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Internet Historian

You must have watched his videos, but do you know who an Internet Historian is? What is the net worth of the Internet Historian Y.T channel? 35000 internet users search the internet historian every month. People search for him more than many celebrities.

Ever since the Internet developed and social media jumped, there were numerous exciting and hilarious events happening online. And Internet Historian is there to talk about them. The channel doesn’t have plenty of videos, but the ones uploaded usually have one million views, which is impressive for any channel.


Internet Historian Face
Internet Historian Face

Who is the Internet Historian and where is his face?

Want to know more about the individual behind the channel? However, the channel has almost a million viewers, and there is a wiki page about it. So let’s see what we can find. He uploaded his first video on January 9, 2017, about 4chan occasions when users raided GameStop for Battletoads. About 2 to 3 weeks later, he gained fame and his 100k first contributors. A little later, YouTube has come to be a full-time job for him.

His videos are full of various stock photos and movies narrated with his accent, deep baritone voice, text-to-speech, and deadpan snark. The” animations” from the film are png images moving to face a stock background. Many claim that he would be the best adverts in all YouTube ascended from being a running gag to a complete series of personalities with arcs.

He runs a secondary channel named” Internet Historian: Incognito Mode,” where he uploads Q&Aso on a channel he made earlier, the Sundance Rejects, and detailed videos on internet culture. Occasionally he has special guests that are” experts” in the subject.

Why does he not reveal his real identity?

The YouTube celebrity, ” Internet Historian,” has earned more than 2.5 million readers and over 258 million views creating funny, informational movies about memes, viral videos, and other newsworthy online events. But he hides his real identity. Why? Why do some of you tubers conceal their real identity on youtube?

Some people have limited content that they post on YouTube while they reveal their identity. Perhaps, that’s because they do not have appropriate family support for creating a YouTube channel or are shy or have stage anxiety. Being anonymous gives them more confidence to showcase whatever they feel they should reveal.

They don’t have to worry about anyone, or they do not wish to care about anything. Even if anything goes wrong, it won’t influence the real-life. Unless you tubers post videos of them hacking to Facebook or performing crimes or making others do offenses. Nevertheless, it was not the case of an internet historian.

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Youtube Internethistorian
You tube

Hiding faces in Youtube game

When you search under getting a YouTuber without showing your face,’ more than 5 million results come out on Google. The search result implies many people are on the lookout for a way to prove their talent without revealing their faces.

To precisely understand the urge for being a faceless YouTuber and the current market scenario, we conducted internal research by cross comparing 64 YouTube channels with no face reveal. This guide will share some tips we have from the study about the potential and current faceless YouTubers.

Some YouTubers, like internet historians, keep anonymous to viewers. It is even more bizarre to have a top-rated YouTube channel and yet stay faceless to your viewers. Believe it or not, though, there are many top-performing YouTube channels whose owners’ identities, to this day, remain largely a mystery to their loyal viewers.

Take this YouTube character, for Example, whose channel currently goes by the name of Fun Toys Collector Disney Toys Review. The channel owner only shows her hands on her movies. Still, the channel draws massive views every day, and the owner earns over most other media. Cooking with dog was another channel where the chef was wearing a dog mask. 

Did it inspire internet historians?

Internet historian didn’t reveal his name even now, but his username shortly became his brand.

Don’t be too ready to utilize your real individuality, though. There are benefits and disadvantages to revealing your real name on the stage.


Think about using your real name if you would like to build a new independently or as a company. With that in mind, the following are some of the pros of using your actual name on YouTube.

You appear professional

It is the first thing you give, whether cards or in speech, to make a relationship. Introducing yourself is essential. And impactful.

It is the same on YouTube and, in fact, throughout the web. PinkieDixie, FluffyMarshmallow, or RedWarrior may all sound cool and adorable. Still, they don’t exactly inspire confidence in your crowd, particularly if you’re attempting to sell specialist services.

Business pros

You look more trustworthy.

YouTube doesn’t confirm the title you give on registration, and you’re able to provide any title you want. However, when you offer a name to hold onto, individuals will know who they are dealing with. You generally come across as more trustworthy. People will trust you more because you are not hiding your identity.

When individuals also remark with their real names, whether on YouTube or elsewhere on the world wide web, the remarks carry more weight. The commenter is reliable and believed more.

You will have a consistent online identity.

It is challenging to be inconsistent when utilizing your one real name across all your social media sites. Presenting the online public with one professional title consolidates your online presence under that same name. But the Internet historian did not believe in these theories.

There’s another real benefit to having a consistent identity, not just on YouTube but round the world wide web, too. Folks are going to be able to find you on the net quickly. You want people to find you (and easily!), especially if you are a brand-new.

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Brand yourself

Using your real name on YouTube may be helpful if you’re hoping to build an online profile. Even if it’s a business brand and not a personal brand. You want to make using your actual name is one of the very first measures to getting credibility and authority on the stage.

There’s another fantastic way you can construct authority on YouTube, and that’s by buying YouTube Views. Because YouTube attaches more value to videos with extensive Views. Even when you buy YouTube views, your videos will rank higher and appear more often on the Suggested Video list.


Are you not interested in creating a brand for yourself or your small business? Is privacy and security on top of your list? Then you should consider not using your actual name on YouTube.

Your digital footprint continues forever.

You are associated with the Internet — and forever. The Internet never forgets and does not create a distinction between a good or poor representation of you.

