How Much Do Guys make on Only Fans?

How Much Do Guys make on Only Fans?

How Much Do Guys make on Only Fans?

Onlyfans have a large following, especially since the pandemic outbreak in 2019. People were in severe need of Money and were scrambling to find it. Onlyfans aided numerous content creators by providing a reliable source of cash. Many males wonder if they can make Money from only fans as a guy. This question is valid, as most of the content creators on Onlyfans are females.

When the epidemic hit, Onlyfans rose from the ashes. Despite its origins as a medium for celebrities to communicate with fans, the platform was quickly taken by Adult content makers.

Fortunately, Onlyfans is not just for girls; many male content makers make a respectable living on the platform.

Let’s look at the typical earnings on the forum. We can see that most male content creators earn between $80-$150 per month from subscriptions if they actively post content on their fan page.

Their low income is that they do not advertise themselves and do not consider developing a long-term brand because, on Onlyfans, you are selling yourself rather than things. You will learn “how to get money on Onlyfans as a guy” in this article.

How can you make money on Onlyfans?

Every man appreciates a second source of income. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for one, especially on the Onlyfans platform. Everyone on Onlyfans follows the same procedure for making Money. The steps to get started making money on Only Fans are as follows:

Create an account on

When you select “Add a bank,” you will be prompted to verify your identity before you can begin earning Money on Onlyfans.

Boom! You may now publish movies and photos to your Onlyfans page and charge your fans to subscribe.

Onlyfans creators’ money-making tips and tricks

Create two accounts on Onlyfans

Making two accounts on Onlyfans is a sneaky way to increase the number of subscribers to your main account. Here’s how you can use two versions of Onlyfans to your advantage. Create a paid subscription account to publish exclusive content and a free-to-view report. You can only upload regular content to drive traffic from your free account to your paid one.

If you’re an adult content maker, you can use a free-to-view account to tease your future videos and then urge your followers to subscribe to your paid channel to see the full videos. To get more followers to pay you for additional sizzling photographs and videos, upload enticing photos of your well-built body on your Onlyfans profile.

Direct Message Replies

The simplest way to start to make Money on Onlyfans, direct messages are the way to go. You can earn a fair sum with direct messages regardless of how big or small your following is. Many prominent male content creators have claimed that straightforward tips on direct messages account for a significant portion of their income. People enjoy conversing with the performance. Don’t be scared to reach out to your fans first by releasing a sexy photo or a message that they can’t ignore.

Upload photos to Reddit

Onlyfans content creators should use Reddit to promote their work. Post photographs on Reddit daily because the site caters to a po*nographic audience, particularly males. You should expect a 3–5% boost in your subscribers if you post on Reddit regularly.

Create stuff together on Onlyfans

It’s not easy to make Money on Onlyfans as a guy, but you can make a lot of money if you’re clever. Couples are in high demand on Onlyfans, and adult content fans adore watching live sexual acts between two people. As a couple, post content on Onlyfans and try to meet the audience’s needs for what they want to see. According to adult content developers, subscribers are more likely to tip couples who create p*rnographic content.

Collaborate with other performers to create content

If you’re having trouble attracting new subscribers, collaborate with other artists to create content. Contact the other performer and provide them with all pertinent information and terms. You should tag all of the people involved if they agree at all times, encouraging more participation and cross-promotion. Adult entertainment creators are increasingly using Onlyfans to collaborate with other performers.

Host a pool party with well-known models

Arranging a pool party with prominent models and p*rn stars is another ninja trick for getting extra Money on Onlyfans. Plan a pool party and double-check that all of your equipment, such as cameras, microphones, lights, and other equipment, is in working order. Create engaging content with famous models and p*rn stars to make the celebration magnificent. This style is gaining popularity by the day.

Is it difficult for a guy to make Money on Onlyfans?

No. Many male adult content artists earn thousands of dollars each month. But, if you ask me who makes the most money, I’d answer girls, couples, and then male content makers.

For instance, Onlyfans has a guy creator who earns over $20k each month by visiting other hotwives (wives who share their women with other men), taping them, and posting them to Onlyfans. He’s utilizing Reddit and Twitter as marketing tools to increase the number of subscribers to his Onlyfans page.

Using alternatives to Onlyfans

Several Onlyfans alternatives are emerging, especially after they banned adult content in August (a later reversed move), and I believe these platforms are fixing major issues like discoverability. Consider a platform where people may gain fans without advertising, and your only task is to create high-quality material. Friendly (a platform where you can make TikTok-style videos, launch a subscription company, and earn friends without doing anything) and Fanvue (an Instagram-like content distribution platform) are just two examples of firms solving challenges.

Key Takeaways

Because most Onlyfans content creators are girls and the majority of the platform’s subscribers are males, it is sometimes assumed that male content creators cannot generate Money on the forum. This is not the case. You may make a lot of Money on Onlyfans if you work hard and believe in being consistent.

You need to properly market yourself to your target demographic and produce information that your subscribers won’t discover anywhere else. Create review videos of other performers to earn extra money. You can also have your videos evaluated by other performers to help you gain more exposure. Always consider how you may make your subscribers feel special by responding to their direct messages, leading to more tips.