How Many Miles Are 17000 Steps? How Many Steps In A Mile For A Child?

How Many Miles Are 17000 Steps?

How Many Miles Are 17000 Steps? How Many Steps In A Mile For A Child?

To be healthy, it is necessary to walk. Walking steps in a mile may differ from child to adult. Step covers in a mile depending on a person’s weight, height, and stride length. On average, a person covers one mile with approximately 2,000-2,500 steps. It varies depending on a person’s weight, height, and stride length.

Furthermore, if we convert 17,000 steps into miles, it will be around 7-9 miles which affect by many factors. Boys take 12,000 to 16,000 steps per day for a child, and for girls, it is 10,000 to 13,000 steps per day. It can vary significantly with child height, weight, and stride length. 

17000 Steps To Miles

The number of steps/mile varies from person to person and whether you are walking or running. You can use any tools to convert your steps into miles. You can use a phone motion sensor, fitness band, or a pedometer to estimate how many steps/miles you walk. In addition, on average, a person walks around 2,000-2,500 steps/mile. So, 17000 steps are approximately 7- 9 miles that may vary depending on height, weight, and stride length. However, for those who make more significant strides when running, the average steps/mile while running reduces between 1000 and 2000/miles.

However, the number of steps you take per mile will always vary according to your stride length. To calculate how many steps you take in a mile, you have to perform a calculation that takes your stride length into account. 

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How Many Steps In A Mile For A Child

Steps To Mile Convertor

Start using a step-to-miles calculator to find how many steps a distance will take. You can use any step-to-mile convertor. Usually, the calculator offers you three methods to convert your steps into miles. They are in order from least to most exact. 

1. If you want instant approximation, select the method based on the intermediate step. It would be best to input your gender type, and the number of steps walked. So, the distance will show in the last field of the step-to-mile calculator. This method considers a stride length of 2.2 ft (0.67 m) for women, and in the case of men, it is 2.5 ft (0.762). 

2. If you want more accurate results, select the second option. Depending on your height, the calculator will calculate your stride length. 

3. The third method gives you an exact number of steps in a mile, but you have to measure the stride length first. You can freely change the distance, height, and stride length units. 

Average Steps In A Mile

To illustrate how the step-to-mile calculator works, you have to figure out how many average steps are in a mile? To get better results, you have to set the unit of distance to “miles” and enter “1”. Then it will show you the number of steps that is “2,400” for females and for males it is “2,112”. The calculator uses the following formula to calculate steps to miles.

Distance / Stride Length = Steps 

As mentioned earlier, the average stride length for females is around 2.2 ft. The distance is one mile. To have the same unit set, convert it to feet.

1 mile = 5,280 feet

Now when you put this into the formula, you will get the results:

Steps = 5,280 ft / 2.2 ft

Steps = 2,400

How Many Steps Do Child Cover In One Mile?

A younger child will cover 3,200 approximate steps in one mile, and for an older child, the approximate steps could be 2,160. This data may vary significantly with different factors that are weight, height, or stride length of a child. 

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Ways To Determine Child Step In A Mile?

As diet contributes to child’s obesity, as well as activity of the child is the key factor to grow with a healthy weight. However, there are different ways to calculate your child’s steps to increase their physical activity. Here we discuss one of them. 

Use A Pedometer

Parents can increase the physical activity of their children using a pedometer. Using a pedometer can also encourage your child to improve their daily steps and physical activity. However, many brands like Fitbit make fitness trackers, and pedometers for kids easier to use and less expensive than the products made for adults. 

So steps will automatically count when the child walks, jumps, and runs, however, not while skateboarding and biking. There are many pedometers for apps specially designed for children and youth. These gadgets allow parents to set and monitor physical activity, set goals for children, and give their child reward for the activity. 

Do A Family Challenge – A Way To Increase Child Steps 

An easy way to increase the walking time of children is to walk together as a family. It is a free and healthy activity that abounds you together, so you all get more physical activity. Try to buy a pedometer for each family member, which will lead to healthy competition. In the first week, it will simply track the average steps. The second week will reward every person who boosts their daily steps by 2,000. 

Next week continues to reward those who increase their daily steps until they reach the goal of 10,000 for adults, and for children, it will be 12,000 steps. In addition, some research recommends 11,000 to 12,000 steps for girls, and it will be 13,000 to 15,000 for boys. Give them rewards when anyone reaches those significant goals.


You can find your steps covered in a mile by entering your height and number of steps in any step-to-mile converter app. On average, a person takes 2,000-2,500 steps to cover a mile, which can be estimated by the pace and height of a person. A child’s covered steps in a mile can vary from the adults. However, no one standard fits all when estimating your steps per mile. Someone who has a longer stride will eventually cover more distance with every step than a person who has a smaller stride. 

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