Ioun stone 5e price, mastery, protection, uses, attunement, fortitude in dnd

Ioun stone 5e price

Cost, mastery, protection & fortitude of iuon stone 5e in dnd

Let us discuss the cost, mastery, protection & fortitude of Ioun stone 5e and how can you use it. So what is the cost of Ioun Stone 5e ?


Color/Shape Market Price Aura Effect
Agate Ellipsoid 1,000 gp strong divination Single use of the augury spell with 100% success rate
cracked 500 gp Single use of the augury spell with 80% success rate
flawed 800 gp Single use of the augury spell with 100% success rate, but lose any reroll abilities for 24 hours
Amber Spindle 10,000 gp moderate abjuration +1 resistance bonus on saves (stacks)
cracked 3,400 gp +1 resistance bonus on one save (stacks)
flawed 6,000 gp +1 resistance bonus on saves per stone (stacks)
Amethyst Pyramid 8,000 gp strong abjuration Constant hide from undead effect
cracked 150 gp +2 competence bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks to identify undead and their special abilities
flawed 6,000 gp Constant hide from undead effect, but against undead you take a –1 penalty to AC and on saves
Clear Spindle 4,000 gp strong varied Sustains creature without food or water
cracked 1,000 gp Sustains creature on half normal food
flawed 2,000 gp Sustains creature without food, but it must consume twice the normal amount of water
Crimson Sphere 24,000 gp moderate transmutation +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks)
cracked 12,000 gp In pairs, +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks)
flawed 16,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence (stacks/doesn’t stack)
Dark Blue Rhomboid 10,000 gp strong varied Alertness (as the feat)
cracked 400 gp +1 competence bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks
flawed 300 gp +2 competence bonus on Perception checks and a –1 penalty to initiative checks
Dark Green Rhomboid 8,000 gp strong divination Immediately notice poison within 5 feet of you
Deep Brown Sphere 10,000 gp strong divination Always know exactly how many feet you are under or above sea level.
Deep Red Sphere 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Dexterity-based skill
flawed 6,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, –2 penalty to Constitution
Dull Gray Stone (any shape) 25 gp faint universal None
cracked 25 gp None
flawed 25 gp None
Dusty Rose Prism 5,000 gp strong varied +1 insight bonus to AC
cracked 500 gp +1 competence bonus on initiative checks
flawed 4,000 gp +1 insight bonus to AC, –2 penalty to Constitution
Eastern Star 4,000 gp strong divination User understands spoken and written languages as comprehend languages.
Emerald Ellipsoid 20,000 gp moderate necromancy 5 temporary hit points (stacks)
cracked 2,000 gp 1 temporary hit point (stacks)
flawed 10,000 gp 5 temporary hit points (stacks), 1 negative level (stacks)
Gamboge Nodule 54,000 gp moderate transmutation Immunity to poison
cracked 1,500 gp Immunity to one kind of poison
flawed 40,000 gp Immunity to poison, –4 penalty against curses and diseases
Gold Nodule 5,000 gp strong divination Comprehend, speak, and write one language, chosen by creator
cracked 150 gp +1 competence bonus on Linguistics checks
flawed 1,000 gp Ability to comprehend and read, but not speak or write, a single language chosen by the creator
Incandescent Blue Sphere 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Wisdom-based skill
flawed 7,200 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Wisdom, –2 penalty on Perception checks
Iridescent Spindle 18,000 gp strong varied Sustains creature without air
cracked 500 gp +4 competence bonus on Constitution checks to hold breath
flawed 12,000 gp Sustains creature without air, but creature is always staggered
Lavender and Green Ellipsoid 40,000 gp strong varied Absorbs spells of 8th level or lower1
cracked 10,000 gp Absorbs spells of 2nd level or lower2
flawed 36,000 gp Absorbs spells of 6th level or lower, deals damage to user3
Magenta Prism 16,000 gp strong transmutation +2 enhancement bonus on any one ability score, can be changed once daily
cracked 800 gp +2 competence bonus on checks with any one skill you choose, can be changed once per day
flawed 12,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to any one ability score, can be changed only 4 times
Mossy Disk 2,500 gp moderate transmutation +5 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill
flawed 1,600 gp +5 competence bonus on one Knowledge skill, –2 penalty to Constitution
Mulberry Pentacle 10,000 gp moderate transmutation +5 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks
cracked 400 gp +1 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks
flawed 8,700 gp +5 competence bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks, –2 penalty to Will saves
Nacreous Gray Sphere 10,000 gp moderate abjuration Protects against aging
cracked 3,400 gp Protects against one type of ability damage from aging
flawed 1,000 gp Protects against the appearance of aging
Onyx Rhomboid 24,000 gp moderate transmutation +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks)
