How old is Leorio x Kurapika in Hunter x Hunter (hxh)?

How old is Leorio

How old is Kurapika X Leorio?

Kurapika x Leorio were 16 and 18 going towards 17 and 19. They are just like Gon and Killua, who were 11 turning 12 at debut. Leorio Paradinight (19 years old) was the most senior of his friends and made his series debut as a young, spunky, comic, lanky man who aspires to be a successful doctor. He began his quest by taking the Hunter Exam. There he met Killua, Kurapika, and Gon.

Leorio passed Hunter Exam, continued his medical studies, and was a great source of support to those around him. He was 21 years old by the end of the series and had become a vital father figure for Gon.

Is it strange that Leorio, a 19-year-old boy, hangs out with two eleven-year-old boys simultaneously?

Leorio, who is 19 years old, has less mental maturity than Killua and Gon. We can see that Leorio is a difficult person to make friends with due to his temper tantrums and selfish view. That is evident in his attempt to beat an elderly lady with a stick before the Hunter exam because he didn’t like her question. Kurapika gets annoyed when someone speaks in a mature and fact-based manner.

Yes, it is strange. It is addressed in the 1999 anime. Leorio and Gon meet for the first time when this kid is bugging them. He doesn’t want to be bothered. A human trafficker then approaches Gon. Leorio intervened. That started a tit for the tat, which eventually led to friendship. One thing we learn about Leorio is that he has a strong sense of duty. He didn’t want to see a strange child kidnapped and sold into slavery.

The Hunter Exam is a deadly match. They were the youngest of the test takers. They were also forced to live in life-or-death situations early on. They were forced to face reality and had to be stripped of all pretenses. They were exposed for their true nature, strengths, and weaknesses. All were talented. They were all talented, regardless of their backgrounds or age.

They were able to see this when they visited Killua’s home. Zoldycks don’t look like any other person. They deal in death. Killua threatened Killua’s fat brother with harming them. Killua threatened Killua with his life if he ever injured one of his friends. Zoldyck will not usually pledge allegiance to anyone without any cost. They became a smooth-running machine during the Yorknew Arc. They gained their trust.

Leorio x Kurapika

What’s the Leorio x Kurapika relation?

Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon are his friends, but they also fill the role of an older brother that Gon is seeking. Kurapika can help him openly talk about Hisoka’s helplessness and his need to feel valued.

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Examinee #403 Leorio makes his debut on board. The ship goes from Whale Islands, Gon’s hometown, to a test site for the 287th Hunter Exam. Kurapika, Gon, and Leorio are the only candidates affected by the storm that erupted the night before. The Captain tells them he is an examiner. He then asks why they want to be Hunters. Kurapika explains that he wants the Phantom Troupe to be captured. Leorio, however, says that he is attracted to the material possessions of being a Hunter. They disagree with their differing opinions and end up fighting on the deck while another storm is raging. A crew member is knocked off the deck by a piece of wood taken from a yard as they prepare to start. Kurapika, Leorio, and Gon leap off the deck to capture him. They both apologized and made amends for the incident. The Captain sees that they are laughing and decides to take them to the nearest testing site Zaban City.

Following Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio, they head to a tree at the top of a mountain that Captain ordered them to. On their way, they meet an elderly lady who is also an examiner. She asks them a question that takes only 5 seconds to answer. They are all faced with a difficult question that they can’t respond to in time. Leorio gets annoyed and grabs a stick to attack her. Kurapika then blocks him from attacking Kurapika. She tells them to go to a forest house to find a couple who will act as their navigators if they are qualified. They find a man injured on the ground and a woman held captive by a Kiriko. As soon as the monster sees them, it flees. Kurapika and Gon tell Leorio to look after the husband and chase the beast, forcing it to give up on the wife. Kurapika then catches Kurapika and observes the strange tattoos on her face and hands. Leorio arrives and tells Kurapika that there’s nothing to worry about.

Kurapika suddenly hits Leorio with his wooden sword. This Leorio turns out to be a Kiriko disguised. The monster flees, and Gon asks his wife who she is. She replies with a strange smile. Gon, however, can distinguish two identical-looking Kirikos, which is quite surprising. The Kirikos, along with their husband and wife, are their sons and daughters. They then tell the trio how they qualified for the next test: Krupika for his vast knowledge, Leorio for his medical skills and confidence, and Gon for his exceptional movement and observation.

Everything you need to know regarding Leorio

Leorio Paradinight, a Rookie Hunter, is a member of the Zodiacs under the codename “Boar.” He is currently a medical student to become a doctor.

Leorio is tall and muscular, with dark brown eyes and short, spiked hair. Leorio usually wears a dark blue business suit, black shoes, and a pair of tea shade sunglasses. Killua, one of the characters at the beginning, mistakenly thinks Leorio is an older man. However, he was a teenager when he started the series.

