How To Know If Police Are Tracking Your Phone?

How To Know If Police Are Tracking Your Phone

How To Know If Police Are Tracking Your Phone?

To effectively investigate crimes and other criminal matters, the Police or other law enforcement organizations may tap into a person’s phone. Although they’ve found that this works for them over the years, many individuals think that this violates their privacy.

It was simpler to detect tracking when wiretapping of landlines was the only method of tracking a phone. It can be pretty challenging to identify when you are being followed by the authorities, though, with better software and computers.

Every 45 minutes or so, your cell phone shakes hands with the primary antenna. Put a cheap AM or FM radio next to your phone, playing gentle music or someone conversing. Usually, a somewhat powerful interference signal will be audible over your radio. If your cell phone is stationary, you will hear this signal two to five times each minute. It has been tagged to you!

Another technique is to open a phony, unintelligible SMS that you receive. You’re being followed!

This post will provide you with some advice on determining if the cops or anyone else is monitoring your phone. You will learn how to prevent tracking on your phone easily.

How to know if the Police are tracking your phone

The authorities can track your activity because phone conversations and other activities are broadcast digitally. The following are indicators that Police are monitoring your phone:

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Radio interference during calls

When on the phone, pay careful attention. Watch for odd background noises or a relatively low, static radio signal interference as you listen. Although it might not happen frequently, pay close attention to radio frequencies when you are close to a mast. Even worse, you might become aware of this weird radio interference when you are not on the phone. This frequently indicates that your phone is being followed or has been bugged.

Phone functions awkwardly

Even if your phone isn’t broken, you might notice that the battery drains quickly, the camera turns on without your permission, specific messages you haven’t seen suddenly become tagged as read, or your data use is unusually high. Pay attention to these signals. They might indicate that your phone is being remotely monitored.

Unfamiliar applications

Be cautious of applications you didn’t authorize or install on your phone, as spy software can be disguised as them. Go through each app on your phone and might track your phone if you see a strange app on the list.

How to stop your phone from being tracked by Police

Option 1: Block the signal

A phone must be able to transmit or receive signals to be tracked. Wireless, Wi-Fi, or GPS transmissions are only a few examples of these signals. There are many objects that electromagnetic waves can pass through, but not all of them. Signals won’t pass through high-density materials like concrete, metal, and others.

Therefore, enormous structures, the underground, basements, and parking garages are the most significant locations to use your phone. Keep your phone in a metal box at all times. Your phone won’t be detectable after this until you take the metal box off, at the very least. Switch off your location and avoid using the internet as much as possible.

Option 2: Take out your battery when not in use

Only after the battery is inside the phone will every component be operational. Therefore, since. You can still track your phone, don’t simply turn it off. As soon as you know you are being followed, remove the batteries. Payphones occasionally need to be used for outgoing calls because they are not regularly tracked.

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Buy a new phone

Get a new phone with an untraceable number and throw away the old one. Police must have the number and, at the very least, a warrant before they may trace it.

However, if you haven’t breached the law, you probably won’t be monitored by the Police, and they won’t bug your phone either. Every form of tracking and wiretapping requires a court warrant. Therefore, if you believe you are being monitored or that your home or gadgets have been bugged, you should speak with a lawyer familiar with your region’s wiretapping and tracking laws.

How do you know if your phone is trapped?

  • Calls are interrupted by radio waves
  • The phone is not working properly
  • Unfamiliar applications appear

Here are some other things you might start experiencing in addition to those.

  • Battery life on iPhones is too short.
  • The phone overheats too frequently
  • The camera starts acting strangely

What to do if your phone is tapped?

Check the phone for spyware.

Go to Settings >> Applications Manager >> Apps on your phone. Look for anything with spy, spyware, monitor, or stealth in the list of programs. If you discover any, get rid of them right away. Additionally, ensure that Unknown sources are not permitted under Security and Privacy.

Delete unfamiliar apps

Verify that you downloaded and installed every app on the list by looking at the app list. Delete any unknown apps as soon as you find them. 

Do a factory reset

Removing monitoring apps can occasionally be challenging. In some circumstances, performing a factory reset is your only option to reclaim control of your phone.

  • Go to Settings >> Backup and Reset >> on Android devices. Reset Factory Data
  • Go to Settings > General > Reset in the iPhone. Reset every setting

How can I fake my location on IOS? 

The iPhone’s inclusion of GPS has been such an excellent and practical piece of technology. Even faking your location is possible. However, there are several situations in which you might wish to employ your iPhone’s phony GPS position—attempting to play a location-based game like Pokémon GO while pretending to be somewhere else, accessing geo-restricted content that isn’t available where you are, or fulfilling your gaming and travel needs. Whatever your motivation, I’ve included a method for hiding your iPhone’s location below.

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Although it is more difficult to fake your position on an iPhone than on an Android device because no such software is accessible in the Apple App Store, and you cannot install any without jailbreak.

These are merely advice that can assist you in avoiding having your phone traced or tapped; this post is not intended to encourage criminal activity.