How to repair HDMI Port for Playstation 4 ( PS 4)

How to repair HDMI Port for Playstation 4

How to do HDMI port repair for Playstation 4?


The Playstation 4 is an incredible control center, yet lamentably it accompanies some plan blemishes that can make it break. One of these issues is the HDMI port. It is delicate and is regularly one of the principal things to get harmed on the control center.

One of the indications of a wrecked HDMI port on the PS4 is a no image or a “no sign” message on your screen. There are different indications too, which I will talk about in this article. I will likewise tell you the best way to fix the issue by supplanting the HDMI port. Even though it isn’t the minor demanding fix, and the Playstation 5 is now out, everything will work out for you to fix.


What is the HDMI port utilized for? 

The HDMI port in a PS4 transfers the video (and now and again sound) signal from the Playstation to a presentation gadget like a TV.


Would you be able to utilize the PS4 without HDMI? 

It is beyond the realm of imagination to expect to utilize your PS4 without HDMI because the control center doesn’t have some other video yields. It likewise doesn’t have driver support for USB to HDMI connectors, so yielding video through one of the USB ports isn’t an alternative by the same token.

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What causes the HDMI regulator chip to break? 

Besides the HDMI port itself, video issues on the Playstation 4 can likewise be brought about by a faulty HDMI regulator chip or its encompassing parts. If so, then, at that point, the messed-up parts should be supplanted. This is somewhat troublesome and best passed on to an expert.


The HDMI regulator chip (Panasonic MN86471A) is a touchy part and can break because of an assortment of reasons:


(Un)plugging the HDMI link while the PS4 is on. This is usually fine; however, it can cause the HDMI chip to get harmed in uncommon circumstances. One of the circumstances in which this can be an issue is when the establishing between the PS4 and TV is uneven.


Shorting out of the HDMI port pins. If the pins on the HDMI port short out, for instance, when one pin twists and contacts another, the regulator chip can break.

Friction-based electricity. If you have opened up the control center to fix or clean it, however, didn’t take legitimate enemy of static measures, it is conceivable that friction-based electricity harmed the regulator IC.


Besides this, there is likewise a likelihood of harm to the HDMI curl channels or that the follows on the circuit board close to the HDMI port are harmed.

With everything taken into account, regardless of the HDMI port itself frequently being the offender, there are also many other potential foundations for a Playstation 4 to show no picture. Thus, this can be an interesting fix.


Would you be able to fix it yourself? 

Supplanting the HDMI port is testing, however possible if you approach the proper hardware and believe in your welding abilities. Fixing the HDMI regulator chip is much seriously testing notwithstanding. I don’t suggest a DIY fix except if you either know what you are doing or then again if you consider this to be a learning experience and wouldn’t fret harming the control center further. Without appropriate insight or gear, it is feasible to not just inaccurately fix the HDMI port or regulator chip, but also harm the control center. For instance, harming follows or cushions on the printed circuit board. Harm to the PCB isn’t something that can be fixed and should be finished by a certified auto shop without much of a stretch.

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What do you have to do to fix the HDMI port for PS 4? 

Shockingly, to fix the HDMI port on the Playstation 4, it should be supplanted. It is impossible to reestablish the current, broken port and have it work appropriately and reliably. Twisting back the pins or the external metal may work for a brief time if you are fortunate. It will not give a similar association as a 100% new port, be that as it may, and it will probably break once more. To supplant the HDMI port, you need another HDMI port, a few recorded instruments, and some binding abilities. Remember that is a complicated fix, and a fair bit of patching experience is prescribed before fixing the PS4. If you plan to go ahead with the maintenance, the bit-by-bit guide further down the page will tell you the best way to do it.


How would you be able to deal with forestall the HDMI port from breaking or wearing out? 

Even though the HDMI port on the Playstation 4 is delicate, there are a few things you can do to decrease its danger breaking.

Turn the control center off before embeddings or turning off the HDMI link. This brings the shot at harm down to the HDMI regulator chip. Try not to move the control center around while it is turned on and connected. Moving the PS4 around while connected causes the HDMI connector in the port to move around and potentially cause a short out. Try not to fold the links over the control center while they are as yet connected. This may be advantageous if you need to move the Playstation 4 and the links elsewhere; however, it makes a ton of pointless weight on the HDMI port. Turn off the links first before folding them over the control center.



As should be obvious, it is most undoubtedly conceivable to fix a Playstation 4 with a wrecked HDMI port yourself. It is a troublesome interaction, however, and you do have to have legitimate gear for it.

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