How Old Is Naruto In Season 1?

How Old Is Naruto In Season 1?

How Old Is Naruto In Season 1?

Naruto Uzumaki was a 12-year-old Ninja from The Hidden Leaf Village under harsh criticism from the villager for having destroyed an honorary monument for the 4 Hokage leaders due to the need to be acknowledged.

The story of this season tells of a young orphan who dreams of leading his community that is Konoha, by becoming the Hokage. He is enrolled at the Konoha’s Ninja Academy, where he receives guidance from his teacher and father figure surrogate, Iruka Umino, to prepare for a career as a shinobi dedicated to protecting his family.

He graduated from Konoha’s Ninja Academy at the age of 12 and, together with Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, he joined the Team 7. Most season 1 is dedicated to training alongside Team 7 on various missions to achieve an upper rank in the ninja ranks. Unfortunately, one year passed over the season, giving Naruto 13 when it ended.

How Old Was Naruto When He Became Hokage?

Naruto’s age at the time of becoming Hokage Hokage is thought to be around 31 years old. He was determined to become the most powerful Hokage at the beginning of the series. And even though he was young when he was made Hokage Hokage, it was late in the tale. After having fought at the time of the Fourth Great Ninja War at 17 years old, he married Hinata just a few years later in the year 191 and was his father to Boruto and Himawari. After his birth, Himawari and Boruto became famous as Konohagakure seventh Hokage.

Naruto’s age at the time when the time he was made a Hokage wasn’t explicit. It’s believed that he was aged 31 old at the time he was made Hokage, following the fact that Kakashi held the post for 13 years.

The village’s most effective and efficient Shinobi gets the honorific name of Kage. A Kage oversees the village and is responsible for its security, maintaining the peace, and, most importantly, treating everyone like a family member. Our protagonist became among the youngest Kages in the series when they made him his own Kage of the secret leaf village.

How Old Is Naruto At The Beginning Of Shippuden?

At the start of the first episode of Naruto: Shippuden, The protagonist is just 15. This is because despite the 220 anime episodes comprising the initial “Naruto” series, Naruto does not get older by a year and was only 13 years old by the conclusion of the first series of “Naruto.”

If the show is to make an appearance in the form of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto Uzumaki will be 15. At the time, Naruto had become a proficient ninja and had defeated numerous tough opponents when he was just an early adolescent. Therefore, in his time in Shippuden, Naruto’s age ranges between 15 to 17 years old.

How Old Is Naruto In Shippuden?

The Naruto Epic ninja manga by Masashi Kishimoto was first published in 1999. It contains 772 volumes, 700 chapters, and fifteen years. The original Naruto series is inspired by the first half of Kishimoto’s manga. The series chronicles the main character’s adventures and the main protagonist, an orphaned teenager who dreams of leading his community of Konoha by becoming the Hokage.

Studio Pierrot’s adaptation of Shippuden The Second chapter of Kishimoto’s manga. It is set two and a quarter years after the events of the first manga, following a time gap within the comic. In Shippuden, the now 15-year-old protagonist is back in Konoha Village after traveling and receiving additional instruction from his instructor Jiraiya throughout the period between the two manga.

Nagato is often referred to as the pain character and serves as the principal antagonist in a major storyline in the Shippuden series. In this episode, Naruto is noted to be just 16 years old. The fourth great ninja war, often referred to as the fourth world war of the Shinobi, is an arc that is among the top story-important plot arcs of the entire series. It ends with the protagonist turning 17. the events in Shippuden run for two years and conclude as our protagonist enters adulthood.

While Shippuden was the final chapter of Naruto’s story as the primary character, his story was carried on with the continuation story Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which follows his son Boruto Uzumaki in his quest for Ninja training in the same manner as his dad.

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The episodes in the Boruto series are set around 15 years following the events of Shippuden. This implies that Naruto is around 32 years old in Boruto and has already fulfilled his goal of becoming the Hokage in Konoha Village during the interval between the two anime series.

How Old Is Naruto At The End Of Shippuden?

