How to Battle another trainer in Great League in Pokémon Go

How to battle another trainer in Great League in Pokemon Go

How to battle another trainer in Great League in Pokémon Go

Great League is Pokémon GO’s entry-level combat league, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate. These bouts will prepare you for higher-ranked adversaries in another league, and they are sometimes included in Special Research goals, such as this year’s A Seven-Colored Shadow job. Here, we’ll go through the many methods you may go out and battle your favorite Pokémon against other Grand League trainers.

First, you’ll need to collect a good squad, and this tier has the constraint of no Pokémon with more than 1500 CP. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered, so before you start opposing antagonists, take a look at this Great League Pokémon-rated list.

Begin a Battle

Begin a Battle with Trainers in the Space you must be in close vicinity to begin a fight using your Battle Code, a Code generator that other Trainers can read to Battle you. Scan another Trainer’s Battle Code or ask them to check yours to begin a fight.

In the middle of the image, hit the Pokéball.

Once on the menu, 

Lick the ‘Battle’ button in the upper right corner. You will be sent to the ‘Go Battle League’ page. Check your party’s status on the right tab, or jump right into the action with the ‘Battle’ choice lower down the first screen. Select ‘Great League’ on the ‘Choose Your League’ page to enter the League. The Battle League is the most obvious and popular way to fight in Pokémon Go

You may earn prizes for defeating your opponents and rank up to compete against the best. You can close range to engage an Ultra Friend or Best Friend without ought to be in the same room:

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Whether there are trainers around, you will be given a choice to ‘Challenge a Trainer.’

You can scan the QR code on your opponent’s device or having them review it. As you might have figured from the title, this option only works if you’re close to another player. You don’t have to be friends to start this combat, but if you need a sequel, add their opponents as friends since you won’t be able e to compete again once you’ve parted.

Long Range

Click on your profile in the lower-left corner of the screen. Navigate to the ‘Friends‘ tab and look for the opponent. The option to ‘Battle’ is located in the center of the bottom of the screen.

 Your friend will be notified when you click, and the PvP will begin. Remember that this strategy works for Ultra or Close Buddies, so make a habit of gifting and opening those you get regularly. The long-range war mode is exceptional for testing combinations with your friends and framing you again for the competitive nature of Pokémon Do it in the ranking Battle League.

That’s it for the three distinct methods to face off against an opponent in a Big League duel. Ultimately, once you’ve conquered these bouts, look for even more strong Pokémon to take on Ultra and Masters Leagues.

Choosing a League and a Battle Party

Before you can begin combat, you must first choose a League. By restricting each Pokémon’s maximum Combat Power, leagues ensure that Pokémon always face a combat party of equal power (CP). You can compete in one of three different Leagues:

Great League

The maximum CP is 1,500. Trainers can enter the Ultra League if they hold at least three Pokémon with CP values more significant than 1,500. The full CP allowed is 2,500.

Master League

 Trainers get access to this League when they receive at least three Pokémon with CP values more impressive than 2,500. There is no minimum CP limit in this League.

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You have the option of selecting three Pokémon for the war party. Pokémon will be recommended based on their Fighting Capability about a League’s requirements. By swapping between Pokémon during combat, you may use any possible matchups by varying the Pokémon in your fight party.

How to Fight

To win a fight, employ Fast Attacks, Charge Attacks, and Protection Shields to inflict damage on your opponent’s Pokémon while defending your own. Likewise, you may learn about kind efficiency and change Pokémon to increase your damage output while decreasing receiving damage.

Charged Assault

Tap the button using a Charge Attack when your Charged Attack meter is full. For a brief period after beginning a Charged Attack, multiple type symbols will show on screen in a specific sequence. The pattern is determined by the category of attack you utilize (e.g., electric, psychic, etc.). Next, tap and drag your finger around the screen to touch as many monograms as you can while they disappear to boost the attack as much as conceivable.

Changing Pokémon

Tap the Switch button inside the bottom left Pokémon. You return your current Pokémon and put out another. Switching Pokémon is a superior strategy to avoid receiving damage from your opponent’s powerful attacks. However, remember that your antagonist can continue to attack while you swap Pokémon, so switch as rapidly as conceivable to avoid losing too much HP.

Following the Battle

While fighting friends and neighboring trainers, both players can benefit from participating. Still, only the victorious Trainer will be able to clear through one of 3 medals: Big Level Senior, Ultra League Former soldier, or Ranked Matches Veteran.

Final Verdict

A Seven-Colored Shadow, a new Special Research, has started this month. It began on June 19 and will stay through September 1, giving participants plenty of time to complete the assignments. The point here is that Big League is now unavailable in the game. 

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As a result, it is not yet attainable to compete against another coach in the Great League. Nevertheless, there have been stories of players completing the purposely of competing in any coalition, although this hasn’t worked for everyone.