Anytime anyone wants to perform a search of your name, everything you’ve ever composed, which you or others have recorded, will be there for everyone to see.

Online detective

You endanger privacy and safety.

Privacy and safety are possibly essential concerns when it comes to showing your real identity online. If you use your real name on YouTube, you expose your personal information to strangers who might use it illegally.

You’ll outgrow a pseudonym.

You won’t always want a username such as” YoungTrickster” or” Twitter Fruity,” that you liked very much when you’re ten years younger. Though it’s possible to change your user and channel names on YouTube. If you change it, you will get rid of some or all the branding you’re in a position to establish. For Example, if Internet Historian changes his channel name to his real name, he may lose viewers and subscribers.

That is a scientific truth and social proof. People started loving Internet historians. But once he shows his face and anchor for the channel, all the interest in people may be lost.

You’re open to abuse.

The Internet may be a cruel world. People will attack you instead of your work. They’ll criticize you as an individual, rather than your view, content of your movie, or the video itself.

Yes or No?

Indeed, you can keep your identity private. Suppose you aren’t going to build a personal brand on YouTube or plan to use a channel with its niche content being the attention. In that case, you won’t have to disclose your actual name.

Whatever you intend to make of your YouTube channel, it is well worth deciding beforehand if you’re going to reveal your identity or not. If you can not wait, it is possible to create your YouTube channel today, see where it takes you and decide later on.

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Internet Historian real identity

Internet Historian, also known as Dr. Harold, is a New Zealand YouTuber specializing in documentaries on events online. Regardless of being born in New Zealand, evidence found on his second channel suggests that he currently resides in Australia.

It was a frequent misconception about the birth of Internet Historian star, Dr. Harold, on April 20, 1989. Though this was confirmed to have been a fake birthday that he gave Famous Birthdays to get them to stop asking him questions. He also says that the” picture” by EmpLemon is a photoshopped image.

He gained large-scale fame through Twitter’s social networking site. His co-owner, Jason Scott, an archivist and Web historian, has been regularly posting from Sockington’s Twitter accounts because late 2007.


On January 9, 2017, he published a video about the 4chan event that consumers raided GameStop to get Battletoads. In approximately 2 to 3 weeks, he really gained traction, and he got 100,000 readers in about three weeks, and then YouTube was a full-time task for him.

Before Fame

In January 2017, he started his YouTube station and posted the introduction video” Battletoads VS Gamestop.”

How right is his channel?

I discovered the internet historians channel around six weeks ago. I can say I’ve watched all of his videos several times. They are so brilliant and distinctive with the use of stock images that other YouTubers can not seem to pull off, although it appears many have tried.

He made a” Thank you for 1 million” post on YouTube, at which he said he was working hard on brand new videos.

If you have ever spent some time online looking for a particular piece of internet lore, you’ve probably stumbled across one of Internet Historian’ videos on YouTube. Recalling his YouTube station’s origins up to the current day, we discussed everything from his creative process to many of the most precious memes. Enjoy.

He narrated all his videos with a calm, soothing, intricate tone through and through, a comedic comparison with all bizarre facts and tendencies.

His second channel

He also includes a second channel for smaller/unedited supplementation and projects to some of his videos. He has also been streaming on Twitch, which additionally has his customary Stylistic Suck.

A similar founder covering eccentric individuals through the world wide web instead of occasions has a more biting tone than visiting Mister Metokur. To get a similar founder who does both groups and individuals with a more neutral, impassive style, see Down the Rabbit Hole.

However, he is not the only entertaining YouTuber around, and perhaps you’re more into video games than Internet History. Or leap by AngryJoeShow channel that will make you laugh.

 The net worth of Internet Historian.

Internet Historian net worth
Internet Historian net worth

How much do YouTubers make per view?

Curious about just how much cash YouTubers make per view? As shown by many different resources, YouTubers can earn anywhere between $0.01 to $0.03 per view with AdSense. It means around $18 for every thousand views of the ads. However, the amount of cash will depend on an assortment of factors, such as:

The number of unique views your video will receive

The number of clicks an ad receives

Ad quality


Video length

How much money do YouTubers create every 1,000 views? Forbes also estimates that a YouTuber will make roughly $5 for each 1,000 video opinions for the best talent.

With that said, creating a YouTube station can be a great side hustle, primarily if you produce engaging material that attracts a large crowd.

Taking this into account, let us see how many views Internet historian gets.

Internet Historian net worth
Internet Historian net worth through Youtube views

Is it not a great earning just by hiding your face?

Internet Historian Face
Internet Historian Face

Simple Calculation

Every video received 30k views * 104 videos = 3,120,000 views in annually.
If you receive $2 per 1,000 views, you would have made $6,240 in the videos.
You can get anywhere from $7 to $50+ per one million views if you find a sponsor. Yes, that’s a wide range, but it really depends on which sort of integration it is and handling a brand that can afford it. You could make an extra ~$25k from that if you can find a brand every 3rd to 4th video. So now you’ve made incomplete, call it, $30k complete for the year. So you know the real worth of Internet historian Youtube channel.

Suppose you wanted to boost it, even more, you can make an extra $12,310-$64,390 for sale merch.
So in total, you might be earning ~$10k to ~$80,000 a year. It actually depends on your ad prices, if you can negotiate decent new deals, and in case you have a loyal fan base. Finding excellent new deals is demanding, but at the 30k views per video indicate, you’re about at the view count. You could get brand deals a bit more easily.

Youtubers average earning