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white sauce pasta

How to make white sauce pasta

If you are considering learning how to make white sauce pasta, it is important to know about bechamel sauce. Bechamel sauce is a very simple old French sauce consisting of flour, butter, and milk. It is also quite a common question people keep on asking me how to make white sauce pasta. But let us learn to make a proper bechamel sauce first.

Bechamel sauce is the basic

Bechamel sauce is very simple to make.  It will be primarily required if you are really keen to learn how to make white sauce pasta.


Milk 1 liter

Butter 100 grams

Flour 100 grams

Nutmeg 1 gram

Clove  1 gram

Bayleaf 1 piece


Boil milk in a thick bottom pan with nutmeg, clove, and bay leaf. Once the milk is hot and all flavors and aroma is extracted from the spices, strain it, and keep it aside. Then make a white roux. Mix an equal quantity of flour and butter and put in on a frying fan on a very slow heat.  Keep on cooking it until the raw smell of the flour is completely gone.

Now its time for a small trick. Quickly chill it down in the refrigerator. Always remember a thumb rule: If the milk is hot, use a cold roux, If the milk is cold, add the warm roux. This will stop the sauce to have lumps.

Take the saucepan with milk back to the stove. Start adding the roux little at a time and keep on whisking it. Once the roux is completely dissolved, add a little bit more and continue it till all roux is completely dissolved and the sauce has thickened up. It is better to keep cooking it on very slow heat for 10 minutes more even you know your sauce is ready. The more you cook without burning at the bottom, the lighter the sauce will be.

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Remove it from the heat and keep it aside.  Your biggest challenge for how to cook white sauce pasta is over now. You may be surprised, I have not added any salt or pepper in my recipe. This is because it is wise not to season the mother sauces and it is a semi-finished product.

How to make white sauce pasta

Now the next step is to boil any pasta in salted water. Cooking pasta is already explained in another article.  Finally, you would require some button mushrooms cut into halves or quarters. Chop half onion and 2 cloves for garlic. Put a thick bottom pan over a stove. In the pan, put olive oil or butter. Add onion and garlic, cook it for 3 minutes.  Add mushrooms and cook for another two minutes. Reduce heat. Add the bechamel sauce. Mix it slowly. Add the already cooked pasta and toss it. Season with salt and white pepper now.

This is one of the recipes for how to make white sauce pasta. Now you can add some parmesan on top. or you could have added some cheddar or gouda cheese while reheating the bechamel sauce. A lot of chefs avoid bechamel sauce as a base for white sauce. They use cream instead. I will cover that recipe in another article.

Chef’s note: Recently I have observed that adding more butter than flour also gives wonderful results when making the bechamel. It makes it easier to handle and white sauce pasta comes out beautiful and more buttery. When you know how to make white sauce pasta, you can use more varieties of pasta or even add other vegetables with the same recipe.