Is Edgerunners, Fallen Order, Film Red, Force Unleashed, or Fallout 76 Canon?

Is Edgerunners, Fallen Order, Film Red, Force Unleashed, or Fallout 76 Canon?

Is Edgerunners, Fallen Order, Film Red, Force Unleashed, or Fallout 76 Canon?

The Fallen Order is considered canon in the Star Wars universe out of the five mentioned properties. But in their respective franchises, Edgerunners, Film Red, Force Unleashed, and Fallout 76 are all considered canon-defying games. While the other properties are not acknowledged as essential to the overall continuity or accepted storyline, Fallen Order’s canon status designates it as an official component of the established Star Wars narrative.

Is Edgerunners Canon?

Edge Runners is a Cyberpunk 2077 tie-in comic book series that tells the tale of an army of edge runners (also known as mercenaries) within Night City. This series isn’t considered canon by CD Projekt Red, the creators of Cyberpunk 2077.

Edge runners: A Non-Canonical Story

As the creator of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red has the authority to decide on the universe of Cyberpunk 2077’s canon. Per their official position, the Edgerunners comic book series is not part of the canon officially established by CD Projekt Red. It means that the characters, events, and storylines featured in the comics are not considered integral parts of the narrative continuity in the game.

The decision to remove Edgerunners from the comic universe might be due to various reasons. CD Projekt Red may have specific plans and goals for the future of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe that aren’t aligned with the narrative or events depicted in the comics. They may also want to maintain a certain level of influence over the canon in order to ensure consistency within the narrative of the game.

Exploring the Non-Canon Universe

While Edgerunners might not be considered canon, it allows fans to discover and interact with the Cyberpunk 2077 universe from a new perspective. The comic series can provide additional background, context, or even character growth that improves the comprehension and enjoyment of the game’s story.

Non-canon material, like tie-in comics, usually provides imaginative interpretations or expands storyline elements. They might introduce characters from different perspectives, explore alternate stories, or offer alternative perspectives. Although these materials might not be compatible with the canon of official publications, they still add to the depth and richness of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, providing fans with new stories to explore.

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The Significance of Canon in the Cyberpunk 2077 Universe

In the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, the canon is comprised of the main game and any official expansions and additional content created by CD Projekt Red. The canon includes the main storyline characters, events, and characters considered part of the official narrative.

Creating a canon is essential to maintaining consistency and coherence in the game’s world. It allows game developers to create a seamless and immersive gaming experience for gamers and ensures that the main narrative is intact and aligned with their artistic vision.

Although non-canon content like the Edgerunners comic book series could provide enjoyable and entertaining stories, they differ from the official. It is essential for fans to be aware of the distinction and to approach non-canon material with the sense that they could offer alternative interpretations or additional stories that aren’t part of the official storyline.

Is Fallen Order Canon?

Fallen Order is a single-player action-adventure game set within the Star Wars universe. It follows Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who escaped Order 66. The Fallen Order is considered canon by Lucasfilm, the makers of Star Wars.

Lucasfilm’s Confirmation: Fallen Order as Canon

The status as a canon of The Fallen Order was officially confirmed by Lucasfilm, the company that oversees the Star Wars franchise. Lucasfilm controls the Star Wars canon, ensuring continuity and consistency across different media. Their recognition of The Fallen Order as a canon entry confirms its place in the official Star Wars storyline.

The canonical status of Fallen Order means that the characters, events, and lore depicted in the game are regarded as part of the established Star Wars narrative. The game is a part of the larger mythology, offering players an experience of emotion aligned with the wider Star Wars universe.

Fallen Order Expands the Star Wars Canon

As a canon-based entry, Fallen Order expands the Star Wars universe by providing new characters, locations, and stories. It takes place in the aftermath of the events in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and gives players a glimpse into the consequences of Order 66 and the fate of the remaining Jedi. This particular period of the Star Wars timeline was previously not explored in depth, and Fallen Order fills that gap by presenting a unique story.

The characters, story, and events have implications beyond the game’s playable world. Fallen Order introduces Cal Kestis, an intriguing protagonist, and follows his story as he uncovers his Jedi origins, navigates the dangers of the universe, and battles those who remain from the Sith Empire. The story of Fallen Orr is part of the larger Star Wars canon, incorporating familiar elements while introducing new tales that expand the universe.

Is Film Red Canon?

Film Red is a live-action Star Wars series that is currently in development. The series isn’t considered canon at this time, but it is expected to become canon once it is released.

Anticipated Canon Status: Potential Addition to the Canon

While Film Red is not officially part of the Star Wars canon, it is expected to be canon when it is released. This is because Star Wars content produced by Lucasfilm, which is the franchise’s source, is usually considered canon. Since Film Red is an upcoming live-action series being developed under Lucasfilm’s direction, It is reasonable to expect that it will be regarded as official canon.

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While the specifics and plot of Film Red are not yet available to the public, the fact that Lucasfilm is creating it suggests that it will follow the existing Star Wars lore. The creators are likely to follow the canon of the broader universe, which will ensure continuity and consistency in the Star Wars universe.

Expanding the Star Wars Canon: New Stories and Characters

Film Red offers the chance to extend the Star Wars canon with new characters and stories. Since it is a live-action film, it will allow for deep exploration into the Star Wars universe, potentially offering new narratives and perspectives that will complement the current canon.

A new cast of characters New characters introduced in Film Red may become an integral part of the larger Star Wars lore, connecting with established characters and events. Film Red could explore previously unexplored locations, periods, or even factions, adding to the narrative. By broadening the story’s scope, Film Red has the potential to attract viewers with its story and immerse them in the adored galaxy far away.

