Is Incite Greed 5e the best dnd spell from Acquisitions Incorporated?

Incite Greed 5e

What damage ends the Incite Greed 5e spell from Acquisitions Incorporated

The problem of Incite Greed 5e can’t be defined. In many cases, the word “harm” is useful when used (see, for example, PHB 109, PHB 118, PHB 259). But, it’s entirely the responsibility of your DM.

“Harm” is not a game term, and therefore determining its meaning is not likely or appropriate with game rules. One English definition of “harm” can be “physical injury, especially that which is deliberately inflicted.” In this context, I believe it’s safe to say the majority of DMs will take “harm” to include, at a minimum, damage to HP. However, some DMs might have an expansive interpretation of the term and may take indirect types of harm (e.g. the effects of a condition) as well as mental health in their considerations too. As with any other term that is not defined, be sure to inquire with your DM.

What are the best of new spells of Acquisitions Incorporated?

They’re very specific but fascinating.

The book was released on Beyond. I’ve had a moment to go through the details. Mods did not like the full-text sharing of Ravnica, and I’ll only provide the names and the essence of the spell unless someone is looking for specific information.

The new component to spells is that it is on top of the existing V/S/M. R, which stands for Royalty component, is a fee in gold that you must pay for certain spells, usually 1gp for each level of the spell slot. If you don’t have the gold in your possession, you cannot perform the spell even when casting using a scroll. But, you can complete a DC 15 Arcana check when casting the spell to oblige another person within 10 feet of your location to pay the fee in the absence of knowing it.

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Distort Value

This spell can double or reduce the value that is perceived by an item. There is a limit on size that can be increased with increasing the casting. Unsuspecting people might investigate the spell’s save DC.

Fast Friends

That is a great idea or a less dominating person. It can be a charmer to the target and be used to upcast other possible targets. If you request it to perform a task (apparently it should be friendly,) it will do these things and come back to order more. It is important to remember that the creature can re-make their save if you request them to perform something that could cause harm, but if they’re not, they’ll still do it. If the action will cause the death of a person, then the spell immediately is over. In the end, like Friends, They know that they were enthralled by your charm afterwards.

Fast Friends 5e
Fast Friends 5e

Gift of Gab

Thanks to this spell for having a special casting time: one reaction you experience when talking to an animal. Suppose you’ve said an untruthful thing to someone else, which you realized immediately that you didn’t need to say. In that case, you can erase your memory of what you’ve said within the past 6 seconds.

Gift of Gab 5e
Gift of Gab 5e

Incite Greed

In a moment, you’ll be surrounded by a variety of creatures that could just come up to you and gaze at the gorgeous stone you’re holding.

Jim’s Glowing Coin

It is quite similar to the first one. But this time, you throw an object within the range of the game that starts to glow. Any creatures you wish to see the coin are disoriented and suffer a disadvantage on perception checks and roll of the initiative.

Jim's Glowing Coin 5e
Jim’s Glowing Coin 5e

Jim’s Magic Missile

Magic Missile with attack rolls. It also states that they are gluten-free, so that’s good news for you—2d4 force damage for hits, 5d4 damage on a Crit. If you roll 1 for every missile, they’ll all explode at your face, causing one damage per. Make sure to upcast for more darts.

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Jim's Magic Missile 5e
Jim’s Magic Missile 5e

Motivational Speech

Buff. The ability to gain tempo HP as well as an advantage in WIS saves. If you’re hit on the next attack, the roll will benefit. Effect expires at the point you’ve lost all temp HP. Upcast to gain additional temps HP (think Armor of Agathis.)

Motivational Speech 5e
Motivational Speech 5e

Incite Greed 5e vs. Hypnotic pattern dnd

Comparison Hypnotic pattern 5e Incite Greed 5e
Level: 3 3
School: Illusion Enchantment
Casting time: One action One action
Components: S, M V, S, M
Range(area):  120 ft 30 ft
Duration:  Concentration, up to 1 minute Concentration, up to 1 minute


Incite Greed 5e vs. Hypnotic pattern


  • Source: Acquisitions Inc.
  • Level: 3
  • School:  Enchantment
  • Casting Time: One action
  • Range: Thirty feet
  • Components: V, S, M (One gem worth at least 50 gp)
  • Duration: Concentration is up to 1 minute
  • Spell Lists: Cleric, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Suppose you cast this spell. In that case, you present the gem utilized as the material component and pick any number of creatures within range that might see you. Each target should succeed on a Wisdom saving throw. Or it may be charmed by you until the spell ends or until you or your companions do anything detrimental to it. While charmed that way, a creature might do nothing but use its movement to approach you safely. While an affected animal is within 5 feet of you, it cannot move but stares greedily at your present gem.

At the end of each of its turns, an affected target can make a Wisdom saving throw. If it succeeds, this effect ends for that target.