Is Grey Jedi, Gaster, Goku Jr., Goku Black, Or Gundam Thunderbolt Canon?

Is Grey Jedi, Gaster, Goku Jr., Goku Black, Or Gundam Thunderbolt Canon?

Is Grey Jedi, Gaster, Goku Jr., Goku Black, Or Gundam Thunderbolt Canon?

Within their respective fictional universes, the ideas of Grey Jedi, Gaster, Goku Jr., Goku Black, and Gundam Thunderbolt are not regarded as canon. The term “grey Jedi,” used in the Star Wars expanded universe, is not recognized in the canonical Star Wars literature.

A mysterious and ambiguous character from the video game Undertale named Gaster does not have a confirmed canon presence. Goku Jr. from Dragon Ball GT and Goku Black from Dragon Ball Super are non-canon characters in the main Dragon Ball plot, respectively. The manga and anime series Gundam Thunderbolt also deviates from the established Gundam Universal Century canon.

Is Grey Jedi Canon?

Neither Lucas nor Disney have used the term “Grey Jedi” or included such characters in their narratives. Here is why Grey Jedi have never been canon, despite their popularity among Star Wars fans:

The Canon and the Grey Jedi

The idea is that “the Grey Jedi, as commonly known, doesn’t have any official status within this current Star Wars canon. The canon refers to officially approved storylines, characters, and other events that are considered part of the story by Lucasfilm and were considered part of the overall storyline at the time of my research, which was cut off on September 20, 2021. There was no explicit mention of Grey Jedi in the canon.

Legends and the Grey Jedi

Although the Grey Jedi may not be acknowledged in today’s Star Wars canon, they have been a part of the Star Wars Expanded Universe, now called Star Wars Legends. The Legends continuity is a vast collection of books, stories, and comics published before Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm in 2012. In this vast collection of works, the idea of the Grey Jedi was explored, and characters who embody this idea were featured.

In the Legends continuity, the Grey Jedi were often able to find an equilibrium between the light and dark aspects of the Force and resisted the strict commitment to either side. They sought to use their powers responsibly and navigated the morally complicated Star Wars universe. Even though many fans love the Legends stories, it is important to know that they’re not part of the Star Wars canon.

The Jedi Code and the Grey Jedi

The Jedi Code, as depicted in the Star Wars films, emphasizes the importance of sticking to the positive aspects of the Force and resisting the dangers associated with the darker side. Jedi doctrine prohibits entering morally gray zones and embers the dark side’s potential. Grey Jedi, in contrast, reject this strict adherent attitude and favor a more balanced approach. They see the dark and light sides as essential aspects of the Force and acknowledge that accepting the emotions of passion and love can bring greater understanding.

The Bendu and Alternative Perspectives

Although Grey Jedi may not exist as a well-known concept within the Star Wars canon, there are characters with similar concepts. One such example is Bendu, a fabled Force-sensitive creature featured in the animated show Star Wars Rebels. The Bendu was not completely light or dark but was somewhere in the middle. The character offered a new viewpoint, recognizing that there are two sides to the Force but without allowing any temptations from the dark side.

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Is Gaster Canon?

Because the Gaster card is absent from the official Undertale tarot, it is either a spoiler or not canon. Toby Fox, however, has declared that the merchandise is not canon. The length of Gaster’s Theme, 17 seconds, may be a reference to Entry Number Seventeen.

Gaster’s Origins and Undertale

W.D. Gaster is the character who appears in Undertale, an indie video game for role-playing by Toby Fox. Gaster is believed to be the Royal Scientist in the game’s mythology. However, Gaster’s character doesn’t make an appearance. Instead, players receive obscure messages and fragments of information that hint at Gaster’s existence and his involvement in experiments that went off the rails.

Evidence in the Game

Although Gaster does not appear to have an actual presence in Undertale, there are numerous clues and hints to suggest his character’s existence. The players will encounter “Gaster Followers,” who speak in broken dialogue and refer to Gaster’s name. There are also secret rooms and text fragments that refer to Gaster’s history and tragic end.

Certain players have discovered the secrets of Gaster by playing with the game’s codes, opening fragments of sprites, and listening to unrecorded dialog. These discoveries have added to the fascination surrounding Gaster and have led to speculation regarding his significance and role in the game’s plot.

The Expanded Universe

Undertale has been expanded throughout its original adventure with spin-offs, fan-made creations, spin-off projects, and additional materials that offer further insight into the game’s world. However, it’s important to know that Gaster’s official status isn’t explicitly stated in the expanded works. While Gaster’s existence has been acknowledged in the works, its significance could vary based on the interpretations of different creators.

The creator of the Undertale universe, Toby Fox, has deliberately remained ambiguous regarding Gaster, leading readers to speculate about and understand the character’s existence. This intentional ambiguity creates intrigue and mystery, allowing players to engage in discussions and debates about Gaster’s role within The Undertale universe.

