How to Use a Ring Light for Indoor Photography and Videography? A TONOR TRL-20 Review!

How to Use a Ring Light for Indoor Photography and Videography? A TONOR TRL-20 Review!

How to Use a Ring Light for Indoor Photography and Videography? A TONOR TRL-20 Review!

Some of us like to be a photographer or even a Videographer but do not have enough knowledge to improve the quality of the photos or videos we have taken. I honestly don’t understand the principles of photography and videography but one thing is for sure, the use of ring lights can be very helpful for many beginners. The selfie ring light is one of the best tools to enhance photos and videos like a pro. Since LED light has become popular, many different lighting sources have emerged with new possibilities. The ring of light or ring of light is one of the elements that has spread the most among professionals and amateurs.

In this article, I will review the TONOR TRL-20 ring light which will make it easy for everyone to bring extra light to their photos and videos, and its effective uses.

What is the TONOR TRL-20?

This is a 12-inch ring light equipped with a tripod to create an additional light source for indoor photography and videography. This ring light uses 160 LEDs and provides three color modes with ten different brightness levels. The tripod can be extended up to 4.5 feet. TONOR is a Chinese company and so far it is better known for its microphone products.

The importance of ring light

Well, a ring light is a lighting tool, a ring of continuous light made up of several LEDs that until recently was used mainly in macro photography to illuminate subjects or objects more comfortably, but that has been sweeping in recent decades by its use and versatility in portrait photography and in social media projects. The rings of light began using other types of lights. It was a ring flash that provided even light in macro photography. In this type of photography we normally need a little extra light, more than the diaphragm can capture, but, on the other hand, we do not need large flashes because our object to be photographed is small.

How to use the TONOR TRL-20

The tripod has four telescopic legs, and when you release each leg lock lever, you can extend the bottom. To control the angle of the platform you can use three pan-tilt mechanisms. You can adjust the panning lock nut to rotate the tripod platform in a horizontal plane. As for tilting back and forth, you can use the panhandle.

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There is a quick-release plate with a standard thread size. However, you should be aware that the screws are shorter than most similar screws. You can then insert the light into the platform but first, make sure to attach the phone holder first.

It can accommodate any smartphone with a width of three inches. There is a bottom ring light with a cable ending in a USB-C connector. And with a controller built into the cable, you can snap some pictures right away.

Although the legs are thin, the TONOR TRL-20 is quite sturdy. The overall kit construction is light so we won’t have any trouble moving it around. But if you want to use it with camcorders, DSLRs, and other heavy equipment, you have to take it into account carefully. However, as long as you can limit yourself as necessary with this tool, there shouldn’t be any major problems.

You can buy the TONOR TRL-20 on several online platforms but I suggest you buy it from Amazon as you will be able to get a more affordable price. Hopefully, this article provided you with valuable knowledge. Thanks for reading and have a good try!

Effective Use of Ring Light for Indoor Photography and Videography

The successful use of a Ring Light is dependent on how it is positioned. Here are a few tips: Positioning, reflection, and CRI. Position the ring light at different distances from the objects to be illuminated. Fill the ring with objects that represent your taste and style. After choosing the best position, you can now set up your ring light for successful indoor photography and videography.

Off-camera vs. on-camera ring lights

If you’re taking pictures or videos inside your home or studio, you might be wondering which type of lighting is best: on-camera ring lights or off-camera revolving strobes? While both types of lighting can be useful, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, an on-camera ring light can create a dramatic effect, while an off-camera ring light can be used to enhance the face and highlight the features of your subject.

Ring lighting is a popular choice for both videography and photo shoots, as it offers front-focused lighting while avoiding shadows. These lights also help you capture the eye-ring effect and can seamlessly supplement natural light, making your photos and videos stand out. Ring lights are most often used in flower and insect photography, as they add a touch of whimsy to your photos.

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Reflections of Ring Light are one of the most versatile lighting techniques for indoor photography and videography. It is used to create an even, soft and shadowless light that is often referred to as “halo” lighting. The shape of the ring light is designed to produce the desired effect even when the subject is in the center. A ring light is a good choice for close-up portraits as well as macro photography.

The best way to use a ring light is to put it on a tripod. You can place the ring light at varying distances from the subject to avoid illuminating the subject directly. Another great way to use a ring light for indoor photography and videography is to place objects that represent taste in front of it. Once you have placed the ring light, it’s time to fill the space with items.


A ring light is a small to medium-sized LED-based light that you can adjust for brightness, color temperature, and CRI settings. Ring lights are great for video and photography, including Zoom meetings, product photography, and social networking video content. They’re easy to use and most come with a tripod and auxiliary accessories. Typically, commercial ring lights use fluorescent tubes, though LED-based models are becoming more popular.

Color rendering index (CRI) refers to the light’s ability to reproduce natural colors. A high CRI makes colors appear more vibrant, and subpar lights tend to have low CRI values. Moreover, a high CRI value is necessary to bring out natural colors in photos and videos. Standard light bulbs tend to have a low CRI, and this causes an orangish glow. For best results, choose a CRI of 95 or higher for your ring light.


One of the key aspects of positioning a ring light for indoor photography and videography is to ensure that the lighting is even and centered. To do this, place the ring light at eye level and then tilt it downward at a 45-degree angle. This way, it will provide even lighting on the subject, making it perfect for portrait photography. Similarly, you can also use a gooseneck mount to make the light flexible.

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To position, a ring light for indoor photography or videography, start by determining the best angle for your subject. When shooting from above, ring lights can make the face appear too bright or too dark. To reduce these problems, you can position the ring light to one side or point it toward a light-colored wall to bounce back the light. By using this method, you can eliminate shadows and unwanted light effects, as well as avoid ring light reflections in the eyes.

Using a ring light for food

Before using a ring light for food photography and videos, you should first decide what type of shooting effect you are going for. Some people prefer a uniform lighting style with little to no shadows, while others prefer rich light and shadow and a low-contrast overall atmosphere. While there is no right or wrong way to use a ring light, experimentation is key. One way to make the most of this versatile lighting tool is to use several different angles and positions.

A ring light will produce softer, more even lighting than a traditional flash. Although natural daylight is the best lighting for food photography, you can also use ring lights to create a realistic look. For food photography, one popular option is the Spectrum Aurora 19″ Gold Luxe II LED Ring Light Kit. It can create a shadow-free light that will make your food pop. Another benefit is its bendable gooseneck, which makes angling the light over your food much easier.

Product photography

Professional photographers use a variety of photography gear to achieve their goals, and lighting is one of the most important. Without proper lighting, a product may look flat and unappealing to online shoppers. Ring lights are used to distribute light around an object and make it pop against a white background. Ring lights are not for beginners, however. Beginners should read the following guide before purchasing one. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this light.

Ring lights are great for product photography and videography because they create a beautiful ring of light around the product. The ring of light allows the product to stand out from the background, resulting in crisp, clear images. Although the ring light is not available in every photography store, a ring light is a great choice for product photographers who want to create professional-looking images with minimal effort. This versatile lighting tool is available for purchase online or from photography stores.