How to Choose Which Diamond Grillz to Buy?

How to Choose Which Diamond Grillz to Buy?

How to Choose Which Diamond Grillz to Buy?

There are many types of custom diamond grillz to choose from. It’s time-consuming and not very productive to sit down and scroll through pages of styles. If you want to avoid endless browsing, you need to keep a few tips in mind.

All Diamond Grillz are available in golds with qualities:

  • 10k
  • 14k
  • 18k
  • 22k.

Out of which you can select the color from Yellow Gold (traditional gold), White gold (looks like silver), Rose Gold (Reddish color Gold). They are also available in sterling silver and in diamond cuts. However, the diamond grillz are the most expensive and the ones that catch the crowd’s attention.

How Much Is Diamond Grillz?

In terms of diamond grillz pricing, a single tooth diamond set in 10K gold will cost roughly $225. An 8 tooth diamond grillz made in 10K solid gold will cost just over $110. Diamond grillz can be as expensive as million dollars. Most Rappers and Celebs tend to go with Diamond Grillz.

What are the different types of Diamond Clarity?

The clarity grade of the diamond is measured from 1 to 6, with higher numbers being better. The “I” and “V” are used in conjunction: if an item has a clarity rating of II or V (for example), it means that there is little light refraction. This makes it more difficult for diamonds that have been treated to appear clearer than they really are.

Diamonds can be classified into six different categories:

  • FL (Flawless): There are less than 2% of flawless stones in the world.
  • Internally Flawless: IF Grade (Internally Flawless) refers to stones that have small surface defects visible only under a 10X magnifying glass.
  • VVS1/VVS2: Stones with VVS2 have very very slight inclusions that can only be seen using a professional 10k magnifying glass.
  • VS1/VS2 (VS+): Stones with VS1/VS2 (VS+) quality contain very slight inclusions that need to be magnified. Such inclusions are not visible without a microscope.
  • SI1/S12: A stone with SI1/S12 inclusions can be observed with the naked eye.
  • I1: The inclusion level of I1 refers to visible flaws that anyone can see with the naked eye.
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What is a VVS grill?

Diamonds with VVS clarity are rare, especially in large stones used for diamond grillz. VVS natural diamond grillz cost more than expected. They cost considerably more than grillz made from diamonds that are SI or VS+.

Inclusions in a VVS diamond are very very small (VVS), so there are hardly any imperfections seen, even under magnification. A diamond with VVS clarity and color is extremely valuable and rare. This quality can be seen in the custom Diamond Grillz & Teeth that you can find from famous manufacturers like CGG (Custom Gold Grillz). The diamonds are set and locked into the gold to make your diamond grillz extra secure. That’s why most rappers prefer only a vvs diamond grill.

How much are VVS teeth?

The cost of VVS teeth is higher than the average grillz. The average price of single teeth VVS diamond grills is around $2,235, and the bottom 8 VVS diamond grills are over $16,445.

Who has the most expensive grill?

Currently, the most expensive grill belongs to Katy Perry. It is worth about $1,000,000 and is a fully diamond-and-gemstones-encrusted grill.

Wrap up

Grillz are a fashion jewelry item. As a trending status symbol, Diamond Grillz features a variety of diamond designs to suit different personalities and enhance the smile of the wearer. If we grade diamonds according to a sliding scale, some diamond designs are actually laid back.

Grillz are particularly famous in the hip hop world and are worn by stars who like bling fangs. Some famous names include Kim Kardashian, Quavo, and Beyonce.