cracked 12,000 gp In pairs, +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks)
flawed 16,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution (stacks/doesn’t stack)
Opalescent White Pyramid 10,000 gp moderate transmutation Proficiency with one weapon
cracked 1,500 gp Weapon familiarity with one weapon
flawed 3,000 gp Proficiency with one weapon, –2 penalty to Dexterity
Orange Prism 30,000 gp strong varied +1 caster level
cracked 1,000 gp Add one 0-level spell to user’s spells known or prepared
flawed 25,000 gp +1 caster level, –2 to primary casting ability score
Pale Blue Rhomboid 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Strength
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Strength-based skill
flawed 6,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Strength, –2 penalty to Constitution
Pale Green Prism 30,000 gp strong varied +1 competence bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks
cracked 4,000 gp +1 competence bonus on attack rolls or saving throws
flawed 28,000 gp +1 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, skill checks, and ability checks
Pale Lavender Ellipsoid 20,000 gp strong varied Absorbs spells of 4th level or lower4
cracked 2,500 gp Absorbs spells of 1st level or lower5
flawed 18,000 gp Absorbs spells of 3rd level or lower, deals user damage6
Pale Orange Rhomboid 200,000 gp strong necromancy Saves you from death once per day
cracked 1,800 gp Can be used as a material component when casting a spell to return you to life, reduces cost by 20%
flawed 12,000 gp Saves you from death one time, then burns out and turns dull grey
Pale Ruby Trillian 5,000 gp moderate transmutation +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on Stealth checks
flawed 1,600 gp +5 competence bonus on Stealth checks, –2 penalty to Dexterity
Pearly White Spindle 20,000 gp strong varied Regenerate 1 point of damage per 10 minutes
cracked 3,400 gp Regenerate 1 point of damage per hour
flawed 18,000 gp Regenerate 4 points of damage per hour
Pink and Green Sphere 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Charisma-based skill
flawed 6,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma, –2 penalty to Constitution
Pink Rhomboid 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution
cracked 1,400 gp +4 competence bonus on one type of check affected by Endurance
flawed 6,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution, –2 penalty to Dexterity
Scarlet and Blue Sphere 8,000 gp strong varied +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence7
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on one Intelligence-based skill
flawed 6,000 gp +2 enhancement bonus to Intelligence, –2 penalty to Constitution
Scarlet and Green Cabochon 10,000 gp moderate transmutation Endurance (as the feat)
cracked 1,400 gp +4 competence bonus on one type of check affected by Endurance
flawed 8,000 gp Endurance (as the feat), extra penalties for fatigue and exhaustion
Silver Spindle 24,000 gp strong evocation Use one 1st-level spell as a spell-like ability three times per day
cracked 12,000 gp Use one 0-level spell as a spell-like ability three times per day
flawed 16,000 gp Use one 1st-level spell as a spell-like ability three times per day, but 1d3 Charisma damage per use
Thorny 8,000 gp strong varies Grants +2 competence bonus on checks for a specific combat maneuver (varies by color).
cracked 3,200 gp +1 competence bonus instead of +2 on its corresponding type of combat maneuver check
flawed 6,900 gp As the normal version, but wearer also suffers –2 penalty to CMD against the corresponding type of combat maneuver check
Tourmaline Sphere 1,000 gp strong transmutation Treat your Constitution score as 2 higher for negative hit points needed to cause death
cracked 800 gp +1 insight bonus on saves against death effects
flawed 600 gp Treat your Con score as 2 higher for negative hit points needed to cause death, but -1 penalty to stabilize checks
Turquoise Sphere 6,000 gp moderate transmutation +5 competence bonus on Ride checks and Fleet (as the feat) for your mount
cracked 200 gp +1 competence bonus on Ride checks
flawed 5,000 gp +5 competence bonus on Ride checks
Vermilion Rhomboid 10,000 gp moderate transmutation +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks
cracked 400 gp +1 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks
flawed 8,000 gp +5 competence bonus on Acrobatics and Swim checks, –2 to Constitution
Vibrant Purple Prism 36,000 gp strong varied Stores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing (minor)
cracked 2,000 gp Stores one spell level, as a ring of spell storing (minor)
flawed 36,000 gp Stores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing (minor), casting time increased
Western Star 4,000 gp strong illusion User can alter his appearance as disguise self. When disguised, user can render ioun stones in his possession invisible.
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Is it possible for a character to benefit from multiple Ioun Stones simultaneously?

