How to get your drafts back on TikTok if you deleted it on your iPhone?

How to get your drafts back on TikTok if you deleted it on your iPhone

How to get your drafts back on TikTok if you deleted them on your iPhone?

If you are a TikTok user, you may face a similar situation. TikTok is a popular social video-sharing platform, but users may suffer unwanted content loss. Fortunately, there are several solutions on how to recover deleted TikTok videos. This article will learn how to recover draft TikTok videos and other videos you have saved on your iPhone. TikTok allows us to save videos on the app or store them as Drafts after we’ve recorded them. When you select the Draft option, you are saving the video to your iPhone’s storage so that you can access it later. We sometimes neglect to post a video and mistakenly believe it has been erased while it is present in our Drafts.

How to get TikTok Drafts back on iPhone?

After you record and edit your video, TikTok will ask you to publish it or save it as a draft. Drafts feature saves the video to your phone’s memory so you can retrieve it later. Sometimes we forget to post a video, and the video always could have been in a draft, but we think you deleted it.

Method 1 – If a backup exists, restore deleted TikTok videos.

The backup is the first place to look for deleted TikTok videos. Although it may appear obvious, we frequently fail to check the backup files. You’ve probably set your phone to automatically upload videos to the default photos app, such as Google Photos on Android or the Photos app on iOS.

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If you have not backed up your videos, use the following methods to recover deleted TikTok videos. Did you know that Skype archives chat and store them locally on your computer (if you enable this option)? Even if you delete these messages from your computer, you can recover them using data recovery software.

Method 2 – Recover Your Liked TikTok Videos

Note: This method will only work on TikTok videos you have liked. Remember that you can only recover those videos set to Public (visible to everyone) for a like purpose. Most importantly, if your videos are private, you can not recover them once they get deleted.

To restore your liked videos on TikTok, follow these steps:

Step 1 

Install the TikTok app on your iPhone through Appstore.

Step 2

Visit your TikTok profile by clicking the person icon in the bottom right corner of the app.

Step 3

To access your favorite TikTok videos, click on the ‘Heart’ icon.

Step 4 

Select the deleted video you want to restore from the resulting screen.

Step 5 

Now, tap on the three dots in the top right corner of your TikTok profile page.

Step 6

Select the ‘Save video’ option. You can now view your deleted TikTok videos in your device’s gallery.

How to Retrieve Deleted TikTok Videos from a Backup?

You can set up your phone to automatic backup by toggling the backup button to “On.” As a result, you can examine the backup and restore your deleted TikTok videos. Don’t waste time if you don’t have a backup; instead, proceed to the following method.

Common Causes of Losing TikTok Videos 

Unsaved Videos: Sometimes, the app records a video and doesn’t share or save it. 

Network issues: Your phone may experience network issues while downloading videos. 

App-related bugs: TikTok may have other app-related issues, such as crashing updates.

Sudden power failure: Your phone may be lost if it reboots or stops working while downloading videos. 

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Corrupted Video: In the case of saved video on your computer, there may be chances of corruption or deletion of video. 

Other reasons: Incomplete transfer of TikTok video, editing of its storage, a third-party application, etc.

Why can’t I upload my TikTok final draft?

Whenever you use a copyright logo watermark on your videos, the video will save to the Drafts folder.” “Uploading is temporarily disabled for you.” In these circumstances, visit the “Inbox” and click on the icon showing the “From TikTok.” Moreover, it will show you how long you’ve been blocked. Select “Account Updates” from the drop-down menu.

Is it possible to save the TikTok draft to iCloud?

It’s time to back up your TikTok data once you’ve downloaded it all on your phone. iCloud is not a backup service; it merely syncs your data with other Apple devices. It implies that if your Mac and iPhone are synced, and you lose your iPhone’s saved TikToks, you’ll also lose them on your Mac.

How to Recover Deleted Tiktok Videos from the iCloud?

iCloud is a popular backup solution for iPhones and other iOS devices. We recommend you confirm the iCloud backup setting is enabled on your iPhone.

Click on the “Settings” to redirect you to the settings page, then visit the “your name” section. Now click on the iCloud, then tap on the iCloud Backup option. Most importantly, ensure that you have toggled iCloud backup to on.

How to get your TikTok videos back on your iPhone?

1 Open your iCloud account on iPhone, then log in to proceed further

2  Now tap on the “Settings” option, and it will redirect you to the settings page. 

3  Tap on the “Recover Files” from the “Advanced” section.

4  Choose the videos that you want to restore from the deleted folder.

5  Now, click on the “Restore” option, and it will restore your videos to your iPhone. 

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This article detailed how to restore your deleted TikTok videos from a backup easily. However, you can also recover the videos from your TikTok profile page. Still, this solution has a limitation through where you can only recover the liked videos. In this article, you can choose these methods to recover deleted TikTok videos according to your needs. You can use your favorite video, backup, or video recovery tool to get your videos back.

Moreover, the best way to recover deleted or lost videos is to back up your files beforehand. Suppose you lose your data without backing up. In that case, you can use professional data recovery software to recover your important files quickly.