Is Force Unleashed a Canon?

Force Unleashed is an online video game series that tells the tale of Galen Marek, a Force-sensitive orphan who is a trainee of Darth Vader. The Force Unleashed series isn’t considered canon by Lucasfilm.

Lucasfilm’s Confirmation: Force Unleashed as Non-Canon

Lucasfilm, the company that oversees the Star Wars franchise, has clarified that the Force Unleashed series is not to be part of the official Star Wars canon. That means the characters, events, and storylines that are depicted in the games aren’t recognized as part of the existing Star Wars narrative continuity.

The decision to label the Force Unleashed series as non-canon could be due to various factors. Lucasfilm strives to keep control over the canon in order to maintain consistency and coherence throughout the Star Wars universe. By identifying the Force Unleashed series as non-canon, Lucasfilm can focus on the main storyline and make sure that future content aligns with its vision.

Exploring the Non-Canon Universe

Although the Force Unleashed series isn’t included in the official canon, it offers a thrilling and immersive game experience that is set within the Star Wars universe. The games allow players to play the role of an imposing Force user and fight epic battles against the most famous characters.

Non-canon material, like the Force Unleashed series, often provides imaginative interpretations or looks at alternate stories in established universes. They allow fans to explore new stories and perspectives that might not align with the official canon but still convey the essence of the Star Wars universe.

Understanding the Canon Status Importance

Within the Star Wars franchise, canon is key to ensuring continuity and consistency throughout the universe. The official canon comprises television shows, films, books, comics, and other media recognized as part of the broader storyline. It offers fans an interconnected, coherent storyline that spans many media types.

The distinction between non-Canon and Canon materials is essential to ensuring a clear and accurate knowledge of the official story. Fans highly praise the Force Unleashed series for its gameplay and storytelling. The fact that it is not a canon series means that its characters and events are not directly connected to the Star Wars story.

Is Fallout 76 Available on Canon?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action-role-playing game that takes place within the Fallout universe. It isn’t considered canon by Bethesda Softworks, the developers of Fallout 76.

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Bethesda’s Confirmation: Fallout 76 as Non-Canon

Bethesda Softworks, as the creators of the Fallout franchise, has the authority to define the canon of the Fallout universe. Bethesda has clarified that Fallo is not officially part of the canon. It means that the characters, events, and storylines featured in Fallout 76 are not considered elements of the existing Fallout storyline.

The decision to categorize Fallout 76 as a non-canon game could result from various reasons. Bethesda will likely want to keep its control over the official canon to ensure consistency and coherence in the Fallout universe. By declaring Fallout 76 non-canon, Bethesda can concentrate on the story’s core and ensure that future content aligns with its vision for the game.

Exploring the Non-Canon Universe

Although Fallout 76 may not be part of the official canon, it allows players to explore and experience the vast post-apocalyptic world that is Fallout. The game offers a unique multiplayer experience in which players can play with their friends or explore the Wasteland independently.

Non-canon materials, like Fallout 76, often offer new perspectives or different scenarios within the established universe. They offer fans different gameplay options and the opportunity to experience the Fallout universe in various ways. While Fallout 76 may not be able to contribute directly to the main story, it captures the core of the Fallout universe and gives players an immersive experience.

The Canon Status Importance

In the Fallout franchise, the canon is key to ensuring continuity and consistency. The official canon comprises the primary line of Fallout games that tell the story’s core and form the basis of the Fallout universe. Through the games, Bethesda creates a coherent and interconnected universe for gamers to discover.

The distinction between canon and non-canon materials is essential in order to guarantee clarity and a clear comprehension of the official story. While Fallout 76 provides a unique multiplayer experience, its non-canon status demonstrates that its characters, events, and storylines don’t directly influence the overall Fallout story.

The word “canon” has many different connotations. Still, when it comes to the Bible, video games, Star Wars, and films, it refers to the officially recognized body of works that constitute the canonical narrative. The recognized work within these contexts contains a well-established and authoritative history.


Is “Edgerunners” a canon series in the “Cyberpunk 2077” universe?

Yes, “Edgerunners” is a canon anime series set in the world of “Cyberpunk 2077.” It serves as a prequel to the events of the video game and explores the stories of characters in Night City, providing additional depth to the game’s lore.

Is “Fallen Order” a canon video game in the “Star Wars” universe?

Yes, “Fallen Order” is a canon video game set in the “Star Wars” universe. It follows the story of Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan, in the aftermath of Order 66. The events of the game are considered part of the official “Star Wars” canon.

What is “Film Red” in relation to movies?

“Film Red” does not appear to be a widely recognized or established concept in relation to movies. It is advisable to provide more specific information or clarify the context to provide accurate FAQs.

Is “Force Unleashed” a canon video game in the “Star Wars” universe?

“Force Unleashed” is considered a part of the “Star Wars” expanded universe, which was rebranded as “Star Wars Legends” after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm. While the game introduced a unique story featuring the character Galen Marek (Starkiller), it is no longer considered part of the official “Star Wars” canon.

Is “Fallout 76” a canon game in the “Fallout” video game series?

Yes, “Fallout 76” is a canon entry in the “Fallout” video game series. It is set in an open-world multiplayer environment within the same post-apocalyptic universe as other “Fallout” games. The events and lore of “Fallout 76” are considered part of the core canon established by the series.

Are there plans for sequels or expansions related to these concepts?

The plans for sequels or expansions related to these concepts can vary. It is recommended to refer to official announcements, news outlets, or official sources related to each respective franchise or game developer to obtain the most up-to-date information on any future projects or developments.