Naruto is 17 years old by the conclusion of Naruto Shippuden. Naruto was 17 when Shippuden ended. Fourth Great Ninja War which ended on October 10, was the day that marked the conclusion of Shippuden and also coincided with the birthday of Naruto. Naruto reached 17 on the final day of the war. Battled with Sasuke. Thus, he celebrated his birthday fighting.

How Old Was Naruto When He Got Married?

Naruto was just 19 when he married Hinata. The wedding was held in episode 500, titled “Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding,” which was the final episode of Shippuden and the anime’s final episode. Naruto established his family along with Hinata in the year following the war.

How Old Was Naruto Uzumaki In Naruto And Shippuden?

The story that started on the very first page of “Naruto” in its original comic book format, originally released by Japan in 1999, is still ongoing with “Boruto.” “The “Naruto” sequel centers around the son of the long-running main character Naruto. Before the first season of “Boruto” premiered, “Naruto” itself had been running for a while and was quite long. The adaptation of anime to “Naruto” first aired for 220 episodes before leaping ahead in time and then adding the title “Shippuden,” after which the series ran for another 500 episodes. “Boruto,” the “Boruto” anime, is the directly based continuation of the story with 720 episode length and even contained a few films filmed canonically in the series.

With the current situation in the “Naruto” franchise, switching its focus to a brand new character completely, it could be easy to lose sight of certain aspects of the show’s extensive history and instead just pay attention to the current storylines that are being told in the newest chapters or episodes in “Boruto.” Unfortunately, this means that Naruto could appear to be an old-fashioned dad to many current “Boruto” fans.

Of course, during those 720 episodes that lead to the episode “Boruto,” Naruto went through his own hero’s multifaceted journey that began as a young boy and continued through his teens.

Naruto Develops Before His Fans’ Eyes

When the series premieres “Naruto,” its titular Naruto is only 12 years young. Although this might seem youthful, particularly when compared with the adult Naruto who is now a regular character on the show “Boruto,” the series can treat Naruto appropriately for his age during the beginning years. In actuality in the very first chapter of “Naruto,” though he wants to eventually become his Konohagakure Hokage, Naruto is far more likely to be involved in mundane trouble than he appears to be engaged in his ninja study.

While the period included in the original “Naruto” series comprises 220 episodes of anime, Naruto is only one year old throughout the period, ending the first season in “Naruto” at 13 years old.

The series will return in the form of “Naruto: Shippuden,” Naruto is a teenager who has reached 15. At that time, Naruto is a capable Ninja, having defeated his fair share of formidable opponents in his early teens. In “Shippuden,” Naruto grows from 15 to 17. “Shippuden,” then, concludes just before Naruto becomes a legally adult if this distinction exists in the ninja world in “Naruto.” As Naruto, the main character of “Naruto” and “Shippuden,” Naruto is never an infant. In the adult version of “Boruto,” Naruto is marginalized in favor of a new, young protagonist, keeping the series’s focus on youth while retaining Naruto’s ongoing character development.


Gai is a remarkable character. Gai is an elite Jounin who can use an attack with fire during an argument. It is a truly amazing feat and is rarely seen in anime.

There are many characters within Naruto; there are many characters. Naruto, the series Gai one of the more notable. Gai’s ability to master the Ninjutsu technique is very difficult to achieve. This is why some have called it Jinchuriki. Jinchuriki.

But Gai is not an actual jachinkuriki. Instead, he’s the normal Ninja. In reality, he’s more like Kakashi’s age than his other cohorts.

Gai’s appearance in the series is among the most memorable aspects of the show. He has beautiful eyebrows, and his haircut is similar to Lee’s. Both wear headbands that match too.

Alongside the eyebrows, Gai has also proved to be a skilled Ninja. For example, he is a kicker who is powerful enough to eliminate Madara in the Godly state.

He’s the most elite of ninjas due to his other abilities. However, his ability to master Ninjutsu has proven among the best in the series.

