Is Cryptomoonshots legit or scam? Best review.

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Best review about Crypto MOONSHOTS legit or scam

The popularity of cryptocurrencies is skyrocketing. With this increased enthusiasm comes a new frontier, a Wild West with new cryptocurrencies and tokens appearing daily. Today, one of such tokens is Moonshot, abbreviated as MOONSHOT. So, what is the Moonshot cryptocurrency all about?

Given the exponential surge in reported crypto scams, they understand the typical sorts of scams. What things you can do to protect yourself from being deceived is more critical than ever.

When MOONSHOT business model?

SafeMoon’s branch is Moonshot. That is, its protocol is a modified version of Safe Moon. They are, however, distinct tokens; the movement or protocol modifications of one do not affect the other.

The presale for Moonshot took place at the end of March, making the debut relatively recent. The Binance Smart Chain is the foundation for the Moonshot protocol. The overall quantity of Moonshot tokens is quite large, at one quadrillion tokens. Binance cites this as a warning indicator of a “malicious contract” on its Smart Chain. 

The Processing fee split of MOONSHOT

Moonshot, like its forefather Safe Moon, has an autonomous liquidity pool. Those who sell their Moonshot must pay a 10% commission. Holders receive 4%, with the remaining 6% divided in half. Half is placed in a liquidity pool, while the other half is converted to BNB before being placed in the staking pool.

Scams in cryptocurrencies 

The phrase “if anything sounds too good to be true, it usually is” applies to all investments. Still, it is especially true in the case of cryptocurrencies. Countless profit-hungry investors gravitate to dubious websites that promise guaranteed returns or other schemes that need investors to commit enormous sums of money in exchange for even higher assured returns. While cash flows quickly in, when people want to get their money out, they frequently discover they can’t.

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Is Cryptomoonshots legit or scam? Best review.

Is MOONSHOT a scam?

According to Coin Market Cap, Moonshot’s market capitalization is a mere $3,107,890 at the moment. This cap is due to the ample total supply and the current token price, and it indicates that there will be a lot of volatility. The MOONSHOT coin can be a scam based on several hints that experts tell the people. 

To begin, everyone may learn about the current Crypto Moonshots price. These figures are updated often since we value your need for up-to-date information.

Second, you may have a look at the following significant features: Market capitalization depicts the overall worth of all sold coins, low/high value depicts the minimal and maximal value of one currency on other stock exchanges, and volume depicts the total value of stock transactions in a day. 

As a result, you’ll never have to wonder, “How much is a Crypto Moonshots worth?” For your convenience, every data has been adequately examined and displayed. Still, experts feel a little suspicious about this coin’s highly volatile price performance. They recommend not to invest in this coin.

Furthermore, MOONSHOT can only be purchased by PancakeSwap, and the protocol is built upon Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is again quoted as a malicious contract. Additionally, it charges a lot more processing fee in Uniswap, which affects your portfolio in a matter of no time. Users have compared this coin as a minefield overhyped by golden nuggets. In reality, it is full of Mines, and it has only like two golden nuggets in the whole field. 

After analyzing and looking at every aspect of the MOONSHOT crypto, this coin looks like a SCAM. Many users have complained about losing their funds after the recent dip in May 2021, as MOONSHOT lost its value by more than 50%. It is better to stay away from this project as there is no assurance that this coin will benefit you in long-term trading. 

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How to spot if a coin is legitimate or not?

There are several ways to find out if a coin is legitimate or not. First, check the project fundamentals and who owns the project. Check who is collaborating with this business and whether the sponsor has value in the market. 

Secondly, if the coin offers you guaranteed results or promises you enormous returns in a short time. This is the major hint that the coin is likely to be a scam. Like the SQUID coin, people invested heavily in it without checking its history or fundamentals. It ended in the wrong way. The price of the coin dropped to $0 from around $900. So, it is always important to check the coin’s legitimacy before investing in cryptocurrency