The Interpretation of Canon

The concept of “canon” or “canon” about Gaster is ambiguous in The Undertale community. While Gaster’s existence has not been specifically stated within the story, his appearance in clues and references and his indirect effect on the narrative suggest   canonical status The decision to interpret the story is up to the individual player since Undertale encourages speculation, exploration, and individual interpretation of the story.

Is Goku Jr. Canon?

Goku Jr. is not canon, though. He comes from the Dragon Ball GT anime series, which was not intended to be canon by Akira Toriyama, the man behind the Dragon Ball franchise. “Canon” refers to a fictional universe’s official plot established by its author or creators. The canon storyline in the case of Dragon Ball is presented in the Akira Toriyama-written and illustrated manga series. Because it was not written by Akira Toriyama, the anime series Dragon Ball GT is not regarded as canon.

Goku Jr. and Dragon Ball GT

Goku Jr. is a character introduced to the world in Dragon Ball GT, an anime series that serves as an update to Dragon Ball Z. However, it’s important to be aware that Dragon Ball GT is not considered to be canon. The word “canon” refers to the official storyline created by the creator, Akira Toriyama, in his manga series. Because Dragon Ball GT was not specifically drawn or written by Toriyama, the manga isn’t accepted as part of the official canon.

Canon in Dragon Ball

To know the canonical status of Goku Jr., It is vital to differentiate between the various components of the Dragon Ball franchise. The most important source for canon is the manga created by Akira Toriyama. The characters, events, and stories told by the comic are regarded as the official narrative of Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball universe.

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The anime adaptations, such as Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, follow the manga’s plot on different levels, but Dragon Ball GT deviates substantially. So all characters or characters introduced to Dragon Ball GT, including Goku Jr., are not considered canon in Dragon Ball’s official Dragon Ball universe.

Goku Jr.’s Existence

Despite Goku Jr.’s inability to be a Canon, the character remains intriguing in The Dragon Ball GT series. Goku Jr. is described as the great-great-grandson of Goku and sets out on a quest to find the mystical dragon who can give wishes. The story of Goku Jr. provides a linkage for generations to Goku’s legacy. Goku, as well as an insight into the future of Goku’s Saiyan bloodline.

Although Goku Jr. might not be considered an official part of the canon, his story and character continue to be a hit with fans, demonstrating the long-lasting appeal of the Dragon Ball franchise and the fascination that surrounds its vast universe.

The Expanding Dragon Ball Universe

Dragon Ball’s universe has expanded beyond manga and anime, now encompassing spin-offs, films, and other content. These works usually investigate alternative narratives or introduce characters not belonging to the canon. Goku Jr. discovers his place in the expanded universe, allowing viewers to experience his story as a distinct and independent story.

It is important to note that Toriyama himself has contributed to non-canon content like Dragon Ball movies that exist apart from the main storyline. Although these films can provide fun and exciting experiences for those who love the series, they aren’t considered part of the traditional Dragon Ball narrative.

Is Goku Black Canon?

Yes, Goku Black is canon. He is a member of the Dragon Ball Super anime cast, regarded as canon by Akira Toriyama, the man behind the Dragon Ball franchise. “Canon” refers to a fictional universe’s official plot established by its author or creators. The canon storyline in the case of Dragon Ball is presented in the Akira Toriyama-written and illustrated manga series and the Toriyama-cowritten and Tatsuya Nagamine-directed Dragon Ball Super anime series.

Goku Black and Dragon Ball Super

Goku Black is one of the characters introduced to the public in the Dragon Ball Super anime series. Dragon Ball Super is regarded as a canonical sequel to the Dragon Ball storyline, as Akira Toriyama, the creator of the Dragon Ball franchise, wrote it. Therefore, Goku Black is considered a canonical figure within the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super expands upon the narrative established in the manga and the previous animated series, Dragon Ball Z. The series follows the story of Goku and his companions as they face new challenges and threats. Goku Black is a key part of the primary antagonist in The Future Trunks arc, which examines alternate timelines and the effects of time travel.

Canon and the Dragon Ball Franchise

To comprehend Goku Black’s canonical status, it is essential to understand what canon means in the Dragon Ball franchise. The term “canon” refers to the storyline developed by the creator of the original series, Akira Toriyama. The manga series by Toriyama serves as the main source for canon, describing the characters, events, and overall narrative of the Dragon Ball universe.