Multiple orbits are allowed. You can use more than one Ioun stone (DMG, 176) because there are no restrictions. They do require attunement, so you cannot have more than three items at once. They are free-floating and can be targeted by other creatures. After that, another creature must take action to grab or net the stone. That can be done either with a successful attack roll against AC 24 (Acrobatics) or a DC 24 Dexterity check.

How do I use Ioun Stone in dnd 5e? It’s amazing!

One of the most valuable items in the game is the Ioun Stones. Many cool effects can be added to a character’s power. Having a small gem thing orbiting your head can give it a certain thematic appeal.

It requires attunement

An Ioun stone, named after Ioun (a god of prophecy and knowledge revered on certain worlds), is called an Ioun stone. There are many types of Ioun stones, each with a unique combination of color and shape.

You can use an action to throw one of these stones into the air. The stone orbits around your head at a distance of 1d3 feet. To separate the stone from you, another creature must take action to grab or net it. That can be done by either making a successful attack roll against AC 24 (Acrobatics) or making a DC 24 Dexterity check. An action can be helpful to capture and stow a stone. This ends its Effect.

Stones have AC 24, 10 Hitpoints, and resistance to all damage. It is an object that orbits your head while being worn.

Absorption (Very Rare). This pale lavender ellipsoid orbits around your head. You can cancel any spells of 4th or lower-level cast by creatures you can’t see and that are only targeting you with your Reaction.

After the stone cancels 20 levels of Spells, it becomes dull gray and loses its magic. The stone cannot cancel spells higher than the level of the stone’s remaining spell levels.

Agility (Very Rare). Your Dexterity score will increase by 2 to a maximum of 20. This deep red Sphere orbits around your head.

Awareness (Rare). This dark blue rhomboid orbits around your head, and you won’t be surprised.

Fortitude (Very Rare). Your Constitution score will increase by 2 to a maximum of 20 points while this pink Rhomboid orbits around your head.

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Greater Absorption (Legendary). This marbled green ellipsoid and green lavender ellipsoid orbit around your head. You can cancel spells of 8th or lower-level cast by creatures you can see and that are only targeting you with your Reaction.

After the stone cancels 50 levels of Spells, it becomes dull gray and loses its magic. The stone cannot cancel spells that are higher than 50 levels.

Insight (Very Rare). This incandescent blue Sphere orbits around your head. Your Wisdom score will increase by 2 to a maximum of 20.

Intellect (Very Rare). Your Intelligence score will increase by 2, up to a maximum number of 20, and this marbled scarlet Sphere orbits your head.

Leadership (Very Rare). This marbled pink-green Sphere orbits your head. Your Charisma score will increase by 2 to a maximum of 20.

Mastery (Legendary). While this pale green prism orbits around your head, your Proficiency Bonus is increased by 1.

Protection (Rare). While this dusty rose prism orbits around your head, you receive a +1 bonus for AC.

Regeneration (Legendary). At the end of each hour, this pearly white spindle orbits around your head, and you regain 15 hit points.

Reserve (Rare). This vivid purple prism holds Spells until they are helpful. It can hold up to three levels of Spells at once. It can store 1d4 – 1 level of Spells, as determined by the GM when it is found.

