How old was Mary when she had Jesus? Bible Facts

How old was mary when she had Jesus?

How old was Mary at the time she had Jesus?

It is believed that the Virgin Mary was most likely a teen when she had her baby Jesus Christ. The Bible does not set the minimum age for marriage. The only condition of the women has reached the age of puberty (Ezekiel 16:16)

How old was the Virgin Mary?

Based on the practices for marriage at the time, the couple was probably in the 13-14 age range. The age of Mary and Joseph during the time that Jesus was born drew an uproar in November 2017. After that, Republican Alabama State Auditor Jim Ziegler defended the Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. He was accused of having an affair with a girl who was 14 years old at just thirty-two. Ziegler stated:

“…take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager, and Joseph was a professional carpenter. They were parents to Jesus. It’s not illegal or immoral in this. Perhaps a bit strange.”

Ziegler stated that this fact is enough to exonerate Roy Moore from all blame for his apparent sexual ephebophilia. That is, of course, absurd. The claims made by Ziegler claims here were accurate. It is not a reason for men in their thirties to engage in sexual relationships with 14-year-olds. Today, we live in a different culture from that in Galilee during the first century BC. Regardless of people’s opinions two thousand years ago, we believe that in our culture, it is not acceptable for a man who is in his thirty-something years to engage in sexual relations with a teenager.

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If we take off the entire issue of the guilt of Roy Moore, we have to consider, “Is Ziegler correct about Mary’s age when she gave birth to Jesus?” Do we know if Mary was a teenager when the baby was born to Jesus? In reality, we aren’t sure.

It is difficult to answer this question, ‘How old was Mary when she had Jesus’?

There are a variety of aspects that keep us from giving a clear solution to the question. First of all, the gospels state that there is nothing to say about the ages of Mary or Joseph. It was during the time Jesus was born or in the present time. If you look through the entire New Testament, you will not see a single mention regarding Mary and Joseph’s age.

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The birth narratives within both the Gospel of Matthew 1:18-2:23 and the Gospel of Luke 2:1-40 are inconsistent and unproven. Thus, modern historians typically consider these stories fiction created by the gospel writers or their sources. That means that the gospels’ account of the birth story of Jesus isn’t reliable.

How old was mary when she had Jesus

It is likely to be that the mother of Jesus was Mary. According to the Gospel of Mark, the oldest and most reliable of the gospels, Chapter 6 mentions in 3, verse 3, that Jesus’s mother’s name is Mary. In the same chapter, it is also mentioned that Jesus was a tekton, i.e., a carpenter or a craftsman. Jesus had four brothers with names like James, Joses, Judas and Simon, and two sisters. The names aren’t mentioned.

There is no evidence to question the integrity of this information, particularly as Jesus’s brothers are identified through Paul within his epistles that predate the gospels. James is one of the brothers of Jesus as per Jewish scholar Titus Flavius Josephus (lived c. 37-c. 100 AD) in his Antiquities of the Jews 20.9.1.

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Was Jesus the oldest child of Mary’s kids?

It is believed from the account that Jesus was the oldest of his siblings. However, the story of the baby’s birth was likely invented by the early Christians. It was an attempt to complete the mistranslation of a prophecy found within the Book of Isaiah 7:14.

 It is believed that the original Hebrew text of this verse states that an unborn woman is having a child and will give birth to one son. The Greek Septuagint However, the Hebrew word almah (‘almah) that means “young woman” is incorrectly translated into”young lady.” And is misinterpreted as the Greek phrase Parthenos (Parthenos), which could be translated as “young woman.” Still, typically, it means “virgin.” The prophecy in Isaiah 7:14 does not speak related to the Messiah, but instead concerning the birth of Hezekiah, the King.

At the beginning of the century AD, many people believed that the prophecy concerned the Messiah. That resulted in many early Christians studying the Greek Septuagint to believe that the Messiah was to be born of an unmarried woman. Because Christians believed that Jesus was the Messiah, he was born to an unmarried woman. The legend of the virgin’s birth developed from there.