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Leorio is first presented as a selfish narcissist who puts great importance on material wealth. Kurapika eventually learns from Leorio that he doesn’t only want money. He also reveals that his dream is to become a doctor to help the sick. He believes all things (lives and dreams) can be bought. He believes that all items in the world (lives, goals, etc.) can be purchased and that he will have enough money to become a Hunter to fund his medical education. His first fight with Kurapika and the test on his way to the navigator’s cabin show that he is sensitive to those who don’t take him seriously or treat them with disrespect. His true priorities are his friends, his dream to become a great physician, and everything else afterward.

Leorio doesn’t hesitate to fight when confronted with the overwhelming odds of battle. He is a loyal and trustworthy ally who values friendship and acts like the “big brother” of the group. Killua often finds humor in him. He sometimes mocks his older age, but he claims that his appearance is still a teenager. His impulsive, brash nature sometimes causes more trouble for those around him. He is also known for his ability to “straight-talk” through many situations. Because they spend the most time together, it could be said that Kurapika is his closest friend in the group.

At the end of Yorknew City’s arc, Melody claims that he has the “best heartbeat in the City.” He says that it is warm and gentle and would make a better doctor than Hunter.


Leorio lost a friend to a severe illness. Leorio is deeply sorry that he was unable to save his friend. The sickness was utterly curable, but it required a costly surgery that he couldn’t afford. He aspires, therefore, to be a doctor, one who can not only treat the sick but also works pro bono for those who are unable to afford it. His external motivation to join Hunter Exams to pursue great wealth is now nobler. The money he makes pays for his medical school tuition and helps pay for miscellaneous expenses when treating people who cannot afford it.

Abilities and Powers

Leorio is a Zodiac member, and his authority surpasses most Hunters. Ging’s actions are partly responsible for Leorio’s popularity, but Leorio’s charm won over many Hunters, and he was elected the 13th Chairman. He was also selected to be a Staff Advisor due to his popularity. While he was deemed competent enough to join the dangerous expedition to Dark Continent’s Dark Continent Expedition, Leorio’s fighting skills are not known. He was able to survive one of Hisoka’s cards during the Hunter Exam. However, he was still hurt, and Netero declared that his combat prowess was superior to Bodoro’s. Hisoka was impressed enough to allow him to “mature.” Leorio is not a very observant person, but his temper can cause him to act rashly.

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Preternatural Perception: Leorio learned Nen and was able to sense the power of Kurapika and the tension between Machi, Nobunaga, and Machi. However, he was not able to detect Nanika’s aura.

Enhanced Strength: Leorio, who weighed 8 tons, was able to open the Testing Gate’s 2nd door. Gon and Kurapika couldn’t open the 1st. It made him the most physically strong of the three when they visited Kukuroo Mountain. He broke the arm of a large man in Yorknew City while arm wrestling with the table below. It happened quickly and without effort. He could also throw a knife and stab it into a pillar with sufficient force.

Advanced Speed and Reflexes: Leorio was able to escape a sneak attack by Sommy. However, he wasn’t as fast as Tonpa. Hisoka’s card was thrown to him, and he sustained an injury. That shows that he has better reactions than average, even among the 287th Hunter Exam applicants, many victims of similar attacks.

Advanced Agility: Leorio was able to pass the modified Second Phase of Hunter Exam.

Advanced stamina: Leorio was eventually knocked out by Hisoka and was carried by Hisoka. He quickly healed from injuries and showed no signs of fatigue or pain after he took Hisoka’s punch. However, he could still run more than 80km on different terrains during Phase One of the Hunter Exam. He persevered through the entire test and was able to do it with sheer determination.

Weapon Specialist: Leorio prefers a knife to his primary weapon, but he has never been seen using it. He has demonstrated enough skill to throw the knife at a target in darkness and cause it to penetrate a pillar.

Medical Knowledge: Leorio is a medical expert, thanks to his education. Leorio’s first aid skills were the best he’d ever seen, according to Kiriko’s son. Majtani’s unconsciousness was easily detected by him examining his pupil.

Skilled Haggler: Leorio is a skilled haggler, and that talent once won him the applause of onlookers.


Leorio is an Emitter. He was unable to use Ten because he had delayed his training to apply to university. He may have learned Zetsu by accident, as he was able to catch Kurapika. However, Leorio’s ability to use Nen’s abilities, at the least one, improved significantly during the 13th Chairman election. Ging believes he may also have another Nen ability, which earned him the title of one of the best Nen users worldwide. Ging believes that Leorio’s Nen abilities were heavily influenced in part by his medical studies.