How Many Items Are in Minecraft? Is it Close to 400?

How Many Items Are in Minecraft?

How Many Items Are in Minecraft?

When you look at the Minecraft item page, you can see that there are 361 items. In reality, Minecraft has comewhat close to 400 unique items. Hundreds of items, some of which are rare, are listed. You can also find a list of building blocks and rare items, and learn more about enchanting. This is not an exhaustive list of items, but it will help you make informed decisions about what to purchase.

Hundreds of unique building blocks

There are hundreds of unique building blocks in Minecraft. These blocks allow you to customize your homes in many different ways. These blocks are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and types. You can also use them to make your creations more interesting. The game’s creators are constantly adding new and unique blocks.

While the game’s original launch only had 30 unique building blocks, its developers have continued to add new blocks and features. Minecraft has over three hundred different types of building blocks that can be combined to create amazing creations. Some of these blocks are unique to each type, while others can only be found in specific locations. These blocks are also very useful in different ways, but are usually rare and hard to find.

Sponge is another useful building block that can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, it can be used to store water and then drain it. But be careful – sponges aren’t always plentiful. Ice is another unique building block. There are many different types, but the rarest one is the blue kind. This kind is obtained with the Silk Touch tool.

If you want a more realistic building block, you can build a pyramid in the game. Pyramids are usually built in desert biomes, but you can build them in other biomes as well. In order to build a pyramid, you need a large square, then stack smaller squares vertically.

Rare items

In Minecraft, there are different rarities that players can obtain. Some are easily obtained by exploring new places while others are difficult to find. This article will help you discover what the rarest items in the game are and where to find them. The items listed below are a few examples of those that are rare.

Dragon Egg – The dragon egg is one of the rarest items in Minecraft. This rare item is obtained after killing an Ender Dragon. Other rare items in Minecraft include skeleton and zombie head items, which can be obtained repeatedly. Another rare item is the charged creeper, which can be used to explode mobs. Creating one requires channeling an enchantment on a trident.

Totem of Undying – The Totem of Undying is another rare item. This item spawns in a small number of places, and it nullifies death. However, you cannot buy this item, because it can only be crafted. However, if you can find it, you can use it to enhance your gameplay time.

End Crystal – The End Crystal is a rare item in Minecraft that can cause explosions. This item can be crafted by using seven glass blocks, an Ender Dragon’s horn, and an Eye of Ender. A Glowing Stick is another rare item that can be obtained by mining obsidian. It can be used to build a Nether Portal, a structure that allows players to travel between worlds.


One of the most important features of Minecraft is stacking. This function allows players to stack items and save space. However, many vanilla Minecraft players experience difficulty stacking. To solve this issue, the Stacksize mod was developed. It adds a simple interface to the game and allows users to use stacking in a more convenient way.

Stacks are a useful feature that makes the game’s crafting process easier. Instead of manually arranging the items on a workbench, players can simply drag a stack of items onto the workbench’s squares. This simplifies the process of crafting a large number of identical items.

Stacks can be divided using the split key. In order to split an item, the player must hold it until a green bar appears on the top. When the green bar is half way up, half of the item has been selected. To drag an item outside of the inventory, simply left click it.

Stacks can also be traded. This is useful for situations where you may not need the entire stack. When you want to trade for a single item, you must first move closer to the item and then hold the left mouse button. Then, you can grab the item. Alternatively, you can use a tool to pry it out of the stack.


There are some rules to keep in mind when enchanting items. One important rule is that the bookshelf needs to be within a certain distance from the enchantment table. It must be full to get the most efficient enchantments. The best way to do this is to make a second row of bookshelves.

Enchantment books can be found all over the Minecraft world. They can be obtained from loot chests or by trading with librarians. They can also be crafted using paper and leather. Books can also be used to enchant items. To enchant items, the player must combine the enchanted book with an item that needs to be enchanted. This process will cost experience orbs.

Another method of enchanting items in Minecraft is to craft an enchanting table. In order to do so, you need to collect Lapis Lazuli minerals. However, you must also have at least a level of experience to craft an enchanting table. The recipe for crafting an enchanting table is explained in detail in the guide.

Another way to enchant items is to use an anvil. This tool can repair and rename items, and it allows players to combine two enchanted items. An anvil can be obtained by mining with a pickaxe or through crafting. It will cost 31 iron ingots to make. Alternatively, you can also get an anvil from a woodland mansion.

Music discs

In the game’s music discs, you can find several different types. Some are played by Creepers, while others play a melodic tune. There is also a Steelpan music disc, which is played by C418. This type of music was introduced in the game’s version 1.0.0. It features an eerie, ghostly melody that uses a steelpan. Another music disc, “ward,” samples Chopin’s Funeral March.

Music discs are rare items that can be found in Minecraft’s sandbox world. Some of them appear in specific chests, but most of them can be found in regular chests. These types of discs can be found in dungeons, woodland mansions, and bastion remnants. The average chance to find a music disc in a chest varies based on the version of the game you’re playing.

To craft a music disc, you must gather nine music disc fragments. The fragments are scattered throughout Ancient Cities and can be found in loot chests. It costs one diamond to craft a music disc. It’s not possible to find music discs in creeper farms, but you can find them in dungeon chests.

Some of the discs were added to Minecraft as alpha versions, and more have been added since then. There are a variety of tracks that can be played, from ambient to happy.

Ancient Debris

How many items are in Ancient Debris? Depending on the edition you play, you can expect to find an average of 1.65 items per chunk. The maximum number of items is five, and there is also a chance that adjacent chunks will generate additional blobs.

The best way to find the items is by digging. To do so, you need to have a pickaxe with diamond and netherite. This will allow you to mine the ancient debris. When you dig for this, you’ll need to hold down the RT, R2 or ZR buttons on your controller.

Ancient Debris is the most sought-after ore in Minecraft. This material is used to make Netherite armor and gear, which are some of the best weapons and armors in the game. The Minecraft community has worked hard to come up with the best strategy for obtaining Netherite.

You can find Ancient Debris in the Nether, but beware of the dangers of The Nether. You should always be vigilant and wear golden armor when digging in Ancient Debris, otherwise you may encounter Piglin Brutes. You can also turn them into Netherites.

Ancient Debris is not as easy to obtain as you might think. It spawns in clusters. However, you can still mine a handful of these blocks with each trip to the Nether. Then, you can craft them into netherite ingots or even diamonds.