the situation and offer advice on the best way to proceed.

Step 3: Talk to the person

If you’re convinced that changing the name of someone is required, it’s essential to contact the person before making the change. Give the reasons behind the change, and then listen to the person’s perspective. If they are concerned or have concerns, try to address them with respect and in a positive way.

Step 4: Change the name

After everyone has agreed to change their name, it’s time to implement the change. To change a person’s name on Discord, follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the name of the individual on the member list of the server.
  • Choose “Nickname” from the drop-down menu.
  • The new nickname should be entered in the field for texts.
  • “Save” to save the changes. “Save” to save the modifications.

It is important to note that changing a user’s name in Discord will only affect their name on the server they are on. You’ll have to contact Discord support if you wish for them to be changed on all servers.

Step 5: Communicate the change to the person.

When the name is changed, it is important to notify the person. Ensure they’re informed of their new identity and are aware of the reason for changing it. It’s an excellent idea to contact them within a couple of days to ensure they’re satisfied with the change and address any other concerns or problems.

Step 6: Monitor the Situation

When you change someone’s name on Discord, following up on the change is crucial to ensuring that the transition is running smoothly. Inquire with the person to determine how they adapt to the new name, and watch out for any problems or conflicts. If needed, prepare to deal with any issues or conflicts that could arise.

Best Practices For Changing Someone’s Name On Discord

Changing someone’s name in Discord is best handled with caution and consideration. It’s crucial to place a high value on respect and communication when changing a name. We’ll discuss the guidelines for changing names on Discord, factors for server moderators and owners, communicating with the person concerned, and follow-up steps.

  • Talk to the server moderators and the owners: Before you change someone’s name on Discord, speaking with server administrators and moderators is important. They might have rules or guidelines for altering names, and they may have to approve any changes before they are made. In addition, they could provide insight into the circumstances and advice regarding the best method of proceeding. Through consultation with them, you will be able to make sure that the name change is carried out in line with the server’s rules and with the server community’s best interests.
  • Talk to the person: If you are changing someone’s name on Discord, talking to the person in advance is important. Give the reasons behind the change and take note of their viewpoint. If they have any concerns, you should speak to them in a respectful and open-minded way. If you communicate with the person to ensure you are informed of their situation and that they have an input in making decisions,
  • Prioritise Consent: Considering people’s consent when changing their name on Discord is crucial. Always get the person’s consent before making any changes to their name. If they disagree with this change, take their word and try to find a solution. If you prioritize consent, you can guarantee that any name alteration is conducted morally and respectfully.
  • Be clear and transparent: If you are changing the name of someone on Discord, it is important to be transparent and clear regarding the procedure. Be clear about the reasons for the name change, the steps to be followed, and the timeframe for implementation. Be transparent about the potential negative impacts or implications of changing the names. If you are clear and honest, it will help create trust and promote open and honest communication.
  • Follow up with the person: After changing the name of someone on Discord, it’s important to contact the person to confirm that they’re comfortable with the new identity. After the change is complete, contact them after a couple of days and request their thoughts and feedback. If they have concerns or issues, you should be ready to discuss them in a friendly and open way. By contacting the person concerned, you will ensure they are heard and appreciated and that the name change was carried out successfully.
  • Respect privacy and sensibility: Being sensitive and respectful when changing someone’s name via Discord is also important. Do not make the change in an unfriendly or public way, and be aware of any information that could be sensitive or issues relating to the person’s name. Be aware of any possible issues related to language or culture that could affect the process of changing names. If you respect confidentiality and sensitivity, you can ensure the name change process is conducted respectfully and thoughtfully.
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Alternative Solutions For Name Changes On Discord

Discord is a well-known platform for communication that is used by millions of users all over the world. One of Discord’s most important advantages is the possibility of personalizing your username or nickname. There are situations when you need to change someone else’s name, for example, in an environment of server moderation as well as in groups in which you are using particular name conventions. We’ll discuss possible solutions to name modifications on Discord.

