How to remove Syskey from Windows 8.1?

How to remove Syskey from Windows 8.1

How to remove Syskey from Windows 8.1?

Syskey is a popular scam done by telephone scammers pretending to be calling from Microsoft. They inject Syskey and lock your data, and they demand money to remove Syskey. However, cracking the passwords is easy. The password can be as easy as “hello123”. In this article, we will tell you some tricks on removing the Syskey password from Windows 8.1. There are multiple options to remove the Syskey.

Use Registry Backup

The scammers seem to leave the contents of the ‘Regback’ folder alone, so the first method is to use the registry backup from that folder. First, though, you have to boot the Laptop / PC into a command prompt. It is preferred to use a Windows password removal program DVD with other options built into the program to get to my command prompt.

Use Third-Party Softwares

It is recommended to use Asmwsoft Pc Optimizer main window select the “Startup manager” tool. The startup manager main window, find the syskey.exe process you want to delete or disable by clicking it, click the right mouse button, select “Delete selected item” to delete it, or choose “Disable selected item permanently.” From the main window of the startup manager, click the “Scheduled tasks” button, then find the process you want to delete or disable by clicking it, then click the right mouse button, then select “Delete” to permanently delete it or choose “Disable.”

From the main window of the startup manager, click the “Application services” button, find the process you want to disable by clicking it, click the right mouse button, and select “Disable.” 

From Asmwsoft Pc Optimizer main window, select the “Force deleter” tool.

Then, click the select file and browse for syskey.exe file from the force deleter program, click open, click the “unlock and delete” button, and a confirmation message will appear. Click “yes.” Hopefully, you will get rid of the Syskey password.

Bypass Windows 8.1

One of the essential aspects of removing Syskey from Windows 8.1 is introducing a brand new login option. That’s for Microsoft account login. During Windows installation, it asks you to set up a Microsoft account. A hidden benefit of this feature is that bypassing can be used for computer login. So it will be a great help when you get locked out of Windows. But this option will only work when a Microsoft account is linked to the computer. 

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Step 1: Use a web browser and visit the Microsoft reset page. 

Step 2: You will now be asked to input one of the following credentials (email id, skype id, or cell phone) for a password reset. 

Step 3: A security code will be sent to the email or mobile phone. Pick whichever option works best for you. 

Step 4: Enter the confirmation code when prompted, and you will be taken to a screen where you can select a new password for your Windows account.

Step 5: Restart Windows 10 or Windows 7, and when prompted to enter the login password, use the new password, and you will get into the device immediately.

Re-installing the Operating System

This is one of the most brutal and cruel ways to damage your computer, and this method is not recommended at all unless it is the only way to bypass the Windows login screen. You should acquire this option if you have forgotten your Syskey password and you cannot remember it at all.

Keep in mind that using this method will erase all your data and files from the hard disk. Therefore, it should be your last option to use this option.

Step 1: Insert Windows installation USB or disk on your computer.

Step 2: Boot your PC, and the operating system files will be loaded automatically upon booting.

Step 3: Click on “Install Now” as soon as the operating system setup wizard starts.

Step 4: Keep clicking next on the prompts and choose your primary disk where you want to install the operating system. Make sure it has sufficient storage to install Windows. Wait patiently until the operating system is freshly installed on your computer. This may take several minutes, depending on how much RAM you have on your computer.

Step 5: The computer will restart automatically, and you can enter it into your PC without any password.

Using Command Prompt

CMD (Short for Command Prompt) is an advanced administration tool on Windows-based computers. It is powerful enough to fix system issues. However, it is a bit complicated and needs skills to operate it fully. This solution (resetting Windows password without using software) is quite old-schooled, but it works perfectly every time. In this part, we will use the guest account to reset the Windows account password. The process is a bit complicated, but if you follow all the instructions carefully, you will remove the Syskey password from Windows 8.1 without any hassle.

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Step 1: Login into your computer by using the guest account. (Guest accounts require no password at all). 

Step 2: Go to “My Computer” and go to C:\Windows\System32. 

Step 3: Copy and paste “cmd.exe” on the desktop. Rename “cmd.exe” to “sethc.exe” and copy the file into C” \Windows\System32 (It will ask permission to overwrite the file)

Step 4: Restart your computer and press the Shift key five times on your keyboard to launch the command prompt. Directly type “net user my username my password” where “my username” is the name of the user account and “my password” is the new password for the administrator account and hit Enter.) 

Step 5: The command will execute thoroughly, and you should restart your computer. Use the new password to enter on your PC.

Bypassing without resetting the password

Windows Password Recovery is the best and most elegant program to bypass Windows 7/8/8.1/10 admin password without losing any data or particular computer skills. It is super easy to use, and you should be able to crack Windows passwords even if you are resetting the password for the first time. In addition, it works at tremendous speed and takes less than a minute to destroy the Syskey password from the login screen, making it easier to access your computer. 

Step 1. Use another computer and make a Password Reset Disk

All you need to do is download the program from the official website from a different computer or laptop, install the software. Next, insert an empty USB flash drive into the computer and click on “Burn USB” to make the USB bootable. Hence, you can use it to bypass login and admin passwords. Make sure the USB has a minimum of 4GB of space.

Step 2. Change Boot Sequence on Locked Computer

The default boot media is set to the hard drive or SSD in every computer. Therefore, if you want to boot the computer from external sources, you have to change it temporarily (with a quick boot menu)or permanently, which requires changing the boot order in BIOS; both methods work perfectly. However, if a quick boot menu was supported, it is preferred as you don’t need to change the settings after resetting the password.

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Step 3. Bypass Administrator Password on Windows 8.1

After the burning process is finished, insert the USB flash drive onto the locked computer and start the PC. This program will be automatically loaded upon startup as it is a bootable disk. Next, enter the operating system you are using and the account name you want to reset the password. Finally, click on “Remove Password” and click the “Reboot” button to complete the task. There you go, you have removed the Syskey password without any reset.

How to avoid the Syskey Scam?

To avoid the Syskey scam, you should stop using the Windows system that still adopts Syskey and should upgrade to Windows 10.

If you are used to using older Windows operating systems, it is highly recommended to create backups regularly. Furthermore, it would be best to increase your vigilance when you receive a call that claims viruses infect your computer and the person on the phone says he needs remote access to your computer to help you fix the issue. Syskey can be found on versions of Windows before Windows 10. It was replaced by BitLocker disk encryption on Windows 10. The reason that Windows abandoned this program is that the Syskey process is quite outdated in modern times. The second reason is that “tech support” scammers would take advantage of Syskey to make money.

Scammers usually call you claiming to be from Microsoft technical support. They say your computer is infected with viruses to convince you to let them remotely connect your computer and fix the issues. Once you believe them, scammers will use Syskey to lock your computer.


We concluded about some of the best tips and tricks to avoid the Syskey scam and using these tricks, you can easily remove the Syskey password from Windows 8/8.1. There are many options to remove, and we also inform you about ways to prevent yourself from getting into this scam next time. Stay safe!