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However, it’s probable to be the case that Jesus was the oldest child within his family. The passage in Mark 6:3 gave it, suggests that Jesus’s siblings were living at their home. With their mom at the time that Jesus started his ministry, if this is true (and it’s a huge If), then it might at the very least indicate that Jesus was among the elder siblings.

The date of marriage for young women in the first century of Judaism

Suppose the possibility that Jesus was Mary’s firstborn child. In that case, Mary might likely have been in her mid-to-late teenage years when she delivered Jesus. Women from the antiquated Mediterranean culture typically married during their mid-teenage years following puberty. They typically are married between the ages of 14 and 17. The males are, however, usually get got married around the age of 30. That means that the groom is typically at least two times the bride’s age, and occasionally even more so.

In Jewish tradition in early in the century BC, women typically married around the same time as women across the ancient Mediterranean globe (i.e. at the mid-teenage years). Jewish males, however, married earlier than those of their Greek and Roman peers. The Greek philosopher Aristotle (lived 384-322 BC) states in his Politics 1335a about marriage ages. 18 is the best age for weddings, and those thirty-seven years are the perfect age to be the groom; Jewish rabbis. However, it was believed to have considered eighteen the perfect age for a Jewish man to marry.

How old was the Virgin Mary

If we believe that Jesus was Mary’s firstborn and the mother of her first child, she would be between 14 to 20 years of age when she delivered Jesus. Jesus’s father was probably not more than his mother. It’s feasible that Mary was still a teenager, and Jesus’s father was a man in his early thirties. The likelihood is they were both around being the same age.

There is a belief that Joseph was an old widow. His “brothers” and “sisters” of Jesus mentioned in the gospels were Joseph’s children from his previous wife. However, the tradition is without foundation in the gospels or other early Christian writings and was merely created in late antiquity. It supports the Catholic belief that Mary was a perpetual virgin and never had children following Jesus. The most logical hypothesis is that “brothers” and “sisters” of Jesus mentioned in the gospels were Jesus’ full siblings.

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In the Bible, What was the age of Joseph when he was married to Mary?

The Bible does not specify the age at which Joseph was when he got married to Mary. The belief is that Joseph was already quite old. It was developed later to serve as a way to explain that there were Jesus brothers and sisters while also claiming perpetual virginity for Mary. Suppose Joseph was older enough to be married before, as the legend goes. In that case, the brothers and sisters could have been through a marriage previously. If he were incredibly old, he should not have any issues giving Mary to remain a virgin.

 Though uncertain about their authenticity, both stories feature Joseph and Mary travelling with the infant Jesus, and there are no other children. That is a sign against having any children older than them and also the fact that James is not any older than Paul in his epistles. Furthermore, only a wealthy person who was that old would be married to an infant girl. Yet, Joseph is depicted as a poor carpenter from the village.

How old was Mary when she had Jesus, according to the Bible?

The Bible does not answer. The Bible doesn’t provide any specific date for the age at which Mary was when the baby was born to Jesus. There are no documents from the past which states what age Mary in the time Jesus came into the world. However, we can base our assumptions on what Jewish practices were in the day and time. Mary Was Most Likely Between The Ages 12-16 Years Old According To Scholars

The majority of images we see today of Mary holding the infant Jesus show her to be an untried young woman likely to be in her 20’s. Most historians and scholars believe that they were most likely between 12 and 16 when she was blessed with Jesus. It might seem like an insignificant age to us. However, according to Jewish practices, it was not uncommon for females to get betrothed (engaged) to men at a young age, sometimes at 12 years old. There is no age for Mary within the Bible, but it does mention that Mary was virgin and was engaged to a man called Joseph. (Luke 1:27) When Jesus arrived, Mary was a greatly blessed and highly loved maternal figure (Luke 1:28).

In reality, knowing the age of Mary was isn’t as important as knowing the baby was born to her! Merry Christmas