How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph?


How Old Was Mary When She Married Joseph?

Mary was a young girl when she met Joseph. The angel Gabriel spoke to her and changed her life. Joseph, a widower, was generous and caring. He chose a carpenter’s home for Mary. This is a beautiful story, and we can learn a lot from it.

Joseph was an elderly widower.

The Bible did not say when St. Joseph was married or how old he was; it is unclear why St. Joseph was so old when Mary married him. We are told that Joseph was a carpenter who lived in Egypt in the 6th or 7th centuries. However, his story has many variations, and the Bible doesn’t even say how old he was when he married Mary.

According to the gospels, the father of Jesus and the husband of Mary is Joseph. He first appears in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, which date from around 80-90 AD. In Matthew and Luke’s genealogy, Joseph is descended from King David, and his son Nathan was the son of David and Bathsheba. There are no other children between Joseph and Mary.

The Bible says that Mary was a virgin when the angel Gabriel appeared to her. The angel told Mary that she would become the Mother of God, and Joseph chose her as his wife. Nevertheless, the date and timing of the marriage are difficult to determine, and masters of exegesis have always been at odds over the date. Despite this, most modern commentators have followed St. Thomas and understood that the Blessed Virgin was only betrothed to Joseph at the Annunciation.

Gabriel’s message changed young Mary

The birth of Jesus changed the world, but there is a story behind it that begins long before the baby was born. It all began when the angel Gabriel told Joseph about the child. As the angel spoke to Joseph, God revealed to him that he would be the father of the future Messiah. The angel then told him that Mary was to become his wife. This change was tremendous for Joseph, who was already bound by the law.

Gabriel was God’s chief messenger angel and only appeared to people with important Bible roles. This is why his first words to Mary are so significant. Gabriel tells her that she is ‘highly favored,’ which means that God’s holy grace is upon her. Though Mary would have been scared, Gabriel told her to be calm.

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After Mary and Joseph got married, Gabriel told them to give birth to a baby. The child would be called the Messiah and would rule the earth. He will also answer prophecies in the Old Testament.

Joseph’s choice of a carpenter’s home

It is remarkable to consider that when Mary was first married, Joseph chose a carpenter’s home for her. In his view, this was an honorable profession, though not one that entailed riches. In his hometown of Nazareth, Joseph would have likely worked on repairing buildings and building agricultural implements. Yet, even though he was an ordinary carpenter, he was chosen by God for this important role.

In the Bible, the family of Jesus and Mary includes several carpenters. It is not known how many. However, it is known that the carpenter Joseph married was the first to have a son. According to Matthew and Mark, Jesus was the son of a carpenter.

As a husband, Joseph had to consider his wife’s needs first. Although Mary was pregnant, he chose not to have sexual intercourse with her while she was pregnant. He also wanted to preserve his reputation. It was very likely that his reputation would be damaged if he married an adulteress. Fortunately for him, he was honorable and did not compromise it.

The angels appeared to Joseph several more times, and Mary trusted him the next time they met. After the angel’s appearance, the two of them completed the long journey to Bethlehem, where they had Jesus circumcised, as the law required. Mary also offered a sacrifice of purification at the Temple. Once they returned to Bethlehem, Joseph and Mary settled down in their new home.

Joseph’s generosity

Mary and Joseph were betrothed in the Holy Book Bible before they lived together. During this time, they lived in separate homes and abstained from sexual relations. Though they were married in the end, it is unknown how old Mary was at the time. Traditionally, a couple should not cohabitate until they have been betrothed for a year. This moral rule remains true even today.

Joseph and Mary had a good relationship. Both were full of grace and love for one another. Joseph had a strong desire to please God. Mary was an ideal match for him. Their relationship was based on the values of forgiveness, faith, kindness, and humility. Although they married at a young age, Jewish customs considered it acceptable for them to get married when they were at least in their late teens.

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When Joseph and Mary first got engaged, they were engaged to be married. Joseph intended to separate Mary and give her a divorce privately. Still, an angel of the Lord came to Joseph and told him to take Mary home and name the child Jesus, who would save people from sin.

Joseph’s divorcing Mary would have saved her life.

According to Jewish tradition, St. Joseph would have stoned Mary to death if he had divorced her. But, thankfully, he didn’t. After all, the angel had told him the child was the Son of God, conceived through the Holy Spirit.

Some people have argued that St. Joseph was a saint for doing what was right for him and Mary. While this is a noble idea, the Catholic tradition teaches another story. Many Catholic exegetes believe that Joseph was troubled by Mary’s pregnancy and that he had a dream from an angel. Alternatively, some believe that he was a good man who acted out of humility and followed God’s plan.

It is possible that Joseph had the chance to spare Mary’s life during the first Christmas if he had divorced her sooner. However, the angel told him not to make the announcement public. Instead, he quietly divorced Mary. The angel told him not to fear Mary’s pregnancy in a dream since the Holy Spirit was in her.

While the traditional understanding is the best, some people believe that the marriage between Joseph and Mary was unconventional. After all, Mary would have known how to bear a child. In fact, St. Augustine wrote that the answer to this question indicates that the marriage was unusual.

Joseph’s generosity to a virgin

Mary was over the age of puberty and legally allowed to become pregnant. As a result, she was of legal age for marriage. According to the Bible, she was about eighteen when she married Joseph. However, the exact age of Mary and Joseph is not known. Many sources disagree. Some believe that Joseph was around 20 years old.

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Mary’s marriage to Joseph was secret. Joseph had planned to divorce Mary before she became pregnant, but an angel visited him in a dream. He was told that Mary was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and that she would bear a son. This son would be called Jesus, and he would save the world from sin.

Before they lived together, Mary and Joseph were betrothed. This Jewish tradition lasts about a year. During this period, a couple lives apart from one another, abstaining from sexual relations. This practice continues today. This marriage demonstrates Joseph and Mary’s desire to please God.

The angel said that the child would be named Jesus and would save the world from sins. Joseph waited until Mary gave birth to the child to be named Jesus. Mary was eighteen years old when she married Joseph. She was seven months pregnant with her baby. Joseph had no idea she was pregnant before the wedding. But in his dreams, an angel from God appeared to him.

Joseph’s generosity to an unwed mother

Many biblical examples of people who have shown courage and generosity, including St. Joseph. He was the earthly father of Jesus and the spouse of the Blessed Virgin. Today, Saint Joseph is considered the patron saint of workers, fathers, immigrants, and the Universal Church. He is also revered as the patron saint of the home and the poor. Many people pray to Saint Joseph for help selling a home, helping a poor person, or helping a new father. His intercession is especially powerful and effective.

Unlike most men, St. Joseph lived a very contemplative life. The Gospels mention what he did and say nothing about his thoughts, but his actions and words show a spirit of deep contemplation. God would not have entrusted Himself to a human who did not practice holiness and live in the law. He was a holy man, seeking the face of God.

This generosity exemplified God’s vision and revealed the divine initiative. No one questioned St. Joseph’s decision to raise someone else’s child, and he did not ask his wife’s consent to raise an unborn child. His sacrifice was the foundation for the home that Jesus and Mary would later share. While he may not have been the father of Jesus, his sacrifices for the sake of God were a treasure of divine initiative.