How to enable Trust Browser on iPhone

How to enable Trust Browser on iPhone

How to enable Trust Browser on iPhone

DApps are essentially the same as regular applications. The only distinction is that DApps operate on a blockchain. However, to get started with DApps, you must first link your crypto wallet to the DApp. This is when Trust Wallet comes in handy. So, how do you enable the trust wallet browser on your iPhone?

To begin, you must first install the Trust Wallet. If you’re not familiar with Trust Wallet, you may see my lesson below. If you don’t already have a Binance account, check out my post to save up to 45 percent on your trading expenses.

Trust Wallet and Apple

According to the DEX, removing the DApps browser is required to continue to offer and maintain services on iOS. “We are disappointed by this conclusion,” Trust Wallet said in a blog post, “but it is important for the future growth of our wallet.”

It might not be easy to turn on the browser in the Trust wallet iOS app. The DApp browser is no longer available on the iOS version of Trust Wallet, as Trust Wallet confirmed on Twitter. As a result, the Trust wallet browser is not available on iPhone. 

The people who use Trust Wallet with the iOS devices are already aware that, compared to Android users, they must manually enable the DApps browser in Trust Wallet to use Pancake Swap and Uniswap. This entails entering “trust:/browser enable” into Safari and following the on-screen instructions. However, after version 6.0 of Trust Wallet, this will no longer be possible.

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How to enable DApps Trust Wallet Browser on iPhone?

This solution allows you to access decentralized apps on your iOS device even after uninstalling the DApp.

Check out the process for adding a DApp browser to Trust Wallet.

You can’t activate it since the DApp has a prohibition on Trust wallet. As the first step, you should try another app called PancakeSwap.

Step 1

Open a web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and navigate the PancakeSwap official website.

Step 2 

When you enter the PancakeSwap official website, select the link wallet option in the upper right corner of your computer screen.

Step 3 

When you click on the connect option, it will display a variety of alternative wallets for connecting with your browser. When the website loads, select the Wallet Connect option.

When you click the connect wallet button, another page will appear where you may connect in various ways. The first option is to connect by QR code, while the second connects using multiple wallets. On the trust wallet browser, click trust to access the app.

Step 4 

Click open to enable on trust wallet on the open in trust screen. If you click the cancel button, the entire procedure will be erased, and you will have to start over.

Immediately, a page will display, offering you the option to connect as well as a cancel button. Tap on connect, which will allow the PancakeSwap app on your trust wallet.

Step 5

As the trust wallet software connects with PancakeSwap, you can see the trust wallet address in the upper right corner of your computer/mobile screen.

Users frequently report that the connect option does not visible while connecting. In such circumstances, close the program and restart it using the previous procedures.

With the instructions mentioned above, you can quickly download the PancakeSwap app on your trust wallet browser without activating the DApp browser. So, these are the steps for enabling trust in your iPhone browser. 

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Is it true that DApps have been completely removed from the Trust Wallet on iOS devices?

DApps have been permanently deleted from iOS devices. Apple has chosen to withdraw DApps from Trust Wallet because Trust Wallet could not adhere to the app store’s service requirements.

DApps can still be accessed manually by entering the URL into a web browser like Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. The DApp browser will be fully deleted in the future version of the Trust Wallet iOS app. They can still use a web browser and WalletConnect to engage with Dapps.

Are my Assets Safe and Accessible?

iOS users will still be able to access all coins and collectibles through their browser. Trust Wallet is only a portal to your assets; it does not store them. You will always have complete control over your assets if you keep a backup of your Recovery Phrase.

Features of Trust Wallet 

The Trust Wallet cryptocurrency software allows you to exchange numerous cryptocurrencies securely. It essentially provides you with a secured access key that protects your crypto assets from illegal access. 

It also enables multi-crypto coin transactions, lets you buy and trade hundreds of currencies and blockchain kinds; coins may even be purchased with a credit card. Trust Wallet may be downloaded for free on iOS and Android smartphones.

Another essential feature of Trust Wallet is its emphasis on customer privacy and security. When opening a new account, no KYC is required. Furthermore, a non-custodial wallet virtually ever retains any user data. Users can also maintain their private keys on their devices rather than Trust Wallet’s servers.

Finally, there is the issue of backup, which Trust Wallet addresses effectively by employing a 12-word recovery phrase. When establishing their wallet address, users are given one of these words to write down and keep safe.


That’s all there is to enable a trust wallet browser on iOS devices. Overall, utilizing DApps on the Trust wallet’s Android app is simple. However, when it comes to iOS devices, it may become a bit complicated. 

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Trust Wallet is a digital wallet used to safely and securely transfer, receive, and store Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency assets.

For PancakeSwap, for example, go to and select the “Link” option to connect to your Trust Wallet account. In case, it will be interesting to watch what additional features Trust Wallet adds in the future years.