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One of the most intriguing characters in Naruto manga Naruto includes Yagura. Yagura is the grandchild of Mizukage, the original Mizukage. His father’s name is an amalgamation with the Hawaiian word meaning tower. Although he is formal, the man is an extremely strong person. In reality, he’s possibly one of the most popular Shinobi in Japan.

Although we do not know the exact age of his body, we know that the man is between 25 and 26. The year is when the first time he appears in Konoha. However, it’s not clear when he will die.

He is a powerful Shinobi who has a strong defensive aspect. He can use the summoning Technique and Ninjutsu techniques. In his early years, he learned to master Three-Tails. Then, he took complete control of the Bijuu. In his time as Mizukage, the village became an area of defections from Kiri. A number of these jinchuriki had been locked in a tailed form. They are said to transform into to be traitors.

Yagura was a participant in an infamous ceremony held in his home village. Afterward, he was revived through Kabuto Yakushi. He was transformed into a powerful Shinobi with eyes with no pupils.


Tsunade is the Fifth Hokage of Konohagakure. She is a skilled medical nin who has massive chakra supplies. Taijutsu she has is considered to be the best. Because of her expertise in medical Ninjutsu, she can heal severe injuries. In addition, because she is a highly skilled martial artist, she can inflict serious injuries.

She also excels in barrier Ninjutsu. In the air, she can strike from various angles. In addition, she has the ability to create a powerful sleeping potion that is colorless.

In the very first episode of Naruto season 1. The principal supporting character in this story is Tsunade. The voice actor for the character is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn.

Tsunade is the child of the clan Uzumaki. She is a keen observer and analytical Ninja who has the strength of a god. The strength comes from her ability to manage her energy. Her massive chakra reserves further strengthen this.

At the age of a child, she was an apprentice for Ningame. As she grew older, she gained more skills and powerful strategies. At some point, she was able to overcome Tenten.


In Naruto Season 1, Nawaki was 12 when he appeared in the first season of Naruto. Tsunade offers him the gift of a necklace on his birthday. He later dies from an attack. The story goes that he may have been part of the Orochimaru company. However, the manga does not mention this.

Nawaki’s age as of the date of his death is not known. However, he is believed to be the reincarnation of an old man who suffered from chronic disease. His parents are members of the Hoki clan member and are a part of the Uzumaki clan. The Uzumakis are considered to be the clan that was Nagato’s parents. They also assisted Tobirama in creating Edo Tensei.

The Uzumaki clan was believed to be involved in the Fourth Shinobi War. Along with being a component of Kankuro’s Commando Unit, they are involved in the assault on Kiri. Additionally, they detained Kyuubi. Kyuubi’s power is the EMS principal’s power source.

The age of Tsunade isn’t known. However, she was 16-18 when she was seen in manga. The manga’s protagonist appears dressed in pigtails while standing before Nawaki’s grave. But, she appears older when she gets to meet Dan.

Nawaki’s family includes two sisters. His maternal grandmother, Hanaku Senju, is a Hoki Clan member, while his grandfather, Mito Uzumaki, has been Jinchuriki.


Iruka is among the most famous characters from The Naruto series. The shadow is the version of Naruto and has an important role in protecting the boy. Here are some of her key facts.

Three main characters are featured in Naruto. The Naruto trilogy has three main characters: Naruto, Hinata, and Iruka. They are all different in age. But they’re all alike in a few ways. The smallest of them is nearly five years older than the older one.

The gap in age between Naruto and the other Kage isn’t as severe as that between Sasuke and Itachi. Kakashi is considered the youngest Kage to attain the rank of Hokage. Kakashi was also the youngest person to attain this rank.

Shikamaru Ninja Shikamaru, featured in the Naruto film, is two years older than Naruto. However, Naruto’s age appears to be the same. Hiashi was also 19 when he appeared in the Naruto film.

Although Iruka is older compared to Kakashi and the three other ninjas, she’s still quite an age difference from the other ninjas. Her birthday falls on October 10, meaning she’s about twelve years old by the story’s start.


