Is military action that defies international law sometimes justified?

Is military action that defies international law sometimes justified?

Is military action that defies international law sometimes justified? | Military international law 2022

The answer is very controversial. Some consultants agree that military intervention is not requisite in defying national laws. The point of view of other consultants is it is necessary to take military action against violation of international laws.

The first possibility is there is no need for military action to intervene in international matters in case of any law’s violation. Armed forces should be away from all problems of violation of international laws. Suppose the army interferes in these matters, leading to bloodshed and war.

There is another possibility that the military has to take steps to stop the violation of international laws and punish people for peaceful purposes.

What is international law?

International laws are the combination of rules and regulations that are helpful to govern the relationship between country to country and state and individuals. 

Types of international law

There are two kinds of international laws

  • Public international law
  • Private international law

Public international law

It is a type of law in which laws are helpful to govern the relationship between the state and homeland. These laws are deal with homeland issues and problems.

Private international law

These laws are applicable to resolve disputes related to individuals within states. Many issues arise, and it isn’t easy to decide and find a better solution. In such critical circumstances, these laws are helpful to resolve these problems.

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What are military actions?

Military actions include all activities that are very complicated and practical. These are all actions of the armed forces to secure the country from danger and other problems. Military actions are different from the other civil activities held for the security of the people. It applies military practice, planning, training, and using powerful resources and weapons to win the operation. Armed forces are very consistent in their actions.

What are the military interventions?

Military intervention is the troops of armed forces enter into another state or country to revive peace and resolve the uncontrollable condition. The purpose of this is only to re-establish a peaceful and calm environment by securing people from any dangerous situations.

Types of military intervention

There are three types of military interventions

  • Political  intervention
  • Strategical intervention
  • Humanitarian intervention

Political  intervention

It ensures the establishment and improvement of the democratic conditions in the state. Democracy is vital for the progress and prosperity of any country. People have a right to express their opinion and issues in parliaments. They are happy and prosperous because they have legal rights.

Strategical intervention

In this type, military plans and use different strategies to restore peace, democratic condition, security, and state stability. Every government has to provide protection and a favorable environment to its masses. 

Humanitarian intervention

The word humanitarian refers to the human rights of ordinary people. Human rights are freedom of living, religious freedom, protection of life and property, right to vote, equality before the law, identification and recognition, etc. These are fundamental rights of every citizen necessary to lead a life. Humanitarian intervention ensures freedom of basic human rights.

Purposes of military intervention

  • Peaceful purpose and justified
  • Destructive purpose and unjustified

Peaceful purpose and justified

The first type of military intervention is for peaceful purposes. In this type, military intervention aims to secure and protect people from oppression. This intervention is only done for the benefit of the people. There is no personal benefit of any country associated with this intervention. When the purpose of military actions in other countries is for peace, it is justified and legal. It is also regarded as the service of humanity.

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Destructive purpose and unjustified

The second type of military intervention is only for destructive purposes. The goal of the armed forces of any country is only to disorganize and shatter the peace and calm of the state. They enter these states with the devil ideology. It is linked with the personal benefits of the states who enter their army into another county.

Sometimes, these armed forces take complete control of the government of that homeland and occupy their territory. They use their power illegally to threaten the public and use it for detrimental purposes. This type of military intervention is not applicable and justified in any case. It is illegal and unlawful and entirely against the country’s defense.

Unjustified examples of military intervention

There is a lot of military intervention that is unjustified and illegal. Recently, the interference of the armed forces of one country into another country has been seen in Afghanistan. America has imposed allegations on Afghanistan on violating the international laws and conflicts in the U.S. They consider that Afghanistan is responsible for the 9/11 incident. Due to the violation of international law, America has sent forces to Afghanistan. These forces rule and interfere in the private and central affairs of Afghanistan. There is a lot of disturbance, violation, and bloodshed in Afghanistan. This intervention has lasted for almost nineteen years. The result is only the destruction of lives, property, and loss of money.

The behavior of India in Kashmir state is very miserable and vulnerable. India has imposed military forces in Kashmir to suppress the rights and voices of people against oppression. There is a curfew-like situation in Kashmir. It is entirely illegal and unlawful to subdue the rights of anyone and interfere in matters. Due to this intervention, many young men, women, children, and old people are lost. Many people are crippled and disabled. They are unable to live an everyday life due to violation and stress.

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Military intervention is sometimes justified.

It is justified in some cases such as:

  • To resolve the disputes and develop peace
  • For the security of the people
  • To defend the human rights of the ordinary people

Final Words

To sum up, military action is sometimes justified and sometimes unjustified. It depends on the situation and circumstances. If international law is violated and there is any serious risk of people, in that case, intervention is legal. On the other hand, if its purpose is only destruction, it is unjustified and illegal.