10 reasons explaining why Dex Barbarian 5e is viable in dnd?

Dex Barbarian 5e

Is it possible to reskin dex barbarian 5e in dnd?

You will need to consider what you would do if you were redesigning a class or sub-class for Dex Barbarian 5e. You would probably change your default saving throw proficiencies, Indominable Might, and Reckless Attack to allow a barbarian the ability to use Dex instead of strength for Rage damage. It would probably lead to an imbalance. Perhaps not so much, especially if those skills were the primary subclass abilities. It will be a problem to allow rogue as a multi-class if you do something similar.

Tackiness  for a dex based Barbarian 5e

It reduces damage but increases tackiness. Let’s say you have 18 dex and 16 cons. Your AC is 10+4+3 = 17. You can increase your AC by carrying a shield or shortsword. If you also carry a finesse weapon, it will add 2 to the AC. A short sword is a D6+proficiency+dex modifier, so you can use a d6+6 to increase your 18 dex. It is decent, but it is not as powerful as an str weapon, such a great axe (d12). You have 19 AC. You also have 19 AC if you rage. It means that even if someone hits you, which most won’t, you will take less damage. That can be further enhanced if you start as a variant of a human and then take a defensive duelist.

Using Finesse weapons

If you have finesse weapons, you can use a reaction once per round to increase your proficiency and your AC. At level 1, you can have 19 AC per turn if you have 16 con and 18 dex. It is insane. You can later acquire abilities that increase the likelihood of enemies attacking you. That allows you to absorb all the damage for a while, and your ranged party members can deal the most severe damage. You can boost your AC by rolling two 18s or using the level four stat booster to increase Con or Dex. You could end up with 20 con and 20 dex, which would give you 22 AC and 22+prof (2 at level 1 and 6 at level 17) each turn.

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What about creating a barbarian with Dex in 5e dnd?

That is another story. To make a fun, good character, you don’t need to be perfect. Feral, a Halfling Barbarian who was lost at an early age, could survive on his own. He had high Con (16), Dex (18), and only 14 Strand 14 Wis. Raged was used defensively. A shield, a small tree stump that had been dried out, gave Feral an AC of 19 and allowed him to use a dagger for the primary attack. Is this optimal? No. What’s the fun? You bet. He was small enough to fight alongside other fighters, even though he had his moments. He can now take on stricter foes if he is caught. You need to do significant damage quickly to take out enemies with a lower AC and Dex.

You also get a Danger Sense save bonus if you have a higher dex. You can also add Shield Master feat or Resilient Dex to gain an advantage that allows you to take no damage from all area attacks. That is something that a strength-based Barbarian would not normally consider. Still, it can be a massive help in survival.

You also have decent ranged attack capabilities (aside from Extra Attack and extra movement to support it but still something). Ferrel could use a sling that has decent accuracy and fits the story. He could grab a game for food and then use it as an early attack.

A Barbarian’s first strike ability with a high Dex mod is not enough to make it more powerful. They also have limited attack improvement options and only get two attacks per turn. This character is now a survivor.

You also have the option of multi-classing as a rogue, especially as a Scout. It gives you Dex, Wisdom, and Expertise skills. If you reach the 7th level, the Shield Master feat is no longer required. Instead, you get Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, then switch to the Tough feat to increase your hit points and make it more manageable.

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Is Dex Barbarian 5e possible?

Is a Dex-based Barbarian possible? Yes. It is possible to enhance survival and reduce your overall damage. The damage output of a barbarian class is not comparable to other classes. Sneak attack 5e damage can make up the difference in a barbarian’s damage output.