How To Do A Screenshot On Your Samsung Galaxy S21

How To Do A Screenshot On Your Samsung Galaxy S21

How To Do A Screenshot On Your Samsung Galaxy S21

You can take an image of your current screen by pressing and holding the power button on your Samsung Galaxy S21, then simultaneously pressing and holding the volume down button. The image will be saved as a png file in your Gallery. To access it from there, if you don’t want to share it, tap on “Album” at the top of the screen. After that, select “Screenshots.” When viewing this album, tap on a thumbnail to open it up in full-screen mode with editing, sharing, and deleting options.

How to do a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S21?

To take a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy S21, press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously. When you let go of the buttons, you will hear a camera shutter sound and see an animation that confirms that you have successfully captured your screen.

Tap on the thumbnail in the lower-left corner of the screen to open a menu with several options: edit, share and delete. You can also swipe up or down across this thumbnail to view more screenshots or photos from your Gallery.

Go to the screen you want to screenshot

  • Volume Up
  • Bixby Button 
  • You need to press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously. 
  • The screen will flash, and you’ll hear a camera shutter sound confirming that your screenshot has been saved to your Gallery.
  • Tap on the thumbnail in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Next, you’ll want to tap on the thumbnail in the lower-left corner of your screen. This will save a copy of your screenshot to your phone’s Gallery. You can also crop and share this image if needed or edit it if that’s something you prefer doing instead.

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If you’d like to edit the image before sharing it or saving it for later use, go back into your camera roll and then click on the thumbnail of your screenshot. This will open up another menu with several options, including editing and sharing. Choose what edits you’d like to make or don’t and then post away.

Once you’ve taken a screenshot, you can do plenty of things with it. For example, you can share it with a friend or post it on social media. You can also edit the image, which means cropping or adding text to the image. Finally, suppose you decide that you no longer need the screenshot in your phone’s Gallery. In that case, there are several ways to delete it from your device.

Press buttons

  • It would help to tap the screenshot button on the Samsung galaxy screen. For taking a screenshot of the Samsung galaxy s21. 
  •   Release the buttons when you hear a shutter sound or see an animation.
  • After taking a screenshot, go to your notifications panel to find it. The image will have been saved as a ‘Screenshot’ with the date and time.
  • Navigate to the screen on which you want to take a screenshot
  • Then tap screenshot> Save Screenshot.

To share your screenshot, open up an app like the gallery app and tap on “Screenshot” in the notification bar at the top of your screen! Release the buttons when you hear a shutter sound or see an animation. Wait for the shutter sound to play. Please wait for an animation to appear on your screen and release the buttons when you see them.

The screenshot is now saved in the Gallery app, where you can review it and share it as needed. Go to the Gallery tab on your home screen by tapping its icon or swiping up from the bottom of your screen.

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Use Bixby’s voice

You can also take a screenshot of your Samsung Galaxy S21 with Bixby’s voice. To get started, open the main app menu and tap on Bixby. From there, press the microphone icon to launch Bixby Voice. Then say, “Take a screenshot.” Your phone will take a quick second to process this command before previewing what it heard you say.

It’ll look like an image thumbnail with “1/1” in its corner. Tap anywhere inside of this box as normal, and your phone will begin saving whatever was displayed on-screen at that point. The resulting screenshot should land in your photo gallery when it’s finished processing which may take several seconds.

Use a palm swipe gesture

There are a few different ways to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy S21, but the easiest is to use your palm.

Taking a screenshot on your Galaxy S21 is simple, fast, and easy to remember. You can take screenshots by holding the power button and pressing down on the volume rocker simultaneously. It’s that easy.

If you don’t have time for this method or would rather not hold down buttons while taking a picture, you can use Samsung Bixby voice commands instead. Say, Take a screenshot. 

Final Words

There are many different methods to take screenshots with ease. One of favorite methods is using Palm Swipe Gesture which allows us to capture screens with just a swipe across our palms in any direction: up, down, left, or right. 

In the post mentioned above, we have told you how to take screenshots of the Samsung galaxy s21. For more guides, please read the post mentioned above carefully. You will surely learn how to take a screenshot on the Samsung galaxy s21. We have also guided you if you have always wondered how to take screenshots on a Samsung Galaxy S21 without using buttons or opening an app.

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