How to sell credit cards to customers in banking through cold calling?

How to sell credit cards to customers in banking through cold calling?

How to sell credit cards to customers in banking through cold calling?

Cold calling or telemarketing is a marketing strategy for selling products, services, making appointments with the respective audience, and generating sales via phone calls. A credit card is an electronic card that rewards you with convenient, fraud-protected money withdrawal and transfer. There are various types of credit cards available in the market. Cold calling is one of the strategies to sell credit cards to the desired audience. The most effective skills that can boost your sales are patience, finesses, resilience, and an excellent sales pitch.

Best cold calling Tips and tricks 2022

According to a research of Value Selling Associate and Selling Power, 48% of the sales representatives are frightened of receiving cold calls. There are some modern tips and tricks that grab your respective customers with less frustration and in a shorter time and prove to be a valuable asset to your brand or company.

  1. Knowledge of the product
  2. Prepare sales pitch transcript
  3. Practice the cold calling transcript
  4. Pre-call customer research
  5. Find a good time to call the customers 
  6. Interaction with customers
  7. Don’t start the conversation with a sales pitch
  8. Start with a dialogue 
  9. Meeting with the customers
  10. Handling the customer’s objections
  11. Learn to deal with the rejection
  12. Don’t be aggressive 
  13. Avoid re-sell
  14. Don’t give up

Tips for selling credit cards through cold calling 2022

Frequently, we are approached by various agents via phone calls offering their credit cards. Still, many of them fail to convince us. There are several reasons that we are not appropriately approached or treated wickedly. Here are some suggestions and tips for the credit card agents to grab their right audience at the right time:

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Smile and be natural

While talking to the customers, keep smiling and be optimistic. Your voice should have energy that can attract the customers’ intentions. Respectable, modest, and humble delivery of words can make your customers feel comfortable, and they can open up the conversation with you. 

Choose the right time

Before calling your clients, choose an appropriate time to get effective sales. If your clients sound busy, make an appointment with them when they are available. It also involves selecting time, date, month, and days. You can also choose the timing from your previous phone calls data that show the maximum call response time. According to your time, ask open-ended or close-ended questions.

Ask about customers well being:

Start your conversation with a positive note by asking about your customer’s well-being which will surely increase your sales.

Don’t introduce yourself as a salesman:

Remember that you are not only a salesman but also a consultant or an advisor at the end of the day. Greet your clients properly, don’t take immediate actions or impressions. 

Open up the conversation professionally, so they are talking to a professional person, not a man standing in the street and giving his brochures. After all, you have knowledge and expertise in the field you have been working in for years. You have detailed knowledge about your sector. At the same time, customers know a few chunks of it. 

When you start believing in yourself and realize that you have more knowledge than before, you sound more confident, and this is the time when you are no more frightened of cold calling. 

Describe the purpose of your call

After introducing yourself, ask the customers for permission before explaining the reason for your call.

Be concise and explain the purpose of your call.

  • Why are you calling that specific person?
  • What are you offering?
  • What is your goal?
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Use name during the conversation:

While talking to your clients, use their names. Research showed that people build friendly relationships while calling them by their names. In some cases, it is also important to take their consent to avoid awkwardness.

Ask for clients card history

Privately ask the client’s card history or financial status, but please don’t ask about their salary. Speak with clarity and intentions. Don’t be rude if they are not qualified after all; without them, you are nothing. Give them time to ask questions about your company, listen to them carefully, understand them and respond to them. Learn to thank them.

Offer solutions to your customers

When you have enough information about your clients, understand their problems. Give them time to ask questions about your company, listen to them carefully, understand them and respond to them. It is the best time to offer your products by making them comfortable. 

Let the clients decide

Give a valuable offer to your customer that encourages them to buy the product; otherwise, they lose the chance to avail themselves of that precious offer. Adjust your offer in every possible manner and show them their opinion matters. 

After offers, give them time to think it may take 2-3 working days. If they say no, don’t lose hope; keep going and if they say yes, ask them for the final procedure and guide them properly. 

Finalize the deal

After consent, congratulate them and make sure they are comfortable at every step. 

Selling is an art, and you are an artist, so leave your good footprints in your client’s life. After all, we all are human beings. 


For most sales reps, Cold sailing is like a nightmare. Indeed selling a credit card through cold calling is not a tough job by adopting proper strategies. You just need to know how to sell your product and convince your right audience at the right time. You can skyrocket your business by implementing the above strategies. It will also build a strong relationship with your clients. 

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