How to Lose Weight while Gaining Muscle

How to Lose Weight while Gaining Muscle

How to Lose Weight While Gaining Muscle

People often want to remove extra fat from their bodies. Losing weight will completely change your outlook. From a bulky person, you will become a slim and smart guy. When you shed the extra layers from your body and attain a better physique at the same time, this process is called body recomposition. To lose weight, you cannot take in more calories. While if you want to grow muscle, you need more calories in your food. When your body will not get new calories, it will burn the already existing fats for fuel. This surplus will fulfill the requirements of the body for building muscles. It is not very easy to achieve this goal as it requires a lot of effort. Sometimes it also gets painful. It requires you to be disciplined and committed to your goal. You can find the best fat burners for men here.

How Can You Shed Those Extra Fats?

If you take less calories than your body’s demand, you are in a caloric deficit. When you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose fats. These fats are consumed by the body to fulfill the need of energy. Your body will also extract energy from your muscles.

How Can One Attain a Muscular Build?

By lifting weights or having a goal-oriented diet, you can gain muscle. Another way by which you can do this is by completing your sleep cycle. After lifting weight a few times, your muscular power will end. Your muscle will break down. Now when your muscle is rebuilt, it will be stronger. Your body needs calories to rebuild your muscle. You can have a good diet plan which helps you in gaining muscle.

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Here’s How to Decrease Your Weight While Aiming for a Muscular Body

The complexity knocks the door when you start this journey. You take in calories by eating food. Now your body decides what to do with these calories. It will either burn these calories for body fuel or store them as fat. There is a third possibility that these calories can be used for rebuilding muscle. A few calories will burn in heart-pumping, brain operating, and liver functioning. After continuous weight lifting, you are supposed to rebuild your muscle. If you consume less calories, your body will not shut down. It will take energy from a portion in your body that has stored fats in it. We all have a “Store as Fat’’ portion in our bodies. It helps in the time when the body is not getting enough calories and the work needs to be done. The calories in this “Store as Fat” portion are filled when you get excessive calories in your food.

Some More Helpful Tips

Here, a few tips are given that can help you recompose your body.

Intake Plenty of Proteins

Your body needs protein to rebuild muscle. Although you want your body to burn more calories than it consumes, it needs enough protein to rebuild the muscle. Protein must be there with your every meal. Getting plenty of protein is beneficial for your body. The quantity of protein your body needs depends upon your weight. For example, if your weight is 200 pounds, 200g protein is more than enough for you. 

Opt for a Strength Workout

One thing that can help achieve your fitness goals is regular strength training activity. If you want to choose the best thing for your body, strength training would be the best choice. Get a proper strategy for this plan and start following it. You will observe a noticeable change in your body in a very short period.

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Heres How to Check if You’re on the Right Track

You will feel a change in your body when you are eating for a caloric deficit, strength training , and prioritizing proteins. Your body will start losing weight and gaining muscle.  However, if you still find no loss in your weight, it simply means you need to track each of these three categories then. If there is any mistake in your work or missing something, you need to fix it for better results. You can keep checking your progress by examining your body every week.

To Wrap it up

Although both these tasks are contrary to each other, if you follow an organized plan, you will succeed in achieving your fitness goal. By properly examining your weekly progress and keeping an eye over your routine, you would be able to attain what you wished for.