Any creature can cast a spell of 1st to 3rd level into the stone. It is by touching the stone as the spell is being cast. The spell cannot have any effect other than that it must be kept in the stone. The spell will be lost if the stone is unable to hold it. How much space the spell takes depends on the level of the slot in which it was cast.

This stone orbits around your head, and you can cast any spell it contains. The spell uses its slot level, spell saving DC, spell attack bonus, and spellcasting ability of its original caster. However, it is treated as if the spell was cast. The stone’s spells are no longer stored within it—strength (Very Rare). Your Strength score will increase by 2 to a maximum of 20. This pale blue rhomboid orbits around your head.

Sustenance (Rare). This precise spindle orbits your head and doesn’t require you to eat or drink.

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Will depleting an Ioun stone’s hit points destroy it or make it disappear?

Reducing an object’s HP to zero destroys it.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide, page 247:

The object’s hit points measure how much damage it can sustain before losing its structural integrity.

It appears to be the same as the original AD&D DMG. Page 147. When ioun stone is attacked, they are treated as armor classes -4 and suffer ten hit points of destruction.

(Note: Negative armor classes were still suitable. Both editions show that the stone’s AC is 14 more than the base unarmored AC.

Magic Item Resilience

It is worth noting that Ioun Stones are Magic Item Resistant and can resist all damage. This property is common to magic items and is reiterated in the description for Ioun Stones (p.177).

(Despite the HP being the same, this makes them twice as hard as in AD&D 1E.

Worn Item

It is considered worn unless otherwise noted. It would be safe from area-of-effect spells and other damage.

What happens to an IOUN-stone that has died?

This marbled green ellipsoid and lavender ellipsoid orbit move around your head. After balancing 50 levels of spells by the stone, it will burn out and turn a dull gray, thereby losing its magic. You can use your Reaction for canceling spells of 8th or lower-level cast by creatures you can see, and only you.

Other Interesting facts about the stone

Ioun stones can only be thrown around the head by intelligent (Int 3+) creatures. Otherwise, they are just as inert as any other stone. They are lethargic and do not affect animals or mindless constructs. Comatose intelligent creatures, as well as those suffering from significant Intelligence drain, can’t use them. The rare intellectual construct, which cannot use them, has no affinity with the living-intelligent undead.

Although they can float, ioun stone cannot support more than their weight. They can’t be used to help animals or anchor ropes. To be activated, an ioun stone must be able to orbit around the head of a creature. Or it can be done in a particular matrix such as a Wayfinder). Ioun stones are not usually available to creatures without heads. An ioun stone’s orbit reflects its owner’s thoughts and emotions. Stones can be redirected or stopped temporarily by intense emotions.

Ioun stones orbiting never collide with any other stones or creatures by chance and will automatically change their course to avoid obstacles. It explains why it is so challenging to strike an ioun rock in battle. An orbiting ioun stone counts as an object attended and is eligible for any magical protections it may have.

Classification by shape

An ioun stone’s shape can help to classify it. The first step is to recognize what each figure means. Cabochons and spherical rocks are typically smooth, while the other stones are often faceted.

Cabochon: Convex top with a flat bottom. Many are either tear- or elliptical.

Disk: A flat circular object, usually convex on one side but sometimes with a lens-like form.

Ellipsoid is a sphere that is elongated and sometimes tapers at one end to form a tear-like shape.

Nodule: It is Unsymmetrical but generally round.

Pentacle: This is a type of disk with five sides instead of being round. The sides are more straight than curved.

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Prism: A long, straight stone with the top and bottom having the same number of sides (a hexagram). Each side has a width and angle that is the same as all others.

Pyramid: A pyramid is a cone-shaped shape with a point at one end and a flat base. The base also has long facets that connect the two. Most pyramids have three to four sides, but others have more.

Rhomboid is a type of prism that has sides with unequal widths and angles. It gives it a flattened cross-section.

Sphere: In all dimensions, essentially round.

Spindle: A type of prism that has ten or more sides. It gives it a nearly circular cross-section.

Trillian: A type of disk with three sides rather than being round.