  • Requesting a Name Change: One of the most straightforward methods to change a username in Discord is to simply request that they change their name on their own. Based on the situation, this can be done via either a private message or a server message. It’s essential to be clear and courteous in your request. Also, you should include a rationale for changing the request, like to align with server rules or to keep from confusing other participants.
  • Using role assignments: On Discord servers, roles can be assigned to users with specific permissions or obligations. One option for changing names could be to assign a particular position to users who follow the same naming convention or limit the possibility of changing names only to members with an assigned position. This will help to maintain consistency and eliminate confusion.
  • Custom Bots: Custom bots can be developed for Discord servers that offer various features, such as name changes. Bots are programmed with the ability to change names based on certain triggers or commands. They are useful in moderation settings or when enforcing certain naming conventions. However, creating custom bots requires technical understanding and may take a long time.
  • Using third-party apps: There are a variety of third-party applications that offer name-change functionality for Discord. These applications can be employed to automate name changes or enforce certain timestamps. It is important to be careful when using third-party applications and to ensure they’re reliable and safe.
  • Creating a new Discord account: In certain situations, setting up an entirely new Discord account might be the most efficient solution for name modifications. This is done by creating a new account and then connecting to the Discord server with the name of your choice. But this method may not work in all scenarios, and it’s crucial to ensure that the account you create doesn’t violate the rules of the group or server.
  • Server Settings: Discord servers can be configured with various options for setting up settings that can be personalized, including nicknames and settings. Administrators and owners of the server can create rules and restrictions regarding nickname changes, for example, by needing moderators’ approval or excluding certain characters. Utilizing these settings will ensure consistency and prevent confusion.
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Etiquette And Cultural Considerations For Discord Name Changes

Discord is a platform that people with different backgrounds use. Therefore, it is important to consider cultural norms and rules when changing the platform’s name. We’ll discuss some cultural and etiquette considerations for Discord names that change.

  • Respectful Communication: When you request or make name changes in Discord, it is important to speak professionally and clearly. Avoid using confrontational or aggressive language and explain the reasons behind changing the name. Be open to suggestions and feedback from other members of the community.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Discord is a popular choice for people of diverse backgrounds. It’s essential to be aware of the cultural norms for changing names. Beware of names that offend or are insensitive to specific communities or cultures. Studying traditional practices and cultural norms ensures that names are respectful and appropriate.
  • Avoiding Misgendering: If you are changing someone’s name in Discord, it is important to think about the gender of their avatar and be careful not to cisgenders the person. Use the correct pronouns and avoid assuming someone’s gender from their avatar or name. If unsure, ask them their pronouns, and then respect their answer.
  • Avoiding cultural appropriation: Cultural appropriation happens when people of a particular culture adopt the practices of another culture without understanding or appreciating their importance. When you change names on Discord, it is important to stay clear of appropriating names or practices that aren’t from your culture. Be open to criticism and feedback from the people who belong to the culture you’re trying to emulate.
  • Consent and Privacy: It’s crucial to consider how privacy is protected and the permissions granted to other users when you change your name on Discord. Do not change names without consent; respect their choice not to modify their identity. Also, be aware of sharing personal and private information without their permission.
  • Open Communication and Feedback: Establishing a friendly and open community in Discord will help ensure that name changes are considerate and appropriate. Encourage discussion and feedback from the group members, and remain willing to change your name in response to their suggestions. Also, set specific rules and guidelines regarding name changes and ensure they are followed consistently and in a fair way.


As the owner or administrator of a Discord server, how do I change someone’s name?

On Discord, you can change someone’s name if you are the server owner or administrator by clicking the server settings icon and selecting “Members” from the menu on the left. Select “Change Nickname” from the right-click menu of the member whose name you want to change. Click “Save” to confirm the change after entering the new name.

Can I change someone’s Discord username without their consent?

No, you need their permission to change someone’s name on Discord. Transforming somebody’s name without their assent is an infringement of Disagreement’s help out and could bring about disciplinary activity.

Consider the possibility that the part whose name I need to change plays a unique part doled out to them?

If the part whose name you have any desire to change plays a unique part relegated to them, changing their epithet won’t influence their job on the server. All of their previous privileges and permissions will still apply to them.

Can Discord members change their own names?

On Discord, members can change their own names by selecting “Edit Profile” from the drop-down menu and clicking on their profile icon. They can change their username and nickname from there.

How frequently can Discord members change their names?

Individuals can change their names on Dissension as frequently as they like. However, it could be perceived as disruptive or confusing by other server members if you change your name too frequently.

On the Discord mobile app, how do I change someone’s name?

Go to the server where the member is located and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top-left corner to change their name in the Discord mobile app. From that point, tap on “Individuals” and find the part whose name you need to change. Select “Change Nickname” by holding down the tap key on their name. Tap “Save” to confirm the change after entering the new name.