Although Toriyama co-wrote the Dragon Ball Super anime, the anime also adapted the manga’s story arc. So, all the characters and events introduced through Dragon Ball Super, including Goku Black, will be part of the official canon. This is a sign of Goku Black’s importance as a canonical character in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Goku Black’s Role and Impact

Goku Black’s character plays an important role within the Dragon Ball Super storyline. He is an antagonist with a variety of facets. He has Goku’s body, who is from an alternate time and goes on a journey to eliminate humanity. Goku Black’s constant determination to be a power-user and bizarre ideologies make him a formidable opponent for Goku, Vegeta, and their allies.

Goku Black’s introduction brings layers of moral ambiguity to the story, as Goku Black is an evil antagonist to Goku’s beloved protagonist. The battle between Goku Black and Goku Black explores the themes of power, identity, and the consequences that come from choices. Goku Black’s presence has an indelible impression on his role in the Dragon Ball Super narrative and the growth of key characters.

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Is Gundam Thunderbolt Canon?

There is some disagreement regarding Gundam Thunderbolt’s canonical status. Although the series is set in the Universal Century (UC) timeline, some features are inconsistent with other UC works. One of the series’ main mobile suits, the Atlas Gundam, is a potent unit that isn’t mentioned in other UC works, for instance.

Because Gundam Thunderbolt conflicts with other UC works, some fans contend it is not canon. Others contend that the series is canon because the Gundam creators blessed its creation. Gundam Thunderbolt’s canonicity is ultimately up to the individual fan.

Setting and Inconsistencies

Gundam Thunderbolt is set in the Universal Century (UC) timeline, among the major timelines of the Gundam franchise. But certain elements that are part of Gundam Thunderbolt present inconsistencies with other UC works, which has led to the issue of its canonicity. A notable difference is the inclusion of the Atlas Gundam, a powerful mobile suit that isn’t seen or discussed in any of the other UC series.

These contradictions have led some fans to suggest that they believe Gundam Thunderbolt cannot be considered canon in the larger UC timeline. Including distinct and unacknowledged components, like Atlas Gundam, challenges the established continuity of the UC universe.

Creator Approval and Fan Interpretation

Some fans are skeptical of Gundam Thunderbolt’s canonicity because of its inconsistent content; others argue that the show is canon. One argument for its canonicity is that the people who created Gundam and the Gundam franchise, which includes Yoshiyuki Tomino and Hajime Yatate, were part of the making of Gundam Thunderbolt. Their involvement adds credibility to the show, suggesting that it should be acknowledged as part of the canon of official recognition.

It is nevertheless important to remember that the word “canon” is not always easy to define. For instance, in the case of Gundam Thunderbolt, fans must be aware of its creators’ motives and their approval. The final decision on canonity rests with each fan since every viewer is free to take in and interact within the Gundam universe according to their interpretation.

The Expanded Gundam Universe

It is believed that the Gundam franchise has grown beyond the original anime series and now includes manga books, novels, video games, and spin-offs. We can find times when different timelines and perspectives exist in this expanded world. Some fans believe that Gundam Thunderbolt should be seen as part of a distinct “UC+” timeline, respecting its unique aspects while keeping a close connection to the UC timeline.

This expanded universe offers room for exploration and diversity that allows for various perspectives and interpretations. While Gundam Thunderbolt’s canonicity is still debated, its presence contributes to the depth and richness of the Gundam universe, providing fans with distinct stories within a wider perspective.


What is a Grey Jedi in the Star Wars universe?

In the Star Wars universe, a Grey Jedi is a Force-sensitive individual who walks a fine line between the light and dark sides of the Force. They do not strictly adhere to the teachings of the Jedi Order or embrace the Sith philosophy. Grey Jedi seek to find their own balance between light and dark, using the Force as they see fit to maintain peace and justice.

Who is Gaster, and what is their origin?

Gaster is a character from the popular video game “Undertale.” However, it’s important to note that Gaster is a character associated with various fan theories and Easter eggs in the game. The character’s backstory and identity are intentionally left ambiguous by the game’s creator, Toby Fox.

Who is Goku Jr. in the Dragon Ball series?

Goku Jr. is a character who appears in the anime movie “Dragon Ball GT: A Hero’s Legacy.” He is the great-great-grandson of the legendary Goku, the protagonist of the Dragon Ball series. Goku Jr.’s adventure takes place in the distant future, where he embarks on a journey to save his grandmother and discover his hidden potential.

Who is Goku Black in the Dragon Ball series?

Goku Black is a major antagonist in the “Dragon Ball Super” anime series. He is a malevolent version of Goku from an alternate timeline who has taken over Goku’s body and seeks to annihilate all mortals in the multiverse. Goku Black’s true identity and origin are revealed during the Future Trunks arc in “Dragon Ball Super.”

Is Gundam Thunderbolt part of the official Gundam universe canon?

Yes, “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt” is part of the official Gundam universe canon. It is a manga and anime series set in the Universal Century timeline, which is one of the main timelines in the Gundam franchise. The story focuses on the conflict between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon during the One Year War.