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Advanced Ioun Stone 5e

The pricing rules for magic items are the same for all ioun stones. However, the main difference is that they use the x2 modifier not to use a magical item space. Suppose you need to calculate the cost of upgrading a deep red-colored sphere ioun stone from a +2 to a+4 enhancement bonus. You can use the formula (bonus squared 1000 gpx 2), which will give you a final price of 32,000 Gp. The difference between that price and the standard item price of 8,000 Gp is 24,000 Gp. A qualified character with Craft Wondrous Item feat could upgrade the stone by spending only half of that amount (12,000) in materials.

Implanted Ioun Stone 5e

The Ancients did not have all the answers to the mysteries of the ioun stone. The First Humans discovered the inherent powers of the stones and were able to link them to new devices. However, the Second Empire studied the interplay of ioun stones and mind and body. It developed a method of implanting an Ioun stone in the flesh. The original belief that the ioun stones could not be reverted to their original form was wrong. That allowed them to protect the stone from theft and damage while still giving full power to the owners.

It takes a long time to tie a stone to one owner. The ritual begins with the owner meditating with only one stone around him. Fasting for at least three days is required to cleanse the body. The fast must not be broken or interrupted. The owner must make a DC 20 Charisma check at the end of the brief. Taking ten is not allowed on this check. If the stone is successful, it will bond with the owner and can be implanted. The longer the fasting period, the greater the chances of bonding with it. However, the character can suffer from starvation and thirst if the streak continues after several failures. Failure to pass the check will result in the owner having to start again.

After the owner has established a bond with the stone, it can be implanted in his body. That takes approximately 1 hour. To succeed, you will need a DC 25 Healing check (with a penalty of -5 if the owner is performing the surgery) as well as a DC 25 Knowledge check (arcana). Failure results in 1d6 points Constitution damage, and the process of implantation must be restarted. Failure binds the stone to the owner’s skin at a place of his choosing (usually the head or arm or hand), where it becomes one and the owner. It gives the stone the full benefits of the Ioun stone. Ironstone cannot be removed from an owner’s body without his consent.

There are rumors of darker, more sinister magics that enable spellcasters to channel their spells through their stones or cause them to shatter if they are killed. However, those who know or experience these procedures are either dead, hiding, or not speaking.

Inferior Ioun Stone 5e

There have been very few reports of adverse side effects from ioun stone. Even incompetent crafters don’t create inferior specimens. These are still valuable for adventurers with limited resources. They can be classified into the following categories.

Cracked stones have visible cracks, either because they were damaged during manufacturing or because the raw material was already broken. The power of a cracked stone is typically the same as that of a natural stone, but it is weaker.

Flawed stones: They are those with flaws other than cracks. These stones may have irregular faceting, impurities, or imperfections in the crystal. Flawed stones have a power similar to or weaker than ordinary ioun stones. Still, they can sometimes have side effects or are slightly more potent than their standard counterpart.

Scorched: These stones have their power reduced to a certain extent, but not enough to make them powerless. Some rocks can be burned by exposure to extreme heat and electricity. The control of a scorched stone functions in a different way than an intact stone. It has a 50% chance per hour for items with constant effects and a 50% chance peruse for items activated by heat or electricity. A scorched pearly white, spindle ioun rock might offer a 50% chance to regenerate one hit point every 10 minutes.

Cursed Stones: If a magic item creation skill test to create an ioun rock fails by more than 5, but less than 15, there’s a 50% chance it is cracked and a 50% chance it is flawed. If the check fails with 15 or more, the stone may be cursed. Roll on Table: Common Item Curses for details.

Resonant Powers: When an ioun stone is placed within a special indentation on a Wayfinder, a secondary resonance power can sometimes manifest to increase the stone’s powers. However, this does not suppress the wayfinders normal magical abilities. In addition to its average skills, this minor function continues to affect the Wayfinder’s holder. It happens as if the stone were orbiting around her head. If two resonating wayfinders are used by the same person, they both suppress each other’s abilities. However, both can be reset to normal if one Wayfinder is removed. It is placed in a Wayfinder. 75% of ioun stone grants resonant powers. 25% of cracked and flawed ioun stones have resonant power (see Wayfinders & Ioun Stones). Only 10% of scorched stones have these vibrant abilities.

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