In the very first episode of the Naruto anime series, Kabuto is a child. But that may not be the reality. His age has been discussed previously. Here is some information to take into consideration.

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In the animated series, Kabuto is seen around 14 years old. This is in line with the description of Orochimaru of the child from Chapter 584. He was also present at around twenty-one in the manga.

Another method to determine your age would be to measure him against other characters. For example, gai, along with Kakashi, is two years younger than him. So while it’s unlikely Gai is much older than his colleagues, it could be the case.

Shisui is the genin at the time they meet. He is a ninja who has an unrelated caliber to Itachi. However, they have a lot in common. Their ages are determined by their size and age.

Sasuke is just a little older than Itachi. So the difference isn’t as significant compared to Itachi and Shisui.

Naruto is just two years older than Sasuke. However, he’s still in the process of completing his journey when the second series of anime begins. He is also at least a year older than Neji.


If you’ve watched the cartoon, you’ve heard about his character Shisui. So what exactly is he doing to get there? The character’s name isn’t mentioned in the premiere episode, but his appearance is at the end of the series’ third and sixth episodes.

He was an Iwagakure-based former ninja and was recruited by an armed terrorist. His mouth is brimming with chakra, and he can also make sculptures and bombs animate.

But he’s also part of the Akatsuki, which is a criminal group. He is famous for his hilarious hatred of Uchiha and has an unresolved grudge against Uchiha. Additionally, he has been taught the Akimichi fighting style of the clan, which is similar to his father’s.

Shisui’s age is determined based on his size relative to Itachi because he’s less than Itachi on the screen in the animated series. His age is between 8 to 9 years old, which is what he’s listed as during The Third Shinobi War.

Even though he was an adolescent then, he had already joined the ninja school in Konoha. At this time, he was three years younger than the other students.


In the initial episode of the Naruto anime, Naruto is between 12 and 13 years old. Naruto is also the main character of the series and is born within The Hidden Leaf Village. He is two months more advanced than his fellow characters despite being older.

Despite his height being over six feet tall, the age of Hashirama isn’t officially verified by official sources. However, some rumors suggest he was about 80 at the time of his death. There is also a rumor that his birthday falls on October 23, and Wood Style was his creation. Wood Style.

Furthermore, he’s the tallest of Shinobi characters. According to his statistics, the figure is more than six feet and 1 inch. So if he is accurate, his height is more than enough to remove Madara.

Among the other principal protagonists, Gaara and Sakura are the only two characters considered older than Naruto. Gaara is believed to be around 12 or 13, while Sakura is about 16.

There are not many details about Sakura’s age; however, her appearance in”The Blood Mist “The Blood Mist” indicates that she’s between 16 and 18 years old. Her appearance is perhaps the most notable since she transforms into a medical-nin and then develops into the most proficient medical-nin within Hidden Leaf Village. Hidden Leaf Village.


Who is Naruto Uzumaki?

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the Naruto anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is a young ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village and the host of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

What is Season 1 of Naruto?

Season 1 of Naruto refers to the first part of the original Naruto anime series, which covers episodes 1 through 32.

How old is Naruto in Season 1 of Naruto?

Naruto is 12 years old in Season 1 of Naruto, which covers his early days as a ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village.

What is the plot of Season 1 of Naruto?

Season 1 of Naruto follows Naruto as he trains to become a ninja, makes friends with his fellow ninja-in-training, and goes on various missions to protect the Hidden Leaf Village.

What are some of the major events in Season 1 of Naruto?

Some of the major events in Season 1 of Naruto include Naruto’s graduation from the Ninja Academy, his formation of Team 7 with Sasuke and Sakura, and his battles against various opponents such as Zabuza and Haku.

How does Season 1 of Naruto set up the rest of the series?

Season 1 of Naruto sets up the rest of the series by introducing the main characters and establishing the world of the Hidden Leaf Village. It also introduces various themes and motifs that will continue throughout the series, such as the importance of friendship and teamwork, the consequences of revenge, and the power of determination.