How to Find Entry Level Engineer Jobs That Pay Well For New Software Grads

How to Find Entry Level Engineer Jobs That Pay Well For New Software Grads

How to Find Entry Level Engineer Jobs That Pay Well For New Software Grads

If you’re a new software grad, you may be wondering where to start your job search. You may feel apprehensive about the process, and you should be! Just remember to keep your expectations reasonable and be patient. Also, know that you are not alone! By following a few tips and networking, you’ll be able to feel confident and get the best job possible – and the salary you deserve!

Career structure

One traditional route for new software graduates is through college. According to the Society of Software Engineers (SSE), 49.3 percent of professional developers have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Undergraduate programs typically focus on theoretical concepts and teach students to think like programmers. In addition, students will often be required to produce projects used as part of their professional portfolios. However, there are many different career paths for new software grads.

Software engineers with managerial responsibilities will most likely stop writing code to oversee a team of engineers. These individuals will be responsible for directing higher-level technical processes and system design and reporting to their stakeholders. Depending on their technical capabilities and internal drive, these graduates may spend several months or even several years working their way up the career ladder. Once there, they may have the option to move into the management positions of larger companies.

How to Find Entry Level Engineer Jobs That Pay Well For New Software Grads

While recent graduates are often eager to enter the workforce and thrive in a job, it is wise to step back. Software engineers should begin job search as early as possible and keep a level head. There is a high demand for skilled software engineers. Therefore, it is essential to make an excellent impression on potential employers and put their names in the job market. A suitable job description will give prospective employers a clear picture of the skills they need in their future.

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There are several types of positions available at the FAANG firms. Some of the most prominent of these jobs can provide a hefty salary. For example, a software engineer working for Google, Facebook, and Apple can earn a base salary of $131,314 with an additional $38,565 in stock. While these companies may seem similar in junior salary offerings, their senior compensation packages are very different.

Salary range

The salary range for software engineers can vary significantly, depending on location and specialization. A software engineer can earn $60,000 to $130,000 per year, but an entry-level salary is unlikely to surpass that. Although it is uncommon to start at such a high salary, software engineers can earn upwards of $200,000. In addition, software engineers can be paid up to $550,000, depending on their level of experience and seniority.

In the United States, salaries for software engineers are higher in some cities than in others. In San Jose, California, those earn 33 percent more than the national average. Software engineers in Boulder, Colorado, earn 13 percent more. Those in Minneapolis, Minnesota, earn 5 percent more. Software engineers in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, earn less. As with any career, the location can make or break your salary.

Google pays about $120K for an entry-level software engineer, including bonuses. This salary is similar to what a software developer can expect in NYC. While it can be tempting to ask for the highest salary range, it’s best not disclose specific figures. Instead, ask for an offer and accept. That way, you can gauge how far you’ve come. However, remember that salary ranges for software engineers vary significantly across industries.

A software engineer position can be a good choice if you’re new to the industry. The average salary for new software grads at Amazon is $114,762, and an average bonus of $20,959. It’s important to remember that Amazon is betting on big names in the tech world to attract talent to its ranks. Despite the high salaries, you’ll want to consider your health and well-being.

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Remote options

There are many benefits to working from home. You’ll have more time to engage in physical activities, a cleaner work environment, and the chance to eat healthily. However, applying for a remote job can be different from the in-person process. To improve your chances of getting hired, here are some tips. Highlight your experience! Make sure to highlight your remote work on your resume, using words such as “virtual” to catch the eyes of applicant tracking systems.

FlexJobs. This site was established in 2007 as a hub for remote work. With over 50,000 companies and nearly 30,000 active listings, FlexJobs has become the most popular source for remote work. If you’re looking for an entry-level remote job, this is the site. These sites contain the best opportunities for new software graduates. In addition, most of them offer benefits, so consider checking them out for yourself!

Web design. While web design doesn’t require a degree like software engineering, it pays well. You won’t earn as much as a software engineer, but you won’t have to deal with coding. Plus, you can work anywhere in the world, and you don’t have to worry about being able to complete your job duties. The best part? It’s cheaper than getting a traditional education!


An entry-level software engineer role may require a range of skills. Still, most will rely on the fundamentals of computer science. You’ll likely specialize in one or more areas, such as mobile apps or data science. Since the lines between the various programming disciplines are very fluid, your duties may vary from job to job. You may want to consider working as a front-end web developer if you’re just starting. Front-end engineers create the user interface of a website or mobile app, deciding which user-interface elements to use and how to install them. These positions also work closely with back-end engineers.

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Large tech companies have begun to loosen degree requirements for software engineering jobs. Instead of focusing on academic credentials, companies focus on experience and skills. While a degree is still helpful, it may not land you a position. Instead, it will make it easier for you to prove your aptitude for problem-solving. Many entry-level software engineering positions are available in companies of all sizes and locations.

Besides education, entry-level jobs in tech are rewarding. Many tech companies focus on soft skills as an additional advantage. For example, a recent graduate with a computer science degree may want to consider a position as a software developer. These positions are often part-time and may require less experience. Depending on the position, these positions can pay up to $50,000. In addition, they can require travel bonuses.

In addition to having a solid academic background, many companies look for applicants with a passion for learning. Taking independent learning into account will ensure you can present yourself as a well-rounded individual. For example, taking up an independent learning project will ensure you’ve developed new skills and come up with new ideas for your interview. If you’re applying as an entry-level software engineer, make sure you are confident in your abilities and prepared to show them.

Sites to look for jobs

Suppose you have recently graduated from college and are looking for a great entry-level software engineering job. In that case, there are several sites to consider. One of the best is StartUpHire, which lists hundreds of entry-level software engineer jobs. You don’t need to create an account to search listings; you can save favorites and revisit them later. The site also has a section that lets you post your resume.

GitHub, the most popular programming site, has a thriving job board. You can filter search results by full-time, remote, and visa sponsorship. While most listings are related to engineering and development, if you’re new to programming, it’s also worth adding the keywords “junior” or “entry-level” to your search.