How to Promote a YouTube Channel: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Promote a YouTube Channel: A Beginner's Guide

How to Promote a YouTube Channel: A Beginner’s Guide

Most people think of YouTube only as a popular video hosting service. But we shouldn’t forget that it’s the world’s second most used search engine. Currently, the audience of YouTube is more than a billion people, which is constantly growing. 

According to the official statistics, the number of users starting to view YouTube from the home page, as if they turn on the TV at home, for the last year has tripled. 

Top programs and services for promotion on YouTube

Gyre Pro

This service is not like the usual boosting. It is made for pre-recorded stream. Such recordings promote your channel much better compared to regular videos. With this service, you can run hours of online videos simply by uploading the footage you’ve already captured to the cloud; when the files are finished, Gyro will re-launch them. Growth of subscribers and channel rating is ensured.

It is also worth mentioning that the Gyre service can launch one of the videos that are already uploaded to your channel. It can be either a single video or a whole playlist. After the playlist or video is over, Gyre restarts it, thus creating an endless streaming stream. This gives a huge plus in video promotion, as live broadcasts (streams) are moving very well on YouTube, attracting many visitors. YouTube advertises streams more often than regular videos, so this is a huge plus.


Utify is a service that automatically promotes YouTube channels/sites via Google Ads. This means that there are no bots or scams.

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  • Selection of the most compelling videos – in terms of views and engagement – to run video ads. But you can also choose them yourself.
  • Creating ads in different formats: Video Discovery, True View, and Bumper.
  • Search for the most relevant target audience: those who are most likely to finish the video, like it or subscribe to the channel.

What kind of videos to make for YouTube

There is no universal recipe for making compelling videos – it all depends on your target audience’s needs and capabilities. Use our ideas to find the right type of video content for you:

Interviews and Opinions

Interview a colleague, a well-known blogger, or an expert in your field. Make a list of questions in advance. You can always interview yourself – give your opinion on an issue on camera. Make sure your story will interest the audience – you are filming for the audience, not yourself. 

Manuals and tutorials

This is one of the most effective types of video content. Think about how often you yourself turn to video tutorials and video infographics when you’re looking for a solution to a problem. The format of a manual always depends on the type of problem you’re reviewing. 


These can be independent reviews, reviews of competitors’ products, their products, and so on. Such videos play a significant role in the consumer’s journey. The ReelSEO study found that 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product if there is a video review. The key is, to be honest, and point out both the advantages and disadvantages of the products. 

Creating a YouTube channel without understanding the goals and strategy

I often encounter this situation. A business already has a YouTube channel to which they upload what is available, such as commercials and corporate videos. In the end, the channel exists as an archive of company videos, but it doesn’t work as a marketing tool. And the owner has no idea what to do with it. This happens because the channel was either created without a strategy, or the goals of promoting the brand on YouTube were not taken into account when creating the strategy.

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Solution: think through a strategy before launching, based on audience, competitor and competition analysis.

Recommendations: Create a strategy that answers the question, “What results do you want to achieve with your YouTube channel, and how do you want to achieve them?

YouTube, as a full-fledged marketing tool, should serve four main purposes:

  • traffic generation;
  • lead generation;
  • Forming a favorable opinion of the brand;
  • increasing audience loyalty and engagement.

Flexibly change the importance of goals from stage to stage. If you want to get traffic, but you only have ads, focus on lead generation by running ad campaigns. If you have corporate ads, emphasize brand opinion building. Then start putting out themed content, and so, gradually, you will realize all the main goals.

Analyzing your channel and competitors


VidIQ is a must-have service that will help you optimize your videos, analyze your competitors and audience.


  • Statistics on engagement (likes, dislikes, comments, cheers), dynamics of views and subscribers. Evaluation of SEO parameters (tags, rating, description).
  • Identify leaders and outsiders by the number of views per hour, audience retention, the number of engaged subscribers, etc. Comparative analysis of videos and channels by average indicators.
  • Setting up templates for communicating with viewers in comments. Mass editing of interactive elements: end screensavers and tooltips.

Bonus: thumbnail editor, setting up trend notifications.

This analytical service provides statistical data on the channel in dynamics. With the help of VidiQ, you can get the optimal promotion strategy. The service’s analytics allows you to learn a unique promotion algorithm. Users can get statistical data to help increase engagement. The service provides the ability to track competitors.

With the help of this service, you can choose the optimal time of publication, increase viewer loyalty with the help of SEO analytics and choose the right keywords for the video.


Socialblade is a statistics service for YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and other foreign social media. There are 54 million YouTube channels in the database.

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  • Lists top sites by subscribers and views, countries and topics.
  • Analysis of the dynamics of views, subscribers, estimated income of the YouTube channel (calculated using the average cost of 1,000 impressions: according to Socialblade, the lowest value is 0.25$, and the highest – 4$).
  • Evaluation by Socialblade’s own ranking relies on the average number of views and many other metrics. Matching a couple dozen similar channels.
  • Overview of recent/popular/relevant videos on the channel – a summary of their views, rating, number of comments and approximate income. Predictions of the 
  • future number of subscribers and views of the channel based on historical data.

Working with statistics brings practical benefits. With its help, you can track viewer interaction with content and make the necessary adjustments. Services for analytics help successfully improve the channel, increasing viewer loyalty. It is essential to choose the optimal service for your work, the one that is convenient for you.