How Much Will a Family Lawyer Cost?

How Much Will a Family Lawyer Cost?

How Much Will a Family Lawyer Cost?

Any time you are engaged in a divorce situation, it is nearly impossible to predict exactly how much the process will cost. Some lawyers will work on a contingency rate in which they do not earn money until the case is completed. Other lawyers may charge hourly rates. Even still, there is no way to be certain of what your costs will amount to without discussing your particular situation with an attorney.

A natural assumption for many people is that more money will mean more services, but that is not always true. The truth of the matter is that the amount of money needed to retain a lawyer will vary from case to case. In general, an average attorney can provide some basic advice and assistance on a custody issue and then pass all court-related tasks back to you. Some lawyers may also be able to work on another level in which they offer their assistance at no charge for the first two weeks of your case.

What Is Family Law, and What Is a Family Law Attorney?

Generally, a family law attorney has training in handling divorce situations. They have an experienced practice in helping clients navigate through divorce and separation situations. During the course of the divorce process, a family law attorney will help you with all legal aspects of your situation, including child custody, child support, separation agreements and alimony issues. An attorney will work with you to negotiate an agreement that works for you and your spouse.

The amount of time you will be required to meet with a lawyer depends on how complicated your case is. Often, clients meet with attorneys several times over the course of their case. Many people also find themselves paying for multiple sessions that are not directly related to their case, as an attorney may require additional meetings in order to remain current on all legal information regarding the divorce process.

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How Much Will a Family Law Attorney Cost?

It is difficult to estimate how much you will need to pay for the services of a family law attorney. While some lawyers charge by the hour, others may work on a contingency basis in which they do not receive any payment if your case does not succeed.

If you are working with an hourly-based lawyer and he or she is working at their full abilities, it may be necessary for them or her to spend a significant amount of time on your case. This can quickly add up and cause you to pay a large amount of money. Some lawyers will also require additional charges in order to cover the costs of meeting with clients who are not local. Some lawyers will charge an entry fee in order to prepare the paperwork, while others may require a separate fee each time you meet with them.

How Long Do Family Disputes Generally Last?

There is no way to predict how long your dispute will last. However, in general, most family law cases are resolved in less than two years. Most people do not like to drag on a court case because it can be emotionally draining as well as financially expensive. Attorneys understand this and may offer clients a “quick” settlement in order to avoid an extensive court process. However, sometimes the process may take longer depending on whether the parties involved can come up with an agreement that they feel works for them.

Families will often face setbacks in their divorce situations on a regular basis. Sometimes, children need to be relocated for the sake of their health and well-being. Sometimes, one party will simply lose interest in the case and move on with his or her life. This might cause a significant setback in your case if you did not have time to take care of other steps that may have been pending while you were distracted by the divorce process.

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Do I Need an Attorney for Help with Family Law Issues?

In a majority of cases, one attorney will be enough to handle your divorce situation. However, in a minority of cases, it is more appropriate to have more than one family law attorney on board. If you are dealing with complicated issues such as child custody or child support, it will be almost impossible to achieve a fair outcome without multiple lawyers. In some cases, this is the only way to resolve the case without damaging your case or spending significant amounts of money that could otherwise be put toward raising children.


The costs associated with hiring a lawyer will vary from case to case. It is impossible to predict exactly how much you will need to pay. However, there are many things that you can do to keep your costs down. This may include working with a lawyer who will negotiate a lower hourly rate in exchange for a large upfront payment. It may also be necessary to find multiple lawyers in order to handle your case adequately. In some instances, the cost of hiring two lawyers could be significantly less than the price of hiring one lawyer who is not fully active in the case.