How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting?

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting?

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting?

After a destructive interaction with another dog, you may feel inclined to criticize and yell at your dog. As professional dog trainers, we can assure you that this is the last thing you want to do. It would be best if you strived to instill a feeling of discipline in your pet.

Training them to be disciplined means you have control over how they act, and only the owner has the right to be dominant around the pup when your dog’s guides begin to battle with one another. What will you be needed to do? So the question becomes, “How do discipline a dog after a fight?” Here’s a Best Tips guide to appealing to your dog or resolving fights.

How To Discriminate If A Dog Fight Is Tense

Dogs are creatures of habit; they have an internal physiological timetable and need a skilled leader to behave properly. Take note of the setting or conditions that exist when a battle happens. If it frequently happens around meals, your dog may be furious due to hunger.

If you have two dogs, they could compete for your attention and love. As a pet parent, make it a point to equal lavish amounts of love and attention to your companions. If one dog believes you love the other dog more, a battle will likely break out.

Another deliberation is material possessions such as dog toys. Putting them on the ground may result in possession fight and injury. When the playing is over, make a point of putting the toys away in an unreachable location.

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Some battles are only for entertainment and to pass the time. Others, on the other hand, can quickly increase. The latter will be rife with snarling, biting, grappling, and bodily injuries.

How Do You Punish A Dog After A Fight? What Is Your Line Of Work?

Even though they are fighting today, your dogs would become great friends again. As a result, there is no cause to be concerned about. This is not to say that you should not act or provide a remedy for how to punish a dog after a fight. It would help if you did not become enraged in this situation. Instead, be cool and cheerful while focusing on how to punish a dog after a fight. 


Dog fights may be distressing for both the owners and the pets involved. It may be a frightening and emotionally draining experience. The important thing to remember here is that your emotions should not take precedence over your rational reasoning.

The dogs may have moved on to the fight to the next thing that came to mind. You, too, should follow suit. Instead of being in a state of terror, get on with your everyday activities and attempt to remain calm & tranquil.


Easing the flow of antagonism between two dogs that share a home may be a mind-numbing effort. The ability to remain cool and composed in the face of adversity might be the distinction between peace and then further bloodshed.

  • On the battlefield, never try to reach a compromise. Bring both dogs to a neutral place while they are collared and leashed. Seek the assistance of a second person to control the other dog. If you detect one of them acting aggressively, quickly increase their distance.
  • Begin slowly strolling the dog down a trail. Signal the other dog and the assistant to travel along the same path after verifying that they are at least 25-30 feet apart. Rep this process until both dogs are side-by-side. Stop bringing the dogs closer as soon as you notice any signs of rage.
  • When they both start walking together without any problems, come to a halt and give them a few seconds to catch their breath.
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What Shouldn’t You Like After Your Dog Fight?

You may feel heartbroken, furious, or even afraid when you see your dogs fighting. However, it would help if you coped with the repercussions no matter what.

How Should I Interfere In A Dog Fight?

It may be a hazardous condition for both humans and pets. Owners generally try to grab the fighting dogs’ collars or pick them up if one is little. If the combat is very fierce, this might result in significant owner injury. If both are using leashes, you can separate them. A leash linked to a neck halter is ideal since it allows you to swivel the head and seal the mouth. 

The most difficult issue is knowing whether a or both canines are reacting inappropriately. In this case, if one of the dogs displays respect signals and subservient posture. At the same time, the other continues to fight; the winner is the dog displaying respect signals and subordinate posturing.

If everything else fails, use a water gun, citrus spray, or another diversion to break up the battle. Achieving for the dog is generally the worst factor, as you’ll be injured (either intentionally or inadvertently). Picking up the dogs by their hind legs and stepping backwards may allow them to be separated without causing damage to the owner.

Can Dogs Live Positively After Fighting?

You can clear this concern since, in most circumstances, the answer to that is yes! There will always be techniques to making your pup companions become friends if reintroduction or another method of how to discipline a dog after fighting.

How To Discipline A Dog After Fighting?

Set a mealtime timetable and clarify that they have to discuss their feelings with one another. It’s also a fantastic approach to educating your dogs to share their food, attention, toy, and other resources.

Final Verdict

Suppose you use a disciplined strategy to regain control of your dogs after a fight. Never respond to violence with more eminent violence. That will only result in a negative conclusion that you do not desire.

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Separate the two dogs and inspect the damage. Always seek the advice of a competent veterinarian when treating injuries since self-treatment can be catastrophic for your dogs. If you’re having trouble teaching your dog after an intense conflict, don’t be afraid to seek the advice of an experienced dog trainer. They will